9 comments on “Roberta Tamondong is off to Egypt!

  1. i just hope that how they styled her during recents photoshoot is how they would style her come finals. she is good with those hairstyle than straight hair.

    pangalan palang nakaka intimidate na… tapos makikita mo yung height and sash….

    Wala na.

    Finish na!

  3. Ang cheap naman ng sash. Looks handwritten in pentel marker with stabilo highlighter.

  4. Parang iba itsura nya dito kaysa mga photos nya before,i mean napakadyosa nya don, anyways good luck Inday!!!

    • I agree. She is understyled. It is very important that a candidate should look gorgeous always even while travelling. Anyway, good luck Roberta. Please bring home the bacon.

      • Hello serge, musta na kaya mga commenters dati na si Mitchisa, Basil Valdez, Thomas etc i miss them

      • I agree, but my hopes are still high that she’ll place, maybe even win!

        I checked out the other candidates sa Facebook. Para lang silang mga teenagers na nagpunta or pupunta sa prom.

        There was one photo of Roberta that already garnered over 500+ likes while yung iba ay di pa umabot sa 20-100!

        Good luck!

      • @ Anonymous I will butt in.

        I like those photos where the family sends them off at the airport… 🙂

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