11 comments on “Miss Kuyamis 2021 of Misamis Oriental

  1. based from the photos, we have candidates who are qualified beauty wise for MU, MW, MI, ME, Supra, Globe.

  2. Dios mio, katakot ang mga sapatos!!!!! Mag didikdik pa ng paminta ang mga merlat na ito??????

    • What’s wrong with platform shoes? Kung feeling nila they will look tall at that then why not. Y’all are complaining as if naman mga 5″9 mga girls dito sa atin like Venezuela. Even Pia won’t qualify to Osmel cos she’s just 5″6. And BTW Alicia Machado is the shortest Miss Venezuela from 1990-2019, she is just 5″7. The rest of the girls are either 5″9-6″1

  3. So, what’s with all those colored lenses?
    Why not stick to their eyes original color?

  4. Isobel was Top 8/10/12 at MPE this year, Sir Tito?

    Cinderella (at BBP, not the fairy tale princess) was her predecessor, no? Vincy and Caroline did not pass through the MK(uyamis) route to earn access to MUP… Will MKO take franchise/s for MUP 2021-onwards, po? Makakamura ba kung mag-a-advance na sila ngayon pa lang?…

    For now, am looking at Alturas (her family name, not her town) to win. She’s second to the right on the bottom-row, with straight hair. Ain’t she purrrty, guys? 🙂

    Photos aren’t too reliable, though; make-up is rather heavy.

    I’m sorry you might not be able to go, Boss Norman. I’d love to check the misty-cool heights of Claveria myself… In any case, what are your thoughts on MisOr’s prospects as MUP 2021/2 host?

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