17 comments on “Rabiya Mateo: The Queen is Home!

  1. that big pic, such a fresh looking face … minimized make up … that is how you tell if you are really beautiful,,,I hope she did not undergo any past cosmetic surgery, I will be surprised … that look for her will go a very long way in MU … keep up the good work ! I am getting excited for MU, I wish it will be in January … but there might be like 50+ only contestants… Guam can host ! (or Graceland part 2)

  2. @Flor,
    I was even a medrep based in Zamboanga City and has to go to Basilan, Jolo n Tawi 2x every other week. It was so exciting and life was made memorable with those trips to the barter market and the Pasonanca Gardens

  3. Puede cyang sumali sa Bb Pilipinas kc puede Ang peg nya sa MI. Top 5 yan sa Japan.
    Puede rin cya sa MWP. Ala Meagan Ang peg din hihihi. Divahhh.. C Rabiya lang Ang puede sa lahat Ng Alpha beauty pageant 🤗

  4. Congrats rabiya. Sana you gain weight in your hometown. People says you are petite even you are 5’6 built those shoulders

  5. @Flor

    I used to work in Iloilo City as an FM radio jock but that was eons ago. And yes, I can speak the dialect well hehe.. I so miss the Ted’s OLD Timer La Paz Batchoy

  6. Very happy for Rabiya! I hope she gets to spend much time with her mom to share with her, the joy of her much deserved victory! 😊

  7. Ganda talaga ni Abi Mateo pero yung crown maganda rin naman pero di masyado. Parang basket lang sa ulo. Go go go Abi, maganda ka talaga with or without that local crown. Just aim for the ultimate crown when you compete in MU come 2021🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    • Too late bro.. we already had several discussions on how disproportionate, asymetrical and aestheticaly unapealing that crown is…. but what irks me is the made-up symbolisms that has little to no historical basis.. I believe most of us already decided that we just have to get over it and pretend its not there….. Like the towns people with regards to the Emperor’s new clothes.

    • @ Ver That tiara was the Bedfordshire piece, no? For publicity lang pala…

      I wanted to say the “Filipina”, based on these photos, looks washed out in the bright sun. Parang “nickelado” ng stainless jeep… But, at least the golden South Sea pearls are still apparent.

      The motorcade took a scenic-and-lush-if-spruced-up-and-modern route. I was in Iloilo City pre-Third Millennium and recall not seeing any of this! Wonderful! 🙂

      Very nice that the video was taken by a local. You get the blow-by-blow in the vernacular.

      That sun looked killer! I wonder if Rabiya applied sunscreen prior…. 😦

      • @Flor

        I used to work in Iloilo City as an FM radio jock but that was eons ago. And yes, I can speak the dialect well hehe.. I so miss the Ted’s OLD Timer La Paz Batchoy

      • @ Cool Brew Good morning!

        You are very fortunate. ThE entire time I was in the city (two days), not once did I get to have “batchoy”, believe it or not… Our host always brought us to grilled “ayam” outdoor dining. (Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g sa Tagum City Public Market at night). 🙂

        I only got to try the wonderful hearty soup quite late in life. And courtesy of my Ilocano father, who enjoyed cooking. Life nga naman… (lolz).

        I once had a work colleague, multilingual like yourself. She breezed us through Cebu’s “sutukil” one lazy-warm Friday night with her command of Cebuano. And while she was a true daughter of Pampanga, she also knew some Hiligaynon from her “Ilongga’ mother.

        I see you have been around, with a storied life. I hope you put everything down in a book. I will be thrilled to have my copy autographed!

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