12 comments on “Binibini 8 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. the earth colors of the niyugyugan festival and the bright colors of lucban’s pahiyas so aptly captured.. nice contrast of colors, and wonderful craftsmanship. Just beautiful…!!! To the unfamiliar, the niyugniyugan festival gowns, aside from using niyog materials like bao, uyo and bunot, usually are just colored brown and beige ( sometimes with tinges of green and some others ) which are the colors of the niyog. Kudos to the designer for incorporating the pahiyas colors in the gown.. breaking the monotony of the niyog colors..

    The lighting keeps the the whole thematic ensemble Unified..Subdued lighting is just perfect!..Ayan,sa WAKAS pinatulog na ang Kapreng Bumubuga ng USOK!

  3. I like concept.. I love the design… not the best execution I have seen though….

    There is something wrong with the order of color transition fron top to bottom of the skirt…. It should be brown, red, orange, yellow, green… instead of brown, yellow, orange, red, green…. The torso should be equaly colorful as the skirt and sleeves…. And it the whole ensemble has to look shimmering, flashy and irridescent from afar…

    The silhouete is well proportioned… with the right arrangement of colors…. I would have rated this so much higher…. for now… its 6.7stars.

    • In addition:

      I would have preffered a shiny/glittery panuelo instead of that ragedy brown.

      .. and the paterned cutouts on the upperskirt are wobly, lop-sided and irregularly shaped…

      I am sorry…. very ambitious design… but it looks half-baked….

    • @ lonewulf That’s an almost-A&Q sweep, if ever…. 🙂

      Granted 2M is the strongest KF girl, and Angkol likes her…

      I would Karen Laurrie be BBP-International, Pat be BBP-Intercontinental, & Hannah BBP-(The)Globe (as requested by Biday Pilar).

      • @ lonewulf Maureen Montaigne is “2M”.

        Gabby is a spoiler. And I think it is safe to assume at least one Independent will bag a title.

        Four titlists plus one Runner-up sounds fine.

  4. Finally! They took out the smoke effect and garish lighting.

    Nice how fan, sleeves, and skirt reflect each other color-wise… But the gold trim between the red and green sections of the skirt is unnecessary.

    Nice, too, that they opted for an actual coconut seedling to allude to the palm. (Better than the stylized “Kuyamis testicles” seen at Reyna ng Aliwan.)

    Over-all, I prefer this to Louis Pangilinan’s creations for Tiques(2x) and Arnold.

    (For anyone contemplating a bamboo inspiration, look at Issey Miyake’s works in thr 80’s, the “bamboo dress” that Time magazine raved about, the slats fluidly evoking fringe.)

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