19 comments on “Binibini 29 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. Daming hanash ang mga bekle. THREATENED SA BBP! Hahahaha. Manigas kayo sa inggit mga supporters ng SHADY, CORRUPT and WALANG CLASS na ***. Hahahahaha

  2. I know the intention of showcasing tradition and culture of her hometown. But this natcos is not flattering the candidate.

    • If I have to pick between a National costume that is “not so flattering but highly innovative and culturaly relevant” over a “flattering one but a total pageant cliche w/ made-up cultural relevance”, I would pick the 1st one…

      It’s a NATIONAL costume… cultural and historical relevance should be the main priority and not just to make the wearer look pretty.

    • Naconfused din aq sa statement na “not flattering the candidate.” Not flattering as in hindi sya naging sexy? Yun ba ang criteria sa NatCos? Akala ko creativity and cultural relevance (like what Closer stayed).

      Have we seen the NatCos of Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, etc na almost ga-higante din sa laki?

    • I’m not connected to anyone you mentioned. Just to clarify. The 2 previous posting on BBP 2020 natcos which were also filipiniana and both huge as well but you can still see the beauty and figure of the candidate. It also showcase Philippine culture and tradition. I remembers Honey’s previous natcos which is inspired by a suman and it works. It shows Rizal’s local produce but it also highlights her beauty. You refer other country’s natcos, even if it’s huge you can still appreciate candidates beauty and figure.

      • I think that’s the objective of the swimsuit and the evening gown. Let the NatCos be what it’s supposed to be. Chill!!

        I mean, we don’t need to like this but to refer to it, or any NatCos for that matter, as unflattering should not be the reason.

    • @Flor

      To me this show stopper is way better than the trying-hard to be Lakapati inspired Filipiniana of the previous candidate… Now that one was a waste…

      But if they wanted to win Best National Costume, I do wish that the skirt of this Higantes costume has a colorful printed glitter version of the Angono petroglyphs or one of the famous paintings of our national artist Carlos “Botong” Francisco who’s from Angono and this costume has a hidden reveal… like she could actually pop-out of this costume wearing a colorful “Parehadora” inspired body suit with matching carved wooden bakya platform slipper but instead of holding boat paddles, she holds an itak/bolo to masscre the Spanish hacienderos they played a mockery of.. But come to think of it, the Aranetas may not like that hence wooden boat paddles would be fine… 😅 Now that would be an award winning costume.. 😁

  3. Gigil ang #AhasAndKweens, #ShadyMUP and #EvilJonasYabang. Iba talaga pag BBP! Pak na pak!

  4. I would like to see Honey Cartasano walking on the stage using stilt. It would be more dramatic. She better practice walking with stilt now. This will be one way of outshining other girls who will also be wearing fabulous natcos. He he

  5. Wow now that is indeed creative! Very inovative!
    I have never seen the gigantes festival as an inspiration for a pageant national costume ever…. I just wish the the whole thing is flashy glittery and shimering with intricate patterns but the use of Piña fabric? Genius!!!… I’m not the biggest fan of the execution because I know it can be done better but the idea alone is more than enough for me to give it 8.5 stars!!!

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