18 comments on “Miss Eco Teen 2020 is flying back to Manila

  1. Kudos to her glam team or stylist!

    Andame yata niyang bitbit na damit sa Eqypt! And napaka-generous nung mga designer na nagpaluwal sa kanya ng mga wardrobe niya since Day 1! Puro magaganda naman talaga!

    Sinadya rin seguro nung designer na i-deviate yung red color to fuschsia kasi diba bawal gawing damit ang Philippine Flag!

    At talag namang alam pa ni Norman ang flight itinerary pati lay-over ha!

    Naglabasan na rin yung supposed to be itinerary ng mga candidata for Miss Universe na sabi sa US of A nanaman daw gagawin and as usual parang mairaos na lang ulit yung pageant! Josketch!

  2. I love the whole ensemble… Now that is how you do a Philippine flag suit… I love that the 3 gold buttons on each hem represent the 3 stars on our flag… I guess that her wearing the crown represents the sun?… I love it. Pants are So slimming…. and w/ tastefull shoes…

    Anyway, Congratulations!!!!


    I love saying her name…

    So memorable… so powerful…

    Tunog palaban…

    Pangalan palang, matatakot na mga kalaban…

    • I love how you analyze National Costumes, and now, this! I am always looking forward!

      Thanks C2F!

      • @anonymous…

        Finaly some1 apreciates my comments..
        Thank u so much! ☺😊😁

  3. Cairo to Abu Dhabi to Manila. The Abu Dhabi to Manila leg of Etihad is the same flight many OFWs take. It should be a fun ride to be in the same plane with many of our hardworking Filipinos who want to spend the holidays in the Phils. Covid protocols– face mask and shield, and social distancing are strictly observed at the airport, inside the plane, and at NAIA. Would she be required to undergo Covid testing and hotel quarantine just like any other arriving passengers?

    • The very strict health and safety protocols from the point of origin, to the plane, to the destination, is an eye-opener to every passenger to be very conscious about the air one breathes and the things or people one comes into close contact with. I traveled 16 hours via Etihad last week to be able to spend Christmas in Manila. The whole flight, and the departure and arrival protocols, were a sensitising experience about environmental consciousness. I am confident that our new international eco queen, the youth’s champion on environmental education, reflected insights from the same travel experience, and be able to strengthen her resolve to be the environmental advocate her title proclaims.

  4. congrats girl

    nasan na yung 2nd runner up ? hindi naman sa Netherlands uuwi yun kundi sa Felepens
    sana sabay na kayo besh

    tas may pa presscon and MWPO sa inyu


    travel safe

  5. She’s very statuesque… ALV should groom her as future MWP… I am not just sure if she has any fast track strengths…

    • Best in Multimedia and best BWAP that she could build in the next few years… Pwede din sya mag top model award… or itrain sya sa sports…. saw her workout vids, she seems to be very dedicated.. Im sure she’d be willing to do all that to improve.

      Pero IMO, I think she’ll be more suited for MU or MI…
      pero kung sa ME sure win to siempre… LOL

      • @ Closer2Fame She’s that good, huh, you find it hard to decide which pageant to send her to?

        That’s, indeed, a GOOD sign!

        (I recall nu’ng lumalaban pa si Catriona sa BBP 2018, pageant Admins “crowned” her every which way – Universe, International, and Grand International, chiefly – to conduct a poll as to which suited her best. “Daniel Gr(a/e)y” liked all the comments. And when you checked his account, there was stuff about Scotland…)

      • @Flor

        Ranking ko for her…

        ME: sure win! 100%…
        MI: Runner-up or Winner… depende sa status ng bansa natin… lalo na kung sya ang next winner since Kylie.
        MU: Top 10 to Top 5… if she gets lucky Top3 or winner.. depends on our country’s international political status.
        MW: Top 8 to Top 3…. Winner pwede naman, if she could be a better speaker or at least at par w/ Meagan Young… And the location of the pageant.

      • @ Closer2Fame Speaking of MU, may nasagap ako’ng chizm – 14 February 2021.

        Bienvenido a Miami! 🙂

        Swab test is 28 January to 1 Feb. ND’s, daw, were advised to have a rep before the year ends if they want to join… 60 to 70 countries are expected to confirm/commit participation.

        This will more or less correspond with the Lunar New Year of the Metal Ox, 11 or 12 Feb, no?

        As usual, Miss France has PRETTY candidates! My faves are Pas-Nord-de-Calais, Provence, Midi-Pyrenees, Nouvelle-Caledonie, Corse (Corsica?), Cote-d’Azur, and Bretaigne. Yours, po?

      • @Flor

        Better late than never… sad naman 70 lang… sana at least 90 mag confirm… and sana matuloy na si Ms. Ivory Coast this year… laging nauudlot…

        Miami daming Pinoy… pero dami ding Latinos from the Caribean and South America…. Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Curacao, Jamaica, Brazil, etc. lahat malakas laban…. At least 3 girls in the Top 5 would most probably be Latina.. and then Thailand and Ph would be the 2 Asians…

        France hmmmm… mahina chances nila ngayon maka top 5 sa MU even if they pick a crown worthy contender…. She would probably be sent to Miss World for a better chances of winning…

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