11 comments on “Binibini 13 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. Naalala ko si Elizabeth Ramsey (RIP) in her role sa Dyesebel ni Marian Rivera over a decade ago

  2. Daming pakawala ng #AhasAndKweens and #EvilMUPOrg dito. Mga asal baboy. Daming hada pag BBP, pero silent kahit kadiri na acts ng evil gang. Hahahaha.

  3. YUCK. 😦

    (Last year’s “Tandikan Princess” is her best BBP NatCos. This is the worst.)

    (It may mislead to say they “produced” that record-breaking pearl. They are divers, not (pearl) farmers. Besides, I doubt one that size would be saleable/fast-moving… Imagine the necklace, lol.)

    Sam B.’s virtues, as per the Brief, are purity, generosity, & loyalty. I will agree. 🙂

  4. I believe Taklobo refers to the Giant Clam not the giant pearl although the species did produce the biggest pearls on record.

    I’m just not wowed by this costume maybe because I have seen it before.. 7 stars.

    • Yes, underwhelmed aq. Or maybe because I was expecting a lot more since it’s Samantha.

  5. Para sa akin lang ha,pero itong effects na usok kyeme at lighting don’t do well po sa Natcos ng mga Binibini. Minsan nag iba ang orig color dahil sa lighting tapos yung details ng Natcos di masyado na highlight…

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