2 comments on “Binibini 15 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. Another terno with a crown…
    This is getting old…

    I like the giant scales….
    I wish there’s something about it that is more avant garde.

    7 stars out of 10 for the quality and effort though.

  2. The bodice suggests a Wonder Woman x Spider Man superhero trajectory, the skirt with a 60’s-retro spirit. Though at the heart really just yet another “terno”, am loving it immensely! 🙂

    A few days back, I caught a “Born to be Wild” documentary where the cute hotness of Ferdz Recio spotted a bird perched on its nest, a most impressive-if-modest architectural x engineering work featuring what appear to be flakes of bark and lichen woven into a cup shape with spider web. THAT, is THIS.

    (… Bird perched on its nest… Sounds kinky, no?)

    Great that the scales of that mythic goldfish reference the golden coconut, “kuyamis”. FINALLY, NO golden (part of male anatomy). LOLZ.

    OK, so at this point the memorable ones for me are this, Basiano’s “calesa”, Ticaro’s “waling-waling”, and Cenarosa’s basket-weave also-“terno” with the fishtail hem (isda rin ang theme!) but without that pretentious-distracting back piece.

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