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  1. Tito Norms, I really like how you have been very candid and comfortable in doing interviews…you have endeared yourself with them especially to Ms. Venezuela…so cute whenever you call her “mi amor” and when she calls you “Tito Norms” and by the way, your questions were also very good, showed and drew out their personalities 😆

  2. Twenty minutes north of Copenhagen will get you far. Same twenty minutes in Manila traffic won’t.


    ‘Ala! Kita tuloy bituka ng balay ni Bida Blogger… We see couches, paintings, a stairwell (?), etc… It’s a great interview! PLENTY of stuff for an hour-or-so. It’s a wonderful quintet, this 2020 Court. MEO delivered on expectations/hopes of a decent follow-up to last year’s results. Bravo!

    Alam niyo, guys? Lahat na lang ngayon, may ring light. Kahit mga presinto, for the “prison beat” of field news reporters.

    I just realized Air and Fire crowns stayed in the Americas and Europe, respectively – Klara Vavruskova to Michala Rubinstein and Emani Davies to Stephany Zreik (zhr-eyk, not zhr-ayk!).

    Roxie is surrounded by handsome men?… Wow!… Deep-rooting pala ang kawayan? Came to mind “Beautiful One and Strong One” emerging from a culm of bamboo… I don’t know that Belgian chocolate-strawberry jam would work. Maybe simply melt the stuff to coat the fruit?

    Women si Lindsey? MAY PANTAPAT NA ANG MEO SA IMG NG MUO! Battle of brands.

    “Like… like”… Sa New York nagsimula ‘yan’g speech mannerism na ‘yan?… (If I got a chance to go, I’d visit the NYBG in early Spring to see the magnolias, dogwood, and peonies)… I wonder if those onions were wild. They must be particularly sweet to be perfectly edible from the ground.

    Mr. Norman, you will fall in love with Venezolanos? You said, po, South Pacific Islander… Like Rafael Angelucci (whom you probably met in person when you covered Mister International 2015)? After your Scandinavia junket, can you fly straight into Caracas? Ask Angkol…Transit visa like Lo?

    … And you forgot to ask Lindsey why it took her eight (8) hours to be able to go skiing within Italy.

  3. Congrats Norman on your initial episode of season 3. That was a more relaxed atmosphere compared to the preceding press conference.
    Miss Venezuela and Miss Phil are very pretty.
    Miss Denmark looks like Angelina Jolie especially her lips.
    I love the adopt a highway advocacy of Miss USA. If every person in this planet will adopt a highway or even a small portion of the highway, this planet will be a very beautiful place to live in. Miss USA will be an excellent spokesperson for the organization.

  4. They are all deserving winners indeed.
    Denmark is my favorite though I love them all.
    Lincy is so well spoken, Denmark talks with sophistication
    Vennezuela is bubbly and Philippines is so youthful.
    Excellent group of queens once again like last year.
    I must have to congratulate the MEO on this.


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