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  1. Maganda Naman talaga si pia when well rested she is a fierce Kristine Hermosa. Problema pag pagod si pia halata . Saka she handle controversies well di patolera

  2. Amazing beauty
    Amazing communicator
    I’m not hating Aya. But pls do not compare Aya to Pia . The difference is night and day.

  3. I’m not an avid follower, but she showed how confidently beautiful she is, on that interview. That’s why she’s Miss Universe! More power Ms. Pia.

  4. Pia keeps on reaping awards because she does not rest on her laurels. She always finds way to be relevant and it would not be hard for her to do so because of her MU title. This is one good example of “striking while the iron is hot”.

  5. I am very happy with how things have unfold in Pia’s life. She had been through a lot before she won the Miss Universe crown and even after her reign, she continues to use her influence to inspire and to help others. This is the true test of her authenticity and genuineness when her advocacy still continues even after she has passed on the crown. Good luck Pia on your other endeavors! Thanks for continually being an inspiration.

  6. She was with Angelia when she received that award!

    Finally, may nakita na ko picture magkasama yung dalawa aside from the Southeast Asian Games!


    Dalawang version daw ng Miss Universe ang magaganap?

    One in March and One in December?

    Kapag nagkataon, dapat ganito ang maging set up,

    For the March edition, it has to be Michelle Gumabao (may mga mati-triggered nanaman!)

    For the December edition, Rabiya’s turn!

    Bella Ysmael should be handpicked as MWP! Papatok siya dun! While for the Reina Hispanoamericana, handpick si Paola Ortega!

    Win-win for everybody! Rabiya will not have a short reign and she will be able to keep the prices which Michelle doesn’t need anyway because she has enough on her table!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Idadamay mo pa si ALV. Surely by now, may mga pumoporma na sa kanya… 🙂

      Si Bella na lang sa March; matutuwa pa si @ Fabian Reyes. Mitch for the World! (Swap sila.)

      Ta’s, yaman rin lang at appointment ang galawan, either Malinao or Tajaran for Poland. PLEASE.

      Who do you want to send to Eco-International (Egypt 2021)? Cortesi or Lemonon? 🙂

      (You know who we totally forgot in the thick of things? The dusky comeliness of Jennifer Linda! Palawan seems to adhere to a mold, if you notice; before her were Lubina and Dumaguing. If we see “Ms. Cute” again, I have a fully-Palawan-inspiration for her NatCos. I’ll share it in due course.)

      • @Lola Flor Tula a.k.a Belladona Flores antipsychotic po na meds. Baka need na po ni Aling Clara magpalit ng meds or psychiatrist kaya. Di na yata tumatalab ang nareseta sa kanya po. Besides pag na overdose po sya sa VCO baka magkalat sya ng poops sa daan. Nakakahiya po yon. Pagsabihan mo po sya at mukha naman po kayo magbff…

      • @ Chezka Double dose of Clara Ole’ VCO, perhaps… Once each, morning and evening. 🙂

        Madami daw benepisyo ang VCO. But can you imagine downing a glassful of oil? How, po?

        (Don’t you get runny as a result? Sa edad namin ni mare’ng @ ClaiRe, delikado.)

  7. That interview showed Pia’s evolution from beauty queen to the woman that she is today. Very substantive and carefree answers. I wish you all the best in your future and lovelife too…hihihihih

  8. Wow you’ve come a long way…
    Despite all the controversies, she has maintained the good name she made for herself…
    We are all so very proud of you….
    Trully an inspiring queen.

    • Pia is the same personality inside and outside of pageantry
      Catriona, I Wish she was as personable in showbiz as she is in pageantry . It’s hard to relate to her now because she is so stiff when she sings . I cannot feel her performance . She sounds an looks like she’s pasted on tv next to the real performers
      I hope she realizes how stuck up she is on tv .. outside pageantry

      • I agree that Pia is very authentic. I always look forward to her IG posts. With Catriona, give her time…she’s still new in showbiz. But once she gets used to it, she’ll excel!

  9. Lovely lady with a lovely mind. She proves every time that opportunity means nothing if you’re not prepared for it’s arrival.

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