10 comments on “Binibini 23 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. Vet na vet ko tong costume na itey…. Super simple yet creative and the execution is ON-POINT!!!! This is how you do impactful costumes. Simple but it has WOW factor.

  2. I also love that pony tail hairstyle btw… beautiful!!!
    Yeah, I know I’m getting a bit biased… She can do no wrong to me.. HAHAHA

  3. OMG I love it! I know there are simillar designs from our neighbors but it still takes a lot of guts to pick that costume and make it glamorous… I’m giving this 8.3 stars!

    Just some editing.. I would have added those long antenaes with banderitas, used functional backpack straps made of leather stuffed w/ foam to make it more comfortable in wearing it…. and I would lose the horse head and make the wearer be the actual horse and jockey by wearing matching black and gold leather straps dominatrix style complete with whip, custom chunky platform highheeled cut-out boots… w/ hair styled like thick braided horse-like mohawk….silicon elf ears, long horse tail.. and a bronzed make-up inspired by Jennifer Lopez w/ thick lashes if she was one of the aliens in the Avatar movie…

  4. although this idea is copied from Aniporn’s tuk-tuk, kudos still to the designer for giving it a Pinoy flavor. I like it.

  5. Now, this I like! Panlaban sa “tuktuk” ni Aniporn Chalemburawanong. 🙂

    THIS is what happens when you are able to distill your vision to its barest essential. The result is therefore devoid of distraction, very airy-light-FREE.

    As the other Gabrielle (the esteemed French one) said, “proclaim a freedom of the body that reflects a freedom of the mind”!

    • A design that is simple yet elegant, fully-functional yet fun enough to capture kids’ hearts! 🙂

      Basically, a backpack serves as the foundation. And how clever the roof protects her from the elements! The carriage can hold her junk (purse, phone, tablet, etc.), freeing her hands. A “sukbitan” for the horse can be retrofitted… It’s potentially modular, open to upgrades in the future.

      Any industrial design master would give this a two-thumbs-up. It should be patented!!!

  6. Wow!!.. rrally very Unexpected interpretation of the Calesa! Kitschy,Quirky and pure novelty at the same time…

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