3 comments on “Binibini 7 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. Not bad… what’s with the red bird-wing arms and thigh-high boots though?.. I like the idea… I’m just not a fan of the color scheme…. I wish the colors of the whole ensemble was more uniform…. Maybe if the designer did some color blocking on the dress using red as the dominant color this could have worked…. but i do understand that he’s trying to recreate a modern Katipunero uniform hence the color scheme.

    Again it’s not a bad idea… I just feel like this could have been done better somehow… I guess her posing with one leg bent to look like the Andres Bonifacio’s historical revision launching an attack kinda makes this look awkward since she’s wearing high heeled thigh-high boots…

    I do like the stuff at the back though….

    I just wish she wore something like a modernized “Inang Bayan” than a feminized Andres Bonifacio…

    But I still like this whole costume… it’s polarizing which still makes it interesting… I prefer this over the boring costumes of the other contestants I can’t even remember…

    7.5 stars!

  2. I recall the post on MBP last year… In my Pick were “Tampon, Tamondong (yep! Refer to earlier post…), …, and (a name that for some reason ayaw ni Admin; every time I mention her, my comment never gets approved)”. 🙂

    Gregoria de Jesus looks like a Transformer candidate at Putera Indonesia… Or, for that matter, the policeman candidate at MrGWP 2016 (did he represent Taguig City?). THESE BACK PIECES NEED TO STOP NOW. Look how they weighed down Cenarosa’s otherwise lovely “terno”. 😦

    Ticaro of Tagum City, Gila Salvador, Taruc, Rosales, & Jashmin I look forward to… Why do I feel 2M’s will disappoint? As for Rushton, I hope she has saved her best (NatCos) for last!… Have we seen Honey’s? Hindi ko maalala kung ano… (‘Yun’g “suman” at “sampaguita” ang naiisip ko. Btw, belated HBD to PB, Cartasano’s adviser/mentor/patron. Ang chubby niya ngayon! Is he in love?).

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