5 comments on “Binibini 38 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. I can’t believe all this amazing and beautiful national costumes we have. What a huge difference from what we were getting from Barraza!!

  2. If you’ve seen close-ups of the central portion of the flower of Euanthe sanderiana – the column/throat and lip – this is a good copy… Liking, also, how the skirt is draped (?). Tres Dior! 🙂

    (I did not know the range of the species extended north into the mountains of DavNor. All along, I thought this was limited to the DavSur side towards Cotabato or more southerly…)

    My display is having color rendition issues atm, so I am not seeing the real hues. I will assume this is more like the typical rose-purple “froebeliana” variety. Good specimens can cost in the k’s!

    I think one of the reasons “waling-waling” isn’t more popular is that it is a relatively slow-growing plant. It takes around ten (10) years to bring a seedling up to blooming size (“dumalaga”). Nonetheless, there are/were good collections/propagation in the Visayas and in Southern Luzon.

    I would love to see this in motion! Will those petals bounce around, or will they be stiff as wood?

    • There is something off with the colors… I wish her sleeves and sides blends with colors of the whole flower… I also wish her skirt is something more avantgarde in a way that it would look like iregular jungle moss instead of actual fabric… or she should be wearing a beaded leggings that matches the color pattern of the flower…

      But still.. I love the idea… very informative…
      She doesn’t look bad…. 7 stars.

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