14 comments on “Danielle Isabelle Dolk for Miss Eco Teen 2020

  1. She is 5’7. She is candidate 18 sa bbp last year if I’m not mistaken.usually 5’7 -5’8 Yung ganun numbers

  2. Kaya sinasabi na matangkad siya dahil sa tulong ng sapatos. Nakakahiya bang sabihin na 5′ 6″ lang ba siya. HIndi naman siguro yung tangkad ang dahilan kung matalo o kaya matalo sa patimpalak, dahil marami ang matagumpay na beauty queen na 5′ 6″ ang tangkad.

    • @ Miss Queen Wannabe Anubeyen… @ bonsaihater started the “turingan” at 5’7″. Paliit na ng paliit. Baka ang totoo 5’6 1/4″, ta’s ni-round off na lang to 5’7″. 😦

      Or, is it 5’5″ plus 2 inches (with shoes)?

      Alala mo ‘yun’g nag-comment dati na si Perlyn Cayona was tall for the girls in her village/community? Si Nina Soriano, you can see na MATANGKAD ang lahi kasi in her fam photo all the guys – Dad and sons/her bro’s – were taller than her… Noreen Mangawit looks tall, too.

      But even 5’5″ is not bad for a woman. Rowee IS 5’3″ (Mias Sta. Ana. Pilar said so), and held her own against towering Europeans and Africans! Seems Far East genome does not code for “tall”.

      (…except maybe the mainland Chine, which has little difficulty when it comes to international basketball, volleyball, and runway modelling. But after all, they possess a HUGE gene pool!)

    • Narinig mo ba yung commentary sa Miss Globe

      Na kaya daw relegated as 4th runner up si Rowee is because she is only 5’3″

      Ang height requirement daw is 5’6″

      Kaya warla mga faney na bakit pinayagan ng org at kung kelan tapos na pageant chaka nila sinabi na may height requirement pala sila!

  3. Some pageant girls still haven’t moved on from the tacky platform shoes of the 2010s 😅

    • Most of the candidates said these shoes are foot-friendly. They remained pain-free even after several hours of standing when using these kind of shoes

      • Or even after middle or long distance walk. That is what most of the candidates claimed.

  4. @ Closer2Fame Honga… Matangkad naman.

    (Still quite dark where I am. But was awakened by what appears to be some kind of problem at the nearby construction site which resulted in a mildly pungent cloud-mist that has spread…)

    @ Norman Talaga’ng inuna pa nina Dr. Rezk ang Teen… What now of Kelley Day, po? 😦

    Who is taller? Dolk or (Kayleigh) Garris? Or the reigning MTUSA Fil-Hawaiiana? KIDS nowadays!

    (I REALLY hope the MYI re-launch will happen next year. Of course, ICSM-Infinity Pageants-PGQ.)

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