14 comments on “Binibini 17 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. I prefer “PAGLALAYAG” rather than ‘paglalakbay’
    Would love to see more outrageous design of the gown’s tail (?) to signifies roaring waves and posed as if she was defying all currents

    • @Ram

      I agree…. I see the missed opportunity there… We need something that would make this avant garde and almost over the top… cause if you remove the two banners at the back and the crown, this gown could actually be a gorgeous starmagic ball gown… beautiful.. but not enough to be a show-stopper…

    • @ Ram & @ Closer2Fame I am feeling you, guys! 🙂

      Look at Gazini’s black column at MUP 2020 when she crowned Rabiya…

      Cary Santiago executed the flouncy floral trim in such a way that it bounced cutely as she moved.

  2. Tayo na ba papalit sa Indonesia at Thailand for topping national costume but not winning the crown
    Not that it doesnt matter as I believe France 2016 and many of the Japs won or did well at MU because of their national costumes.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Sir, matutuwa ka sa balita — Janick Maceta del Castillo (not Ramirez as I erroneously said below) will attempt to go for 2020 MUP(eru)! 🙂

      Remember her, po? She is 3rd Runner-up to Anntonia Porsild and I recall you said “Peru is MU caliber”.

    • I don’t think so…
      Venezuela rarely fails in getting a placement and yet they also send fabulous costumes at the same time

  3. Beautiful… I love the execution….
    Using indigenous fabrics for a terno….
    I do prefer a Vinta Sail that fans out like a peacock… but those two on her back are not bad… The crown is gorgeous but a bit out of place.. Why?.. cause I wish she wore a precolonial native crown instead of that European inspired one… Overall this is still a good ensemble… 8 stars!

    • @ Closer2Fame Or, wings na lang sana ‘yun’g sail, kasi after all it catches the wind. 🙂

      I think it was last year’s Supranational Peru (Janick Mazeta-Ramirez) that came onstage as a hummingbird. WOW! Very Carnival, but the showmanship was delightful.

      (In contrast, Resham’s authentic T’boli ensemble was totally unappreciated… Designers need to bear in mind, too, that while we dignify our identity-culture-history by literally interpreting our native garb, very few foreigners are genuinely interested enough in the trappings. We might need to dumb it down a tad…And towards this end, the ideas presented by C2F are always worth consideration.)

    • OMG ! Ang gonda naman ni Justine, dapat next time, gandang Pilipina naman ang ipadala sa Miss Universe ! Yung pinay na pinay look like Justine, Desiree , Chat, Perfida, Ariella at Janine ! Ewan ko ba ? Gandang ganda ako sa kanila!

  4. OMGosh…. Pilit na pilit! 😦

    Na-miss ko tuloy ‘yun’g 2017 season ng BBP, which featured a really good selection and had something for everybody, from Chanel Olive Thomas’ Edwin Uy pleasing Maranao dancer, Rachel Peters’ pristine terno (and-unfortunately-I-cannot-recall-who-made-it), to E5’s Pablo Galicia Mendez III sensational-if-unwieldy Cathloic saint/icon/statue.

    The designer’s youth is very apparent. For one thing, the crown is not Samal-Bajau characteristic.

    Dapat, “baklad” na lang ‘yun’g “palawit”… It is enough for the sail to be referenced in the dress.

    And ditch the train. EDIT!

    • Yeah, I agree with the crown… there is nothing indigenous or at least any Filipino characteristic about it..

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