11 comments on “Good luck, Roberta!

  1. Beautiful!!!! I love the styling… the Shoes are very tastefull…

    Congratulations! MIss ECOTEEN 2020 is

    ROBERTA TAMONDONG of the Philippines!

    Now, she can get some good college education that is hopefuly related to Education, Medicine, Social Works, Foreign service, etc. so she’d be ready to be the next Miss Philippines Earth, international, World or Universe… I can’t wait!

  2. She had a prepared/canned answer in the Q&A even though it was only tangentially related to the actual question. I think the Pinay who represented the Netherlands answered better than her. She won’t survive even MUP if she’s like that.

  3. Honestly , this girl looks more like the MUP
    She’s a lot more toned and more put together than Rabiya

      • @Ivan

        Much better to ignore it.

        It’s like when you see dog sh-t on the sidewalk, we walk around the sh-t. And then walk away.

        After all, we don’t want to get the stench of sh-t on us.

        When you see its comments, just ignore (ie walk around). And walk away.

  4. she does not look like a teen but the very best of luck , bring home the crown!

    she should join MUP and she has a lot of years in her pocket to fully prepare

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