4 comments on “QueenTUHAN Live with MUP2020 Rabiya Mateo

  1. Among the top 5 , she was the only one who came oily to feed the front liners …. though I’m not sure about Michelle .
    That’s probably why the org liked her.

  2. I dont want to see Miss Philippines, Canada, Belgium in the top 4 please !!!
    Miss Nigeria is too over rated to be honest! Marami siyang medal kasi wala naman siyang kalaban sa African Region unlike in Americas very competitive group .
    If ever Carousel will crown a black girl it should be a Black Barbie ala Leila Lopez or Janelle Commisiong!

    • @ PAQUITA X OK, let’s apply the first statement. Wala’ng PCB sa Elemental Court since these are persistent in the ecosystem…

      Pero, kasi nga at least kung full performance sa Prelims at Leader Board ang gagawi’ng basehan para indisputable, Nigeria is deserving of a strong placement besides it’s not her fault her Group/Continental competitors are unable/unwilling to measure up.

      (Imagine mo na lang ‘yun’g final result sa Mister International 2015 which Manille hosted. OK na’ng Panama, Czechia, Brazil, at Switzerland, ta’s nasingitan ng Korea… Nigeria is that Korea.)

      (OK na rin kasi it paved the way for Puerto Rico to finish very well at Mister World following year.)

      That being said, I maintain my position that the Americas must once again bag Earth. 🙂

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