6 comments on “Binibini 8 and her National Costume for Bb. Pilipinas 2020

  1. As for this costume.. I appreciate the designer using a local Godess associated w/ the LGBT as a source of inspiration… The costume is pretty… I just don’t see the connection as to how he/she is Lakapati/Lakanpati/Akipati… Looks like he also had no idea how the God/Godess actualy looked or at least his/her role in Philippine History… He may just have googled some random fanpic of the god and made a Filipiniana version out of it… and the execution is somethin I have seen before many times .. so I guess a 6.8 star rating oit of 10 would suffice.. 🤨🤔🙄

  2. @Flor

    Lakapati is originaly from “Lhakan/Lakan” short for Lakshmana, younger brother of Rama and Avatar of Shesha(King of all Nagas). Laksamana in Sanskrit literaly means “he who has the signs of fortune”. Meanwhile, “Pati” in Sanskrit is a title meaning “master” or “lord”. Proof that pre-colonial Filipinos had a lot of Hindu-Buddhist influence. The confusion during modern times if Lakapati and Akipati(who gave birth) are the same or 2 different gods due to our lack of knowledge about our precolonial history which gave rise to him/her being tagged recently as our local God of transexuals.

    “Take not that Gender in the pre-colonial Philippines played a VERY important function. The society was not ‘genderless’, but they approached gender more in terms of societal functions, than sexual preference.”

    • @ Closer2Fame Thanks for this! I simply thought it was a contraction of the phrase… Ok.

      Shesha was the boss of snakes (“nagas”)? Or, Rama has that title, too (Avatar of Shesha)?

      Speaking of trans-sexuals/LGBT, I just found out yesterday that one of the candidates at the recently concluded CTS is. Her initials are KT… Apparently, fitness, too, knows no gender. 🙂

      • Lakshamana is the avatar of Shesha… while Rama his brother is the avatar of Vishnu…

  3. Yung pagkaka-edit nito gusto ko dahil kahit papaano ay nakikita pa yung bakas ng original na kulay, style at design.

  4. I thought “Lakapati” was “Lakambini ng Kalapati” (which itself could be a GREAT pageant, no?).

    Nice headpiece. I would just do away with that train (unnecessary). It’s basically a “terno”, after all.

    I prefer this lean silhouette to Louis Pangilinan’s visually-busy WIDE(ning) creations. I like how both front and back are form-wise mirror images… Ditch the Wolverine adamantium claws, too.

    Meiji has among the most striking faces of the 2020 Batch, along with Patrizia, Tiques, & Gabby.

    (Why do I get the feeling Taruc and Rosales will be among the better NatCos, too? Excited much!)

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