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  1. Rabiya merely needs to tone her body and be provided with a chic wardrobe by the Ms PH Universe Org.
    She seems mentally prepared and has the hunger to fight for the crown like Catriona and Pia did.
    She can do her own hair and makeup like she did during her Ms PH Universe stint.
    Her hair and makeup back then was better.
    Good luck to her.

  2. Ok lang kung walang Fadil shoots. wag lang mawalan ng katulong ang mga candidates sa pagpinta at pagsuklay etc efc.
    carry ba ma achieve ang at least body plan for rabiya before the departure? Wish ko kanya kanyang ss din. so para madala ni rabiya ung ginamit nya nung finals plus the jacket couture para ganoon pa din performances nya or mas bongga pa don. her performances that night was not too powerful in movement pero powerful makaget ng attention. tipong bibigyan mo pa din sya ng high score dahil sa face at sa ganda ng galaw nya. about her EG naman sana walang capes.

    • @ jed ‘Wawa naman si ROM. Pasko’ng-pasko, mag-da-diet siya? 😦

      I think kung anuman’g gym-ing niya atm, it’s to improve her resistance/stamina so she won’t tire easily. Kung Feb nga, DAPAT next month – just a few weeks from now! – inaayos na ang mga dadalhin… I doubt any body sculpting can still be done. WALA talaga’ng time…

      You know sino naisip ko about the EG? Si MIG. It’s also red, has no cape, and is form-fitting. Kasi nga she got SARS-Cov2, she opted to back out… Baka puwede’ng i-adjust for ROM? 🙂

      • @Flor where did you see MIG’s gown? yung long sleeves ba? importante nalang siguro is gawan ng way kung paano mag sha shine si rabiya on stage kahit ganoon katawan. hinde naman sa body shape nag mumula ang stage presence. nasa performances. Pero as of now may pagbabago naman sa body nya. especially sa balakang. nagkakalaman na din kahit papano. Sana after nung crowning nya doon na sila nag start e gym si rabiya. ung homecoming sana dec nalang ginawa so nov sana nag start mag gym and since magpapasko so deretso sya sa Family nya. then back to manila for continuation of training. kung ganon sana ginawa medyo mas ok transformation nya.

  3. I admire Ms Universe 2019 for pulling out a successful reign despite this covid thing. Andami limitations but then she was able to show grace and composure amidst this pandemic.

    She deserves better, unfortunately There will be a new MU in no time. Im sure lots of opportunities will open for her after her reign.



    Rabiya needs to work on her “waist to hip ratio” which is a huge deal to Latinos… (IMO Aliza’s features would have been a total hit in the Caribean)

    Maybe they should experiment on Rabiya’s looks to find which styling is most appealing to the target market in that area…. I have a feeling, the Miriam Quiambao look would be the best to emulate for this year.

    • @ Closer2Fame Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g gold dress ni Inday nu’ng Prelims. HEIGHT of chic! 🙂

      It reminded me that gold was one of the reasons Spain “did what it did”.

    • “3) The headshots should be submitted by December 31. Guidance has been clearly provided to INSURE a manageable uniformity of shots.”

      Hey Madam blogger, ensure vs insure daw! Clarification plssss!!!!

    • @ Donna & @ Adrienne ‘Di ba “insure” ay para lang sa insurance company, kung ikaw ay kukuha ng insurance?

      Everything else unrelated to insurance policies is “ensure”…. Tama ba, mga sissyz?

      • True lola @Bella FLORes. Lola hindi kita napasalamatan for having considered me as one of your guests…but I just can not stand na malasalamuha ko ang isang mashoho ang keke. Baka magsusuka po ako… ma spoil pa ang party mo.

      • @ Norman Boss Tinio, I know time is tight but can you feature individual MU 2020 candidates after Xmas as “build-up” to the pageant, po?

        PN’s S3 E3 to 5 is 13, 20, & 27. E’s 6 to 9 looks good… I would love to see more on Reth Sarita & Natasha Joubert. Kahit ihuli mo na ang “boys” for 31; anyway, nagsimula na swab tests by that time. 🙂

      • @ Norman … The head shot submission must make the candidate look strong/powerful, as per the Brief (here in the blog text).

        Do NOT literally “masculinize” her – hair tightly pulled-back, pale lips, sharp contouring, etc.

        Take it from no less than Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. “If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack. Men hate women who weep”. Red, worn on the lips, is a declaration of good spirit, she also said.

        Strong were those women in WW2 Jewish concentration camps who would cut themselves, using the blood to color up their malnourished faces, and so be exempted from the periodic “cull”.

        (Watch the film, “Schindler’s List”… Years ago, I also saw a Filipino black-&-white film whose title I’ve forgotten and cast unfamiliar to me. There was a scene where authorities pursued the hero to a convent. The Mother Superior (?), before emerging from her quarters to face the men, uses the sharp edge of her crucifix to also draw blood from herself. And thusly was an alibi quickly made for the trail of blood the hero left in his wake. I think she told the men she “cut myself while helping to prepare meals in the kitchen”. I do not know if the film was also about WW2. It’s that scene…)

      • @ Norman Good morning, Blogger.

        97 na pala si BB. Sabihin mo kay ‘Nay Sugar magpa-tribute man lang.


  5. The possible truths excite me. Staging the “most beautiful” show in the universe is better late than never.

  6. Florida is being ravaged by COVID19 , especially Miami area…. so why host it there ?

    For me, Guam is a better location if they intend to stay within US territory

    I like the idea of Valentine’s Day as crowning day , it has not been done before i.e. history-making !

    • @ jaretwrightlover Regardless of which host state/city, it will probably be a bubble, too. As was done in the case of MUP. Means, if they do go out, it will only be in the immediate surrounds (as was La Trinidad, Benguet, and even then only in manageable batches). Anyway, swab tests would be done?

      (Came to mind that track included in the 2020 Chanel SS HC desfile at The Grande Palais – “it’s a fine day,… people open windows,… they leave their houses,… just for a short while…)

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