4 comments on “QUEENtuhan Season 3 Premiere: Debunking Pageant Myths

  1. There should one of these days have a chat with Alexandra Abdon, who has had a five (5)-pageant career! I am quite certain MUP-Manila will have P-L-E-N-T-Y of stories to share.

    Regarding body shaming, I think guys have it even worse. There have been contestants who were quite handsome but being either skinny or chubby were loudly heckled onstage. In contrast, the “shrimp” can get away with nary a scratch, literally and figuratively; buti na lang, ripped siya…

    Tito Blogger, you are probably in a good position to discuss why teen – Ms. Teen whatever – has not taken off in a big way in our country. Western girls get “junky” as early as 15/16; Pinay lasses would probably mature a bit later, around 18/19… Therefore, would it be better to call it a “Miss Young/Youth whatever”? Anyway, if all BIG’s are trending towards an age ceiling approaching 30 and most of them putting a premium on maturity, wouldn’t a ‘junior division” with an age interval of 17 to 21 be reasonable? Besides, not every would-be-pageant-ee is still available by the time she hits her mid-twenties… And there are young women who are remarkably wise for their age! 🙂

  2. I bet isang commenter dito babatikusin na naman ang mga Bb. Pilipinas winners na umuwing luhaan… knowing how mashoho her kiki is.

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