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  1. Topping a graduating class of math-and-arts whizz kids in the country’s premier university, and topping the highly competitive national licensure exams for new architects, Shamcey gamely ventured into the brave new world of pageantry, a field she has yet to learn the ABCs of, much as she struggled lerning how to walk in stilletos. The winning mindset combined with that uncanny can-do attitude made the pageant newbie a breath away from the MU title. Such a wonderful narrative of a quintessential phenomenal woman! No wonder, under her leadership the inaugural edition of MUP was successfully staged despite the formidable business and logistics odds posed by this cruel pandemic

    • Armed with creativity and innovative spirit, and unwavering faith that God sees us through in good and bad times, Shamcey and her team was able to mount a pioneering milestone in pageantry— online event with the feel of a live spectator event. Leveraging on IT technology, it takes a Shamcey to deconstruct pageantry’s business architecture to fit into the stringent requirements of COVID 19 protocols.

    • Sad lang na she allowed herself to be used by evil Jonas as front ND for MUP. Kalooooka! I admire this girl. Favorite MUP after Catriona. But why???

  2. One of the most admirable Binibining Pilipinas. From being a pageant newbie, who was the last candidate being called as official candidate during the 2011 screening to being a national pageant director. Grace under pressure, resilience, beauty and brain personified. She really embodies the essence of being a phenomenal woman, harbinger of hope, and rallying point. Congratulations Shamcey Supsup-Lee for staging a successful event and for continiung the legacy of finding the most beautiful, phenomenal, and inspiring woman of the land.

  3. I love Shamcey’s photos where it motion. Her Universe official photo (Brazilian Carnival) was pretty awesome. But when it comes to studio shots, her eyes seems dead and it always feel flat. Anyway, love her and she’s an amazing National Director.

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