17 comments on “Lorinda Kolgeci of Kosovo wins The Miss Globe 2020

  1. Yes. she overdone herself facially. i dont like the ball gown style gown she wore but she carried the dress well. awra at hampas balakang pa din si ateh! just a curious question sir norman. who choose the gown. candidates or org? i never expected that she will make into 2nd cut. cause theres so many tall.beautiful and performed well that night. But glad that managed to be in the top 5. i feel its her own merit which made her placed in the top 5. complete na ang placement ng ph sa MG. i am feeling that leren will join mwp. but the bbp finals still have no date but they said they will resume on dec 2020. bbp will surely crown MG2021. question is who will crown the winner? rowee or leren?

    • @ jed They said they will “resume….(activities)” next month, daw?

      Pero, nagsimula na ang steady release ng NC, so can we say nag-resume na rin kahit paano?

      Maybe Leren, kasi naglabas nga ng Statement na BPCI does not recognize Rowee’s candidacy. Which means, also, that they still have one more year’s credit on the franchise kasi hindi nila nagamit this year… I smell a brewing disagreement on the franchise rate… Abangan! 🙂

  2. Ohh Divahhh mga becks😳
    Ng dahil Kay Manang Biday Pilar of MG-Canada organization ay magkakaplace c Inday Rowee hihihi 😱
    Ewan ko na lang kung hindi magkaplace Ang Philippines ay dahil na cguro hindi puedeng lutuin Ang attitude Ng candidate natin hihihi. Cherette

  3. Michele Gumabao – The only Pinay na hindi nakapasok sa Top 5 sa Miss Globe since 2015 dahil inuna ang volleyball.

  4. To those saying “cooking show” dahil may resulta na right after the Questions,…

    I think that yes, pre-determined na ang Winners’ Circle. But this is the SAME approach adopted by World, International, and Supranational… Pre-Finals events give ample time to properly assess character in spontaneous, non-contrived settings and situations. Oo nga naman. Therefore, token formality na lang ‘yan’g “Question”… It’s the “take-charge-the-fans-know-nothing” mindset.

    When you think about it, and this has been said a few times before, too much emphasis on Q&A as if it were some sort of psychological examination just puts the candidates in potentially awkward, if unnecessary, positions. Only MU does this! 😦

    For example, weren’t the comment of MUUSA towards MUV(ietnam) in Thailand two years ago (concerning the latter’s struggle with the English language) and MUC(olombia)’s cattiness in turn to MUUSA enough to tell the Selection Committee that both “Americanas” were “not ideal”?

    I like it a lot when GPVL is caught on camera handing over the Final Result to the host at Supranational. It is a statement – I AM OWNING UP TO THIS. I AM FULLY AWARE OF ITS IMPLICATIONS. I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT WILL FOLLOW. In contrast, we have NEVER seen Mommy Sugar come onstage to make it clear to the Universe that she approves. Just like when Mdme. SLL came onstage at M(Ilo)2x 2019 to be photographed beside ROM.

  5. Winner looks like a white version of Mutya Datul… Congrats Rowee, I didn’t expect you’d make it this far…

  6. I noticed the top 15 is almost all Europeans ! Albania I thought could take it all, she can compete in MU but Kosovo is lovely too, deserving ! There is a lot of pretty semifinalists… Estonia, Italy, … it is so hard to identify the semifinalists, … what a nice gift for Rowena and for Pinas !!!

  7. This comment is water under the bridge. Her make- up did not fit her face. I think she overdid it.

    • I agree with you, but my sincerest congratulations still!

      I don’t know Rowee but I am surprised that she’s always overdone, in my opinion. Rowee is good enough. I feel like she wants to channel Beyoncé (or any of the Kardashians) in aura. Even her Instagram account describes her (I’m sure self described) as half Beyoncé. Turban and those numerous knee high boots? Talaga bang normal get up na ‘to sa Pinas? Again, I’m not sure.

      I’m sure she’s a good girl. The above are observations. I am certainly not diminishing her.

    • I noticed that too. I did not like her make up. It was overdone. But at least she made it to 4rth runner up. Congratulations. She could have a higher placement just based on the Q&A. But I guess MissGlobe this year did not put so much emphasis on how well the candidates answered.

  8. Congratulations Rowena. Thank you for giving pride to our nation and for inspiring us amidst the calamity that ravaged our country

  9. How to be Dreamgirl, po? Both Nichole Manalo and Michelle Gumabao were. Criteria? 🙂

    Deliart Association should launch this as a sibling brand to (The) Globe!

    Boss Tinio, you want to take the Filipinas franchise and put up “Dreamgirl of the Philippines”? Quick! Tell Biday Pilar, po…. Let your pageant media frens serve on the Selection Committee.

  10. Congratulations Rowee!!! Thank you for giving us reason to smile despite of the hardship our country is going through. You are such an inspiration of someone who can rise above uncertainties and challenges.

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