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  1. Her father’s an asshole.
    It’s an insult to her mom who worked hard to raise her, that she still longs to meet her father who abandoned them.
    What’s the point of wanting to meet him? Hihingi ng approval? 🤦🏻‍♂️
    They have done well without that man in their lives.
    Be careful what you wish for, baka lalo lang gumulo buhay niyo pag nakita ang ama.

  2. I rooted for Bella in MUP but now, I am enthralled by Rabiya’s charm. Gustong-gusto ko yung tinataas niya sabay kamay niya na nakaclinch pag naeexcite siya. Parang lalaban tayo ang dating. Confident ako sa darating na Miss Universe with her.

  3. She’s a lot prettier when she talks
    If I was in her situation , I would probably never want to see my father again… even out of curiosity .
    She’s very humble !

  4. When you see sh-t on the sidewalk, you step around it & then continue walking.

    You don’t want to step on the sh-t. You don’t want that stench on you.

    I suggest we do the same with certain comments on this board.

    Don’t engage.

    Step around the sh-t.

    And walk away.

  5. It cannot be all positive .
    Someone has to point out what needs improvement
    She is lacking the artista ‘glow

    • You are not pointing out things for improvement mashohong kiki chimp. You are a condescending bitch who looks at yourself like you’re a flawless goddess of beauty when you’re nothing but a second rate trying hard bitch with a kulubot pekpek na even a kargador will not bother to stare at you because amoy lupa ka!!!!!

  6. She has the substance and impact. She just needs mental and emotional training to have the “modern cosmopolitan vibe” in her. Something that Bella Ballerina has.

    She’s can be very endearing but she needs to be confidently endearing and not shy. I feel that she is shy endearing like Mutya Datul.

  7. A very positive outlook in life! Rabiya’s life story is a testimony of triumph of invincibility over hopelessness, tenacity over stagnation, achievement over adversity. Life’s vicissitudes may have separated her from the warm embrace of a father but she showed no rancor. Instead, she worked hard to carve out a career allied to her Dad’s profession, inspired by the achievement orientation that her Mom tells her about his Dad. Such an inspiring backstory weaves the inner beauty that makes any pageant title radiate to the millions of adoring fans. Rabiya is indeed a confidently beautiful woman who can inspire confidence to millions that a beautiful future lies ahead if only we live and love life positively.

  8. This woman has been through a lot even Super typhoon Yolanda and yet she has remained unwavering, optimistic and hopeful. I’m truly happy that she won the crown and has been given the platform to share her stories of strength and perseverance. She is an inspiration. Go Rabiya, rooting for you!

  9. Pretty but not the face of a MU
    Some elements are lacking , sophistication is one of them

    • What about u? Mashoho na nga prangkikay mo, your soul is teeming with envy like that of your ilks who howl pag hindi binigyan ng lakatan. Indeed you are an authentic chest-thumping chimpanzee bitch who just can not do anything good other than malign and ridicule others. Ganyan talaga ang inggitera!!!!! Me uod na nga purangking, may gana pang pulaan ang creatures of higher dimension. TSUPIIIIIII!!!!!! Ambaho mo masyondang malantod!!!!!

  10. Moslem ancestry din ba Indian dad ni Rabiya?

    Ironic that Rabiya’s islamic last name was suppose to be “Hashmi” …. which I believe is from Hashim ibn Abd Manaf, great-grandfather of Muhammad. Ironic that her 1st RUp, Bella’s lastname is Yshmael, the ancestor of Hashim and Muhammad.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if her dad is indeed moslem…. it’s no wonder her parents broke-up… Her Mom is suppose to convert to Islam if ever… He must have had an arranged marriage as soon as he got back to Chicago.. hmmmm? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  11. Scenario 1,

    Imagine that she is on a close door interview with the panel of judges,

    That interview has a weighted value of 50% of the composite preliminary score,

    Will the judges be convinced that she is an ideal “spokesperson” for the brand?

    Scenario 2,

    She won Miss Universe,

    She is one of the panel of judges for Miss Colombia,

    She was asked a question by the media during a meet and greet,

    The question is the same question given by Jessica Soho,

    Will the media be happy with that kind of answer? How about the audience?

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