15 comments on “Miss Earth 2020: The Preliminary Competition Winners

  1. Philippines, USA, Nigeria and Netherlands/Venezuala will be the winners. I think it will be between USA or Netherlands. Both gorgeous but Nigeria would be a sweet surprise.

  2. I think USA will win this year. She’s gorgeous. Heavy push pa yang ng Titisofpageantry…hihihi

  3. Congratulations to Miss Kenya for such a creative Eco Angel outfit. She looks like an authentic fairy of the African rainforest!

    Miss Nigeria looks like a serious contender for the crown, leading the African contingent in most of the categories.

    I sincerely hope ME will crown an African this time. Africa is seen as the next boomtown in the world, with many of the countries exhibiting high economic growth rates lately. The political economy of beauty contests augurs well for an African win this time. If Ghana is not in the radar, would it be Nigeria or Kenya?

    • Problem with Africa is don’t consistently send strong delegates. Great waste was 2008’s Tanzania and 2012′ South Africa (though not black).

      • It is because beauty pageants is not a big thing in Africa, unlike football where African and European leagues are followed religiously, and sometimes the cause of street brawls. On beauty pageants, most of Africa has top-of-mind awareness of MW. It is only lately that MU gets in to their consciousness. Note how MW gets the most number of African delegation in each edition. Note also that most national search winners go to MW, and the runner up go to MU. It is only lately that MSA gets to, if I’m not mistaken, give the winner the choice of pageant to join– MW or MU.

      • Exactly. Kaya to demand Africa to win in ME even if mediocre delegates nila is like demanding that FIFA let Philippines win in World Cup.

    • I think, it should be time for any who can put her heart into action. African or not, it does not matter for as long as the organization crowns the right eco-warrior.

    • @ scorg If a leader board is strictly adhered to, then yes Nigeria would at the very least be a serious bidder for the Elemental Court, together with USA, Venezuela, Netherlands, & our own.

      Kenya’s eco-inspired look reminds us that in some parts of the world (like hers), leaves can grow BIG enough to actually serve as protection from the elements!

      Venezuela’s NatCos looks to be a composite of Carina Carino’s “La Union Sea Goddess” and the final pink ball gown at the Chanel 2019 Primavere-Ete Haute Couture, as executed by Chinese couturier Guo Pei.

      This fixation with “African injustice” brings to mind beauties like Eunice Onyango, Miriam Odemba, Evelyn Namatovu, a recent Runner-up in Poland, and one when Manila hosted and Gallman won.

      And if Africa is as good as you project, then a Philippines beauty camp should seriously consider setting up shop there… YOU can be its spokesperson, if not its Head/Chief Trainor! 🙂

      • @Flor, LOL! I can’t and will never be a trainer of a beauty camp. I’m basically a business person. My only connection to pageants in Africa is very remote– that of helping pro bono an ex-beaury queen friend prepare the feasibility study of her premium organic cosmetics business, and arrange outsourcing a toll manufacturer from the Philippines.

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