18 comments on “Miss Eco Teen Philippines 2020 Roberta Angela Tamondong

    • @ Sjeffie Cheon Dito lang naman sa Eco-International nagkaka-problem… To wit.

      1) Vanessa Mae Walters.
      2) 2M.
      3) Now, this… The Dolk-Tamondong flip-flop.

      What is very clear is that MEco-International organization appreciates our sash enough to still accommodate us despite #’s 1 to 3. I say, let’s take full advantage of it! Wherever we are welcome, needed, or loved… Choosy pa ba? I mean, compared to MU’s treatment…. 🙂

  1. Parang hindi ko type yung family name nya..: may naalala lang ako hihihi..:
    Good luck girl, Looking forward to see you in MUP or BbP in the future.

  2. Hahaha, ang dali naman pala magpalit ng sash and represent other country as long as meron ka pang extra citizenship na baon. Ganyan talaga pag ang pageant ay less prestigious.

    Kapag nanalo tong si Roberta, sasabihin na buti na lang pinalitan si Dolk. At kapag nanalo naman si Dolk, sasabihin naman eh bakit pa si Roberta ang pinadala ng Phils. At kung parehong matalo, sasabihin naman kahit sino naman pala sa kanila eh wakey din.

    • Yup that is the question. Paano nanalo yung isa na eventually representing other country. Kung Pinay yan dapat Philippines ang I-represent nya. Bakit ngayon mas pinili nya yung ibang bansa. Yan ang problem sa Philippine pageantry kahit sino panapayagan sumali. After makuha lahat ng benefits and opportunities, aalis at iiwan ang Pilipinas. Si Cat ba in case hindi na nanalo at naubos na ang opportunities malamang babalik Australian din yan.

      • Ves, that is called living your life. You go where the opportunities are. Just like every OFW who wanted to stay in the Philippines but were forced to leave to provide and have a better life.

  3. I hate that she’s also wearing those ugly platforms at her Miss Bikini Philippines stint…

    This girl is gorgeous… I hope she finds a good trainor and stylist… Can’t wait for her performance… This title could open her to a lot of opportunities. I’ll keep a good eye on her for now.

      • Paano pong Netherlands ang I-represent nung isa Tito Norman? Eh winner po sya ng dito. Hawak din po ba ng MWP ang franchise ng EcoTeen sa Netherlands?

      • Harlijk Productions is the one sending Dolk to Miss Eco Teen. This organization has the Canadian franchise for that contest. They were initially requested by Dr. Amaal in Egypt to send.

  4. She’s beautiful! She has a fighting chance based on these photos.. We’ll support you Ro-an! Go PHILIPPINES!

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