6 comments on “Christmas with the Queens Part 2 on Pageantry Norms S3, E4

  1. hi tito Norms! I’m excited to watch your Christmas episode 2! You just keep on getting better in your interviews especially when I see your fun and carefree side. I also like the ladies you will feature especially Atty. Patch and Kat LLegado! 🙂

      • oh wow tito Norms! You’re unstoppable even with Christmas shopping….maybe you’re like the Santa Claus of your family….well, due to this pandemic, I had to settle with online shopping but the experience is still different when you go to stores and see and feel the stuff that you would like to give to your loved ones…haaay…hope this pandemic ends soon.

      • @ Norman 😦

        Herr Boss, mamaya na lang, po, ako…. Pumalo na ang NAPAKAHUSAY na Philippines Christmas Internet (kalukah). I am unable to connect AT ALL. (C-R-A-P!) Am looking to your upload here. Tia!

  2. ‘O ‘yan, ‘ah! ‘Yun’g Part 1 (Ro-an, Jannaree, & Klyza) hindi ginawan ng post. Pero ‘to, dahil ay HIGH-PROFILE – Atty. Bea Patricia Magtanong. 🙂

    Kaya obligado tayo manood sa Linggo; attendance will be checked. Let’s be honest. This serves as Tinio San’s public endorsement of “Ms. Bataan’s” candidacy for MUP 2021… Aside from Aberasturri, who will challenge her? Ahtisa, ‘di pa ‘yata; bata pa naman.

    (MU 2021, if the latest chizm is right, will happen not very long after MU 2020. In other words, the reign of the 2020 kween will be shortened. OR, 2021 will be an overlap year with two concurrent monarchs, like a power share).

    Will Atty. BPM be ROM’s successor? More importantly, will jowaboy JC do a “Tiktok” like Fafa NS? (Hihihhh…)

    (Do we want PMO to become KL’s successor so that we finally will have a Spanish-speaking rep to RHA? BUT, will her MUP semifinalists’ contract allow her to sign up for MWP 2021?)

    • Maybe Tito Norms just got busy…hehe…but I do wish Atty Patch will join MUP coz I heard from her past interviews that she wants to give other girls a chance to represent the country internationally. As for PMO, she has what it takes to win our 2nd RHA crown…how old is she? I hope she joins too.

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