13 comments on “Binibini 24 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. vet ko and costume but I dont know if it still wows without the mood lighting. We’ll see.

  2. Bakit kaya kailangang terno/filipiniana tapos kakabitan ng kung anu-anong meaning na hindi mo naman mawari kung walang explanation? Kung di ko pa binasa e di ko malalamang kabibe pala yang nasa likod nya.
    Ginawan na lang sana sya ng isang maganda at bonggang kabibe costume period, hindi yang may hint pa ng taoist temple, walang konek.

    • @ Anonymous There’s a Taoist Temple, po, up in the hills of San Fernando City, La Union. 🙂

      But I agree. It may have just as well been “traje fantastico” instead of “traje tipico”.

      Maybe in the future, pageants can have a separate/dedicated NatCos desfile executed by a featured designer for the year, for a more unified look/theme/aesthetic.

      • @Flor, I know that as I used to live in Balaoan where some of the kabibes are. What I meant with walang konek yung kabibe sa taoist temple is sa costume mismo, hindi sila nagtutugma.
        There are lots in LU na pwedeng gawing inspiration: surfing, bawang, grapes/vineyards, dried fish. Pero sana isa lang para pag yung nakita mo e alam mo agad anong sinisymbolize.

      • @ Anonymous In that sense, wala’ng pinag-iba du’n sa “Bulacan” ni Tiques(2x). May Bulaklakin Festival na, may Bulacan jewelry industry pa… Designer refuses to focus/edit, kaya? But why, no?

      • In fairness guys… The Taoist temple is dedicated to MAZU, the ancient chinese sea godess…. But this costume looks nothing like her…Kung ako yun, yung traditional Chinese costume ni Mazu nilagyan ko ng transluscent butterfly sleeves… tapos tadtarin ko ng pearl embelishments/accessories… mga sculptured floating sashes… and multiple flowy gosamer fabric wings to symbolize waves…. tapos me hawak sya na matching Chinese dancing silk fan… Now that would be a showstopper and controversial at the same time because it highlights our pre-colonial ties with China. ( And yes I know the Temple was built only within last century)

  3. It is beautiful and meaningfull….
    Execution semms clean…
    But it’s not very innovative…
    I have seen multiple versions of this sea godess costume and this is not the best I have seen. It’s not even in my top 20… but good effort though…
    Since I am not amazed enough..
    a generous 7 star rating would suffice. 🙄

  4. So, it’s essentially a “terno”. PLENTY of references, but I personally can attest to them all.

    Tito King, we could really use photos sans garish lighting. 🙂

      • @ Closer2Fame Sabi lang kasi sa text, “… the material of this silver terno..”.

        Now that you mentioned “puffed sleeve”, the Chanel 2018-19 Automne-Hiver Haute Couture came to mind… And color-wise, pegged.


      • @flor

        True … maybe this is one of the designs we could appreciate more with better lighting..

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