3 comments on “Binibini 5 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. Ok I also appreciate the idea…. The reveal is a bit underwhelming though…. I was like ” that’s it?”…
    With-out the “parol”… it looks like a regular Pitoy Moreno terno na sawang-sawa na ako…. I am loving the tiny tassels though… its the only thing I find innovative about it…. Bit it is quite beautiful… Pang santacruzan… hindi pang national costume competition.

    Maybe if she had an ornate parol inspired headress, that would have pulled everything together.

    It not bad…. but its not that impactfull…
    7 stars for the beautiful effort.

  2. Ooohhh… It’s supposed to be a reveal. OK. I can dig it. 🙂

    Pero, sana, tinodo na ‘yun’g parol. Modesty is unnecessary; dapat BONGGA.

    I’m iffy with the yellow tassels. But at least they are a fresher alternative to Sam B.’s pearly warts. And before you guys get upset, I was NOT the one who said she looked like she “had a disease”.

    • It was me who mentioned “disease” in my comment, Flor, but I didn’t mean to make it sound so heavy. I was saying it like I would to a friend. I’m feeling guilty now.

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