5 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 2 Finale

  1. (Mosquito awakened me… Pumasok sa tainga ko, kalokah!) 😦

    D-I-M-P-L-E-S on Gerard Ruivivar, who looks like a cute Jonas Gaffud here… 🙂

    I wonder if he might know who @ VietnamesePinoy is… Mr. Tinio, will cutie do a coverage of Miss Charm once the pageant pushes through, po? … Gerard, not Jonas… that is cute… Or, OK lang…

    Also, I wonder if it will be possible eventually for you to feature candidates who took on careers totally unrelated to pageantry, whether by choice (baka na-challenge/intrigue) or need. Or, is it a given na kapag pageantry ang background mo, then you are capable of only a very definite portfolio of jobs? Parang upheaval, no? Like going to totally unfamiliar terrain. As if, “back to zero”. Adapt.

    And given that you have already done different time zones albeit admittedly awkward (Hamilton and Davies), hope springs eternal within me that you would be able to include Fil-Austrian Nodale in a future “Kings and I” episode of PN’s. Until then, am feeling Jamaica will win ME 2020!

    • @ Miswa WOW. I didn’t know cashew is also grown in Bataan. 🙂

      You like your fruit cake with nuts? But, nuts are rather pricey ingredients, no?

      Magkano isa’ng kilo ng “arroz negro” ngayon? Wampipti? Parang isa’ng kilo’ng istroberi sa Baguio.

      I will be ECSTATIC with fruit cake studded with cherries, pungent with brandy, spiked with lemon zest, garnished with mint, with a hefty scoop each of “ube-halaya” and “macapuno” as sides.

      Region 3 now has a poster girl in Emma. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the only one which spans the maritime width of our archipelago in the truest sense, from Zambales (South China Sea) in the West to the Pacific Pond (Aurora) in the East. There should be a single contiguous transport link to enable tourists to go from one end to another in one fell swoop! Hurry, guys! Build (3x)! Same tourists can thusly and literally pursue the sun as it makes its way across the land, from sunrise to sunset. Imagine streaming this – a dawn-to-dusk road trip, sampling local treats en route.

  2. There is indeed life after pageantry if the girl is just open-minded and wiling to explore. Pageantry can be a stepping stone to a brighter career. Wherever life will take you, just give your best shot. Angelee is really fun to talk to.

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