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    • True! Sana si Paveenar this year for Thailand.. Labanan ng mga Indians this year due to their status in the South China Sea…

      Gandang laban sa MU if China also makes it to the TOP 5… imagine if India, Australia, Philippines, Thailand and China was in the TOP 5… sayang…

      Paano pa kaya kung pasok sa Top 10 si Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, French Guinea, Mauritius, , etc… LOL…🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • @ Closer2Fame I’m sorry for my ignorance… India has status in SCS?

        Or, were you referring to the Indian Ocean? If so, then yeah I get it. 🙂

        China winning MU 2020/1 may work in Nepal’s favor (as 2022 host). After all, Nepal is blaming India for the entry of SARS-Cov2 in Kathmandu… And I think Nepal is a “Belt-&-Road” strategic partner… China needs to press on India. One way to do that is befriending the latter’s “neighbors”.

        @ Vietnamese Pinoy The probable reason why TPN chose to forego Praveenar at the last moment, we have already discussed… that she has not a drop of Thai blood.

        (Potentially also cluing is an on-line interview of our dear blogger, in which the interviewer clearly states an undercurrent of racial divide by native Thais against their Indian expatriate community. I will decline to reveal the account in deference to Mr. Tinio.)

      • @Flor…

        Diba, India had a quarrel w/China in the South China Sea due to China’s attempt to block India’s trade route and for “allegedly” supporting Pakistan against India… It’s complicated…. basta hindi sila friends

      • @ Closer2Fame Yeah, it’s complicated…

        I will end our little thread here by repeating what I said before – China is the only BRICSA member with still no MU crown!

        Go watch PN’s S2 ender, OK? 🙂

      • @Flor..

        That’s because only way they could win is if a MU from China could be booked aĺl over the world for hosting, modeling, product endorsements which is impossoble since most of the Western World hate China right now… or if China could host the next MU edition complete with Chinese sponsors…

  1. Kelan ba ang next MU? Facewise no problem, maganda naman talaga sya, iwasan lang yung styling na nagmumukha syang ewan.
    Yung katawan lang talaga, ang frail, ang lamya tignan. Don’t get me wrong, I love her, I am happy that she won, and I want her to be at her best.

    • I agree, and I love her too. Although assertive and confident sya verbally, parang kulang pa sa awrahan. The pics above are a good start but may hint of passiveness sa akin. Pwede pang umangat sa class and fashion sense. Di pa sya all out! But I understand. Exciting ang what lies ahead. The only way is up, and better!

  2. Idk, pero parang kahit anong gawin ayos sa kanya kulang pa din pa sa MU. Lets vote together to place her in Top 16.

  3. Horrible styling especially all those white ensembles. Mahirap talagang makakuha ng magaling na stylist sa Pilipinas unless they studied styling in Europe! But her hair and make-up is stunning!

    • @ PAQUITA X Kaya sayang talaga at ‘di natuloy ‘yun’g dapat na stint ni April May Short sa Italy that would have included that #RoccoBarocco job, from her participation at WTM 2019 in Monaco.

  4. Hair and makeup 👍👍👍
    Her eyes can be sometimes “sleepy.”
    She should watch Pia and take notes on how to smize.

  5. Megan Young na may anggulonf Shamcey at minsan may pgka-Hilda Koronel

    yung pic sa baba may pgka Donna Cruz

    pwede mg artista to

  6. Para syang gumradweyt sa Mababang Paaralan ng Sapang Kawayan
    Something is missing
    I hope her handlers are listening

  7. What a relief not to read negativities here finally. Tito Norman kudos to you for not allowing commenters of ill-repute dominate your blog. Let that bitch rest in the shark-infested water of Marianas trench for good.

  8. I love love love these pics….
    Except for the frumpy ensemble of the 3rd pic….
    For me, the 1st pic is the best one… I just wish the took a picture at an angle where you couldn’t see her undies to give an illusion that she’s not wearing any…

    • @ serge You are referring to Roel Rosal’s creamy-white “flapper” vision in the last photo, right?

      Well, now, that’s a thought… 🙂

      Now that you said so, it may be interesting if this kind of look will be seen on the MU stage. I imagine it would be more appropriate for the eccentric Japanese at MI…

      Speaking of the Japanese, the Summer Games is slated for 23 July to 8 Aug 2021. The IOC sees no reason for further delay… (South China Morning Post YouTube canale).

      And, when we say “gown”, is it not automatically “long”? Isn’t “long gown” redundant? But MI is correct when they award “Best in Evening Dress”, kasi nga may “day dress” pag Summer, dili ba?

  9. A pictogram…. Wonder what it means for the celebrant’s wealth and romance…

    OR, a clue/lead to her NatCos! 🙂

    I am quite frankly surprised by Pipe’s latest MU 2020 15-Pick. He has placed four (4) ASEAN contenders in the Top 10, with Rabiya bumped off the #1 position by Amanda. The guy just loves Thailand! And he has consigned both my “bellas negras” – Canada and Sud Afrika – to Wildcard. USA (Mississippi) is nowhere in the listing…. Are Latinos no longer keen on #blacklivesmatter?

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