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  1. Ok found a shorter history of her last name…

    It is a precolonial & Pre-islamic compound word of a calque and a chinese surname/title..

    “Tamon” meaning “he who hears all” is from Japanese/Okinawan(Kingdom of Ryukyu) shortened version of Tamonten which is the calque or literal translation of Visravana, one of the 4 legendary gods of Buddhism…

    And the DONG is from a Chinese character that also means ‘to supervise’ or ‘to manage’.. A title/term for landlords… which is still used in Visayan “Dong” as counterpart for “Day”(short for “dayang” meaning princess)

    Thus “Tamon-dong” in ancient Tagalog/Ilokano originaly means “landlord who hears all”. Possibly used as a title during the peak of the Lu-Song empire who’s capital is in what is now Central Luzon (1200s?-1300s?) .

  2. Taon ngayon ng mula sa sumalo ng ‘di qualified like Cyrille Payumo, Miss Tourism International 2019/2020 at mula wala in-appoint like Roberta Tamondong, Miss Eco Teen 2020. ‘Di talaga nauubusan ng magaganda Pilipinas. Sayang wala tayong representative sa Miss Tourism International 2020/2021. Sana meron kahit appointed lang. Best choice sana si Maxinne Rangel, 2nd runner Mutya Pilipinas 2019.

  3. No worries @Flor Tula. Hindi ako makikipagsabong sa isang chimp that’s for sure. But i will also make sure na lalagyan ko ng likido ang inumin ng sinverguenzang unggoy!!!!!

  4. I think if she has been in the flight for so long, I think when she comes over she wants to change, I guess.

  5. She needs to start training to be more cosmopolitan. There’s nothing wrong with being probinsyana but you can be both and still come off as confident and modern.

    KF, don’t waste her.

    • 4m , there are 4 ways to build that cosmopolitan vibe. Join showbiz , grow up abroad , go to an exclusive school , or be from a rich family .
      Pia Cat Michelle Bella and Pauline

    • @ 4M & @ Fabian Reyes May I add a few more?

      1) Get a job in sales and/or marketing (Mario Garcia of MUP is a good example).
      2) Accept apprenticeship in a world-class/international-caliber atelier or for a master of the arts – culinary (look at Tristan Yap), musical, fashion, etc… Must NOT be squeamish!
      3) Join up with like-minded creatives and pitch your start-up vision to a global audience.

      Fundamental to all these is a love of materials, a sharp attention to details most folks would overlook, and an openness that is the logical outcome of a hunger for freedom and independence.

  6. I had a hard time researching the origins of her last name… which aparently has very ancient Ilokano/Tagalog origins… Meaning it is Pre-Colonial and Pre-islamic… Tamondong may have been a calque which is a word or phrase borrowed from another language by literal word-for-word or root-for-root translation. Korean: Damuncheon and Japanese: Tamonten seems to be the closest variant of the ancient Ilokano/Tagalog:Tamondong. Possibly a name or title of a high ranking warrior during the Majapahit empire which Luzon(1300s) was part of prior to the arrival of the Brunei Kings(1400s), during the Lu-Song era(1000-1200sAD) Or Maybe as early as the Medang Empire(800-900AD). Which leads me to think that it is the Ancient Ilokano/Tagalog version of Viśravaṇa, one of the four heavenly Kings of Buddhism… from the root vi-śru “hear distinctly”, (passive) “become famous”… When Gautama Buddha was born, Vessavaṇa became his follower, and eventually attained the stage of sotāpanna, one who has only seven more lives before enlightenment. He often brought the Buddha and his followers messages from the gods and other humans, and protected them. In traditional Chinese: 多聞天; simplified Chinese: 多闻天; pinyin: Duōwén Tiān; Korean: 다문천 (Damuncheon); Vietnamese: Đa Văn Thiên, Japanese: Tamonten (多聞天 lit. “listening to many teachings”) because he is seen as the guardian of the places where the Buddha preaches.

    • For high tea, I shall have @ Closer2Fame, @ scorg, @ Norman, @ paul, & @ serg over… 🙂

      Tama’ng-tama! ‘Andito ngayon sa Maynila si @ scorg (refer to earlier Ro-an T post).

      Virtual link na lang sina @ Cool Brew at @ lonewulf, kasi I don’t known if they can come over.

      The physically-present will stay for dinner…I will cook the “chicken pastel” I learned from my Mum.

      Would have been nice to have @ Chezka and @ Fabian Reyes over. Kaya lang, baka magsabong.

      Would be great to have more folks. But social distancing mandates assemblies not more than 10.

      Sinu-sino nga ba ‘yun’g pinangakuan ko ng fine wine at cheeses? Kasama ba si @ Ramon Lua du’n? Next batch na lang kayo, ha? At hopefully, maangehan ng pa-spaghetti ni Mayor VS.

      … Spaghetti, ha? ‘Di ko alam ‘yan’g mga carbonara’t marinara na ‘yan. With hotdog garnish.

      • Wow. Thanks Flor for considering me to be one of your guests. It is an honor. As much as I wanted to physically join the meet up, it is iimpossible for me to do so. I live in the southern part of Mindanao. He he. Update us here in the comment section about what went on during the meet up.

      • Thank you very much Flor. Akala ko nakalimutan mo na ako kasi hindi ako masyado active mag-post ngayon. Just like Serg, as much as I would like to be with you physically but I cannot. I also live in Southeastern part of Mindanao and the quarantine protocols and travels restrictions are a bit strict right now.

        Flor kasama ako sa wine and cheese, he, he, he… I would like also to send you something this season BUT HOW FLOR? public/common mailing address? Tamad ako sa Facebook. How can we communicate privately? Kahit sa e-mail lang.

        Is Scorg in Manila right now? I would like to communicate with him (privately) with regard to the publication project. Paano natin to magawa?

        Anyway, advance MALIPAYONG PASKO UG BULAHANG BAG-ONG TUIG kanimo Flor. Miss ya…

      • @Flor, you did promise me that wine and cheese. I’m supposed to do a story for DOT Philippines in Baguio but I’m petrified with all the Covid scare

      • Pa send through lalamove or grab nalang sakin yung grazing plater tapos sabay sabay natin kainin through zoom…. kiddin…. Hahhaha🤣🤣🤣 thanks for considering me to be part of your “High Tea”… 😁

  7. Pretty face, towering height, and beautiful body are characteristics only few Filipina possess and she has these. I think she could still win more international titles.

  8. Such full of promise in her still blooming years…so many years of possible Great opportunities to Conquer!! Congratulations for making the Philippines Proud! ..i surely believe this is just a precursor of even Greater things to come!

  9. Thank you Ms. Ro-an for your perseverance and diligence and eventually bring home the crown. This is a source of simple joy to most Filipinos in this trying time. More power and Gob bless you always.😊👏👏

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