6 comments on “Roxie Baeyens in Miss Earth 2020

  1. G. Blogger, tapos na daw ang Prelims? So, wala’ng Covid Craze….

    Please tell Mdme. Lukring this is NOT the time to be magnanimous. Instead, this is the time to be pragmatic… To the point, and I’ve said before, crown another one from the Americas! And more to the point, have an all-Americas Elemental Court!

    It is the Americas that struggles the most with this virtual edition; needless to say, the 12-hour minimum time difference couldn’t possibly be convenient. They must be rewarded for their patience!

    Back-to-back Puerto Rico and USA – Kristel and Lindsey for Earth and Air, respectively. Macarena Quinteros and Argentina (forgot her name) to complete…(I like Jamaica. But I don’t think anybody else does, so I will simply have to drop her…).

    I am not convinced giving Tess La Conge another international crown would pay back handsomely for the MEO…. Just the same, Netherlands, Myanmar, Thailand, and Australia can be in Top 8. 🙂

  2. Ava ava ava It looks like she really slimmed down.

    However, her gold attire, while cute and very sexy, would be so inappropriate in real sport setting. All the men would be all over that. hihihihi

    • @ 4M Yup. Guys would…. I mean, imagine Anna Kournikova challenging…. Hihihihh…. 🙂

      Or, you prefer Maria Sharapova, po?

      But, don’t you like her Nikes?

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