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  1. Maganda but super processed ang mga photos. The goal is not best photo processing but best photos to showcase the subject and the costumes…. While I like the colors and “theme”, this did not focus on the costume’s details and beauty. Hannah looked anime-ish too.

  2. Daming eklavu at kuda sa above par na output ng BBP. Pero sa raw at chakarot na product ng shady at greedy na MUP, waley. Sabagay, BBP needs no controversy para pag-usapan unlike evil Jonas and its gang.

  3. Raymond Saldana (I couldn`t find enye) should re-lable himself as photo editor, hindi photographer. Sa mga edited photos nya di mo na makikilala kung sino/ano yung kinunan nya. He has the eye pa naman na kumuha ng magandang anggulo.

  4. Yes, same designer as Karen Ibasco’s…

    I would have prefer her holding shimery ornate gold fans instead of those topiaries… and the whole ensemble would have gad more impact if it was riddled w/ shiny sequins and glitter….

  5. Parang NatCos ni Karen Ibasco sa Miss Earth.

    I think the designer is the same!

    It’s nice though!

  6. This national costume shouts: THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT! to Alfredo Barazza’s national costume design of MJ Lastimosa. 🤣✌️

    • I would have rated this Louis Pangilinan costume higher if he added more historical symbolism… but this is a far cry from that rose filled Filipiana by Barraza which was made to support Colombia’s rose harvesting season and showcased the same rare colored roses…

      • I agree…the historical part may be placed on the lower part…as for the Barazza creation, I watched one of MJ’s interviews about it recently and it was hilarious how she unboxed her national costume…she freaked out when she saw the flowers….she only found out what she will be wearing when she was already in Doral! thank goodness gone were those days…

      • @Fabian

        I never said MJ’s costume it’s not horrible… if you search the past blogs about that Barraza mastershit… I was very vocal and graphicaly discriptive on how hidious it is…. I’ve been ranting about how ugly it is for the past 6 years everytime its brought up that I feel like I finaly got all that hate out of my chest…

        …. Well aparently, when I dig deep enough I could still feel that hate rising again… Yeah that was indeed a FUGLY costume… there should be a special place in hell for that gown…. Hitler should be wearing that piece of crap while Satan is shoving porcupines up his ass…

  7. Nice! Louie Pangilinan never disapoints….
    I understand the printed coblestones… That giant wreath is very well-made …Beautiful with excelent craftsmanship… Still can’t get over how gorgeous is the traje de mestiza she made for Karen Ibasco… This one for Hannah is also beautifuly-made hence I’m also giving this design 9.2 stars…

  8. Here is my problem with Raymond Saldana photos. Sobrang edit, na pinalitan na ang original na kulay, original na body at di na kita ang Totoong Itsura.

    Compare the Candid shots to the final shots, Ang Layo

    Sayang ang efforts ng designers sa details at kulay kung Uusokan at iibahin ang kulay lang pala.


  9. Ang gaganda ng pagkaka-edit. Sayang nga lang at hindi nakikita ang tunay na hitsura ng national costumes.

  10. Nobody stands in the way of HANNAH ARNOLD for the Bb.Pilipinas- MS.INTERNATIONAL!!

    • Sa Ms. International…Big factor talaga yung matatangkad, from…
      *Gemma Cruz,5’9″( although she was crowned in the USA) 1965
      *Aurora Pijuan,5’8″ 1970
      *Mimilanie Marquez 5’10” 1979
      *Precious Quigaman 5’6″ 2005
      *Bea Santiago 5’10” 2013
      *Kylie Versoza 5’8″ 2016
      With the exception of Precious Q.,
      almost all our MI winners are typically tall.
      Aside from the “Manika-looks” and a Towering Height…HANNAH ARNOLD who stands 5’11” tall and with a face akin to a Walt Disney Princess,she really fits the mold!!.. and now that the BPCI only has the Ms.International as its “Highest- Valued Alpha Crown”.. the stakes are high for Stella Marquez to send a WINNABLE REPRESENTATIVE WHO REALLY CHECKS ALL THE MI BOXES!!.. It’s Desparation mode for BPCI to regain its shattered ego after the departure of Ms.Universe Crown under its stable…IT’S GOING TO BE HANNAH ARNOLD!

  11. Ang ganda ganda. BBP is BBP. Walang binatbat ang shady at palingkerang MUP. Kadiri. Kontrobersya agad ang mga mokong. Shady money. Shady transactions. Naiiipit tuloy ang mga girls kahit deserving.

    • Because no-one is better than BPCI … at training clappers at Universe & World.

      & look at how that shady organization MUP cheated Michelle Gumabao of her rightful chance at Miss Universe, a chance that Bb Pilipinas would never deny such a worthy competitor.

      After all, in 2018, BPCI gave Gumabao the LOWEST ranking crown because even they didn’t think she was good enough for MGI, Supranational, International & Universe, di ba?

      Kasi Universe-worthy talaga si Michelle, that’s why she got Globe. Michelle was that good & deserving, BPCI gave her Globe instead of Universe.

      MG is not only the best Miss Globe we never had, she’s also the best clapper in the background at Universe wearing a Barazza WTF tumataas-ang-kilay-ko outfit that we never had.

      • SQ na engot, read my last statement: “Naiipit ang girls kahit deserving.” Rabiya is deserving. MUP Org with its palingkerang true head na patola sa fans aka Jonas laki na ng ulo, is kadiri at shady.

  12. Like Tiques(2x)’, AWFUL skirt. 😦

    Why does Hannah always get not-the-best-NatCos? Recall that Isneg ensemble last year which had her dragging pots around? She was then accused of copying Miss Grand Indonesia’s…

    But at least her pear hips are effectively concealed.

    Enough LIVE pageantry has happened everywhere to make a December Final feasible. I am thinking one of the these three will get a crown – Felizarta, Garcia, and Bernardo – and that’s Intercontinental. (The) Globe won’t be given to KF this time; Hannah will be it since after all Biday Pilar wanted her… Angkol will get 2M, his preference. International, Basiano na lang! Ditch Rushton and Cartasano dahil sobra’ng umay na, po. This result will be for 2021 na.

    I REALLY hope MGI pushes through na rin! Aya MUST. G-I-G-I-L. 🙂

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