17 comments on “Best of luck to Rowee Lucero in The Miss Globe 2020

  1. As expected, Filipinos are ever-so-reliable when it comes to comments on Live streams! 🙂

    Guys. be grateful that The Miss Globe still allows us to watch their Final on-line with little, if any, cost. Iilan na lang ang ganito…

    I’m surprised they haven’t ended yet… Did this start on time (0200H, daw)? It’s now 0555H… 😦

    • Final – Philippines 4th RU, Brazil 3rd RU, Ghana 2nd RU, Siberia 1st RU, & Kosovo CROWN.

      Parang MI ang result. Or, an early ME edition…. (The) Miss Globe is TOP when it comes to LED’s.

      I was a tad disappointed the host delegate did not penetrate all the way to the end, though.

      THIS is what I mean by proper embellishment! They don’t overdo it, in that it is limited to one section of the dress, the rest kept plain para hindi umay factor. Gives sophistication. 🙂

      Ang trademark na talaga ng (The) Miss Globe ay yun’g nakahilera sila outdoors with their flags aflutter in the wind, panoramic shot across some wide expanse…. This year, a telecom tower atop some high hill (if not mountain)… All in all, quite fun na rin. Thanks to all! Hope Pilipeens hosts.

      • With the damage Ulysses brought, this is a welcome news. Congratulations Rowena. Thank you for giving happiness and pride to our country

      • Congratulations to her.
        Akalain mo yun, di na kinailangang lumaban sa BB pilipinas.

  2. SMART move on KF’s part to appoint her! She has been spared the agony of enduring the long wait that is BBP 2020 and the prospect of being obscured by her own (more prominent) camp sisters.

    Guys, did they give out Miss Disco Queen? Parang wala ako’ng naulinagan… In any case, Colombia won Miss Bikini… Who won Miss Talent Show, nga pala?

    Speaking of Colombia, last I checked they were 4th or 5th in the world by number of SARS-Cov2 cases. Today, France is 5th and Russia 4th?!! Did Europe unlock too soon? Milano (Italy) locked down again… Hayystt!…. 😦

    Our cases seem to fluctuate now at a median value of 1500 new cases per day, and recently sabog ang locales (meaning, paiba-iba’ng parte ng bansa na tila’y non-stop plays on a pachinko machine). Does this indicate we are somehow only now developing some sort of herd immunity, @ SHE Games?

    Happy Centennial to Tirana, host to (The) Miss Globe 2020, lest we forget. Thanks for all. 🙂

    • Oo nga, Madam Flora!

      Sa El Paso, Texas daw naglagay na ng mga mobile refrigerator kasi hindi na daw ma-accomodate yung number of death! Katakot! Parang yung nangyari sa Ecuador few months back na nilagay nila yung mga bangkay sa kahon ng saging dahil wala na talaga mapaglagyan! Que horible!

    • Hindi yan titigal hangat hindi tayo bumabalik sa 8 Billion na world population… Pag less than 8B na uki tayo, saka lang maglalabasan kung ano-anong Vaccine… Studies came out na people with South Asian genes are more susceptible… meaning whoever engineered this virus e me galit sa mga Indians…

      • @ Closer2Fame Engineered?…. So, allegations of it being a bio-weapon have basis?…

        But, what I wanted to say was… wasn’t it that UP research group that said the strain ravaging the country is the Indian one?

        Vaccines might be used as economic-political leverage. I prefer herd immunity. Libre pa! 🙂

      • “…whoever engineered this virus e me galit sa mga Indians…” I doubt it.

        Being an engineered virus? It is highly probable. Different sociopolitical entities have been aggressive in downplaying those reports. One of those assertions has been made by virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan after safely defecting to the US.

        And if memory serves, I just hope this reply will not be deleted for alluding to … and Covid-19.

      • @Flor

        Yes it is Engineered!… Don’t tell me na galing ito sa Bat Soup?!… this Virus is related to Birdflu and Sars.. hence it has nothing to do with bats…

        What do you mean by “The one ravaging us is the Indian one”.. Do you mean it’s the one intended for Indians or the one possibly Engineered by Indians? Which is which?

        What are you doubting exactly?!

      • @ Closer2Fame A few months into our lockdown, folks at the UP group said on TV that after spreading around the world (in the critical fourth quarter 2019 to first quarter 2020?), the virus took on mutations (?) that while minor were enough to distinguish these from the native/original (Wuhan?) variety. They went on to say that the type in the Philippines was most similar to the one in India. Genetic “markers” or “tracers”, I don’t know which one, I’m not a geneticist… lolz. 🙂

      • @Flor

        Ahhh… thats what they say for publicity… but the sturdies are not lying … It’s targeting people with Neanderthal Genes which is 16% of Europe and 50% of South Asia…. We here in the Philippines are susceptible due to the fact that Many Filipinos had an admixture of Neaderthals due to our assimilation with Indians during pre-colonial empires of Asia.. particularly during the Alexandrian, Chola and Ottoman Empires…

      • If the geopolitical component of Covid-19 is taken out of the equation and view it simply from academic standpoint, yes I concur that Covid-19 is an engineered virus.

        The most compelling reason why the ground zero of Covid-19 pandemic is not claiming full responsibility and accountability is: it would entail possible inadvertent sharing of proprietary data on how those researchers successfully accessed the genetic code of a coronavirus.

        Prior to Covid-19 pandemic, it was easier to get a CDC/NIH research grant by choosing coronavirus. Very few were interested with a simple, very fast mutating virus that rarely cause any clinical problems with healthy individuals. (This was my niece’s rationale at Cornell). Now with the race for vaccine, it is now a cutthroat competition for funding.

      • @ XZY Aaawwwww….. 😦

        @ Closer2Fame Now that you mentioned Neanderthal genome is half South-Asian, I am reminded of how seemingly adamant Indians wish more “recognition from the West” by invoking this genetic link with/to Europe. But would that provoke racial tensions because most “legit” Europeans tend to prefer consigning Indian immigrants and expatriates to societal margins?

        I remember seeing not a few Indians in Zurich long ago. They appeared to be blue-collar workers.

      • @ Flor

        Yup, niway, just to be accurate… It’s the 50% of South Asian population who has traces of Neanderthal genes.. NOT 50% of South Asian genes came from Neanderthals..

  3. grabeh ang typhoon mamshie norms. may covid pa at dengue sana matapos na lahat ng mga ito.

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