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  1. Denmark was a surprise for me. I was actually expecting Netherlands instead but as I listened to her, I realized how deserving she is. Congratulations! You are all gorgeous! May you have a meaningful reign.

  2. Congratulations sa winners. So ME did continental format for top 20 selection. Nice one. para diverse. I just hope MU will separate the african to asia & ocenia para fair. kaya lang mawawala ang wildcard. unless they will go for top 25. @Norman Kailan po kaya lipad nila here for formal coronation? sana sabay sabay sila koronahan. wait nila ang 3 bago koronahan si roxanne para sabay. now that mup and me already done. its time for MWP to be active na. they should start the processing of screening. May mga nagsubmit na. or hoping they will post a teaser kung sino sino nagsubmit just like what they did during the inauguration of alv mwp.

    • @ jed Agree to separate Africa at MU as its own continental line-up! Surely, too, @ scorg 🙂

      We tend to think only in terms of sub-Sahara – Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa. The Upper Half is largely Islamic – Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, etc. but MU-Somalia 2020 will be the Angela Ponce of this batch, the one who will further broaden the brand’s ideological scope. We have not even touched upon Sudan, Ethiopia, and Senegal. Just look at runways now! Wow!

      The Mindanao contingent at this year’s MPE was largely ignored… Let’s see if ALV will like them.

      • Flor’ Ethiopia has been active in the pageant world already as it is a christian country.
        I must agree that ME has done a good job in having Africa as a separate group. Hope MU will do the same

    • Miss Earth 2020 Pre-Judging was divided into continental groups instead of one whole group in normal circumstances so the selection was reverted back to continental quota. Then they added another twist was the Eco Video winner in normal pageant only one would fast tracked into the semifinals but since they divided into 4 groups so they have 4 winners fast tracked into the semifinals.

  3. Sino ‘yang host na yan, na Kat/Cat? ENOUGH with the trying-hard-American accent, guys! 😦

    To sound more professional, a more neutral manner of speaking English is appreciated. 🙂

    Mr. Dumaual, talaga’ng si Catriona pa rin ang pamantayan for what essentially is a rival brand? I would assume for a master journalist as himself, he would know better than to even bring it up…

    (The practically all-Filipino media line-up suggests tepid reception abroad… ME should probably take it easy hereon… I suggest it be biannual instead, considering two-year contracts for pageant Courts both National and International seem to be a new norm(al).)

    (I just caught snippets of the first twenty minutes. It’s good our dear Blogger was part, but what does this leave him with tonight at his solo flight?…Hoping Angkol pushes through soon and Aya.)

  4. I saw a video of Thailand lamenting on her non top 8 placement and her eco video not winning. I know pH worked hard and all but nag work hard din other ladies w their eco videos. I do hope favoritism did not play part for the eco video win

  5. Norman’s line of questioning is bordering on intrigue and controversy.
    I don’t know maybe it’s just me.
    I don’t like it. I want something cerebral.

  6. Omg who coughed? Whoever that is I wanna give him an orientation on online meeting or conference that he has to turn off his mic when not talking.

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