9 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 3 Episode 2

    • @ Fabian Reyes …Only because all the men he has featured he knows personally. So, OK lang.

      Try exhibiting that kind of gaiety to a first-time-to-talk-to, and watch the Rate Downs pile up. 🙂

      Pero at least, OK sa ‘yo kasi your concern was that the vlog would be boring-formulaic. And it wasn’t!

      Mr. Norman Tinio proves again how agile his creative mind can move. Able to adapt quickly to the moods/needs of the guests while keeping followers entertained/informed. Watch again how he dispelled concerns that his participation in the ME 2020 Press Conference would water down his own performance on PN’s S3 E1!

      (But being a “properly-schooled” Industrial Psychologist and a lovable one at that, not surprising.)

  1. The guests are all good-looking and muscular! They can give Paolo Ballesteros a run of his money in terms of physical looks and natcos designing!

    • @ serge Napansin mo pala ‘yun’g mga nag-short sleeve (shirt)… 🙂

      (Baka ma-conscious. Next time, long sleeves na ‘yan.)

      (… Unless they are emulating the gym-sculpted audacity of the shoe designer, na pasado ang yummy-nes to no no less than our very own @ Closer2Fame.)

    • @ Fabian Reyes That’s Charles, not Jones, Bridge… Look again at @ lonewulf’s comment.


      (Now I await the arrival of the commentator @ steamywulf,… Kasi mayru’n na tayo’ng @ Steamyparadise at @ Steamyhot (?)… Parang night club at resort lang sa Pansol, Calamba City.)

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