12 comments on “A new Miss Eco Teen Philippines emerges

  1. Ro-An is really tall in person, and pretty, magaling rumampa, ok n rin comm skils.. Miss San Beda 2020..

  2. Hahaha, ang dali naman pala magpalit ng sash
    and represent other country as long as meron ka pang extra citizenship na baon. Ganyan talaga pag ang pageant ay less prestigious.

  3. Roberta is just 18years old..already 5’9″ tall ..and that face scream– future Ms.Universe!!..I hope she will really try to hone her Communication Skills,Personality,do Motivational Public Speaking stuff( Girls! If Rabiya isn’t good at it as a Lecturer,i dunno if beauty of face alone will give her the crown!) …the Tamondong girl has sooo much potential…HUWAG LANG SYANG MADALIIN..Let her acquire the necessary skills to become really Mature!PAHINOGIN..and when the apropriate time comes!! She will be a force in Philippine Pageantry.

    • 5’9 at 18?! Wow! I’m sure she could still grow an inch more with enough sleep and height enhancing suppliements.. I hope she is being trained extensively… She could be our next international title holder in a few years time.

      • @ Closer2Fame Well, if her Egypt tourist visa pulls through, that possibility could become reality in a few weeks. More importantly, she could end up being our one and only international titlist for 2020, given the SARS-Cov2 pandemic. Lucero-Sasuluya came close. And Baeyens? 🙂

  4. WOW!! Really,it was a Win- Win situation for both parties!! Ganito dapat ang Philippine Pageantry! ..in the end,Wagi ang mga Pinoy Fans at Very nice training ground for our young Pageant Princessess!!.Tamondong and Dolk will trully have sooo much experience to gain from these,..giving them added boost of Confidence in their future endeavors!!

  5. Roberta Tomondong is gorgeous!
    W/ surprisingly very Filipina ancestry as I was informed… one of the very rare cases of winning the genetic lottery within a small genepool… I hope her intelect matches her beauty.

    • I agree! she’s very beautiful and promising…I hope she does well in the pageant and eventually be her stepping stone to bigger pageants.

      • Danielle replacement is even prettier and taller. Philippines has abundance of future international beauty queens. Ro-An and Danielle are crown contenders.

      • I don’t like her nickname “Ro-an”… sounds like the name of cheap whore… like the one who scrubs toilets cause no one wants to hire her services…

        But with her shouting “Roberta Tomondong”, now that sounds powerfull!

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