8 comments on “Meet Miss Universe Singapore 2020 Bernadette Belle Ong

    • @ CatrionaFan I assume they will give the training FOC. It’s the least they can do, considering JG’s Singapore links got him the Aerian Essentials (silver-doped antimicrobial face mask?) sponsorship for MUP. And if I were MUO, I would be pleased with MUPO’S efforts in assisting neighbors. These arrangements can have long-term benefits. Maybe Singapore re-hosts? 🙂

  1. I thought she looked FIlipina… Didn’t expect that she technically is one for being born here..

    Chinese parents, Elementary in the Philippines.. Highschool in Singapore and college in Australia… wow!!

    At least now the Asian team is getting stronger and stronger… I hope she and Rabiya would become close friends. 🙂

  2. Yyaayyy!! I caught the Press Conference in time (the latter part). 🙂

    LIKEY a lot, this girl. But in general, I like about Singaporeans their very level-headed mindset.

    Puwede siya’ng pang-Ms&MrChPhl-OverseasCommunity… The org should consider it. After all, everywhere in the world now, there is some Chinese presence (a Chinatown-of-sorts), and this new generation is very mobile and cosmopolitan. The concept of “nationality” is getting ever narrower, with a shared global oneness becoming more and more the (pageantry) norm.

    In an earlier time, being cosmopolitan was practically the exclusive domain of the privileged and intellectual. Now, it is possible to acquire/learn it.

    To be cosmopolitan is the ability to effortlessly move between various “polis” (Latin for “city”). For me, that requires more than physical sophistication. It is also important to be street smart, knowing how “not to look like a tourist”, deftly picking up useful phrases of the local tongue, and the appreciation for similarities and differences in day-to-day life everywhere. “International understanding” expands ones horizons, just as Kylie Verzosa said.

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