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    • @ Ivan Thanks for your comment. Mawala’ng galang na, but I wish to use it to segue to something I was pondering earlier today while watching “Ulysses” pass by…

      I understand that in order to stay relevant – and therefore profitable – in its country of origin, MU (the pageant) probably has little choice but to be “woke’, too. (Another recent case, Angela Ponce…).

      But America is not the center of the Universe. And we realize more neutral and therefore less loaded brands like International or Supranational might be more attractive options, at least in the medium term.

      America is a great country, no doubt. And perhaps more than any other it has done much to advance the human race throughout history.

      But pageantry must keep its spirit pure and simple. Beauty is universal, never controversial.

  1. Her final answer was way diplomatic, safe, trying to appease everyone.
    A person who plays both sides seems fake and insincere.

    • @ Raf Her Final Statement was the need to make sure people know how to properly own a gun, and anyway they’ll find a way to get guns somehow….

      Her Question was on what should be done about America being more divided than ever in its history and she said restoring trust was the answer….

      For me, the Answer to the Question was diplomatic and the Final Statement was definitive. I think if you get a subject that means much to you or connects on a personal level (latter), you’ll be passionate. Otherwise, rhetoric is the best you’ll give.

      • Diplomacy is the art of lying
        She should be a politician instead of a pageant girl, she has the tongue for it.

  2. It’s good that a short forgettable woman won USA . I won’t consider her a threat to our 5’31/2” rep

    • OMG Fabian! hahahahaha…Rabiya doesn’t look short, she looks ‘manipis’…wonder what kind of regimen she’ll go through to change her physique

    • since other people look inferior sa isang skunky chimp na mashoho ang purangking, ikaw na ngayon ang reyna ng kadiliman!!!! u with the blackest budhi and nanlilimahid ang inggit sa katawan!!!!! kaya no matter what u do lolang kulubot, dyan ka lang sa Marianas Trench forever, hiding in the deepest and darkest corner of the earth wallowing in self-pity and seething with volcanic anger in your heart while the rest of us are reaping the fruits for our Godliness and spreading goodness to the beauty of this universe. Kawawa ka naman…

  3. To be fair, nobody was expecting Mississipi to do as well as she did. She was kinda forgettable in the prelims, pretty, sweet face and nothing much else. But she did have the best answer in the final Q & A; she went right in, didn’t falter and finished strongly. Idaho did get a hard one- frigging police reform – the long-ish pause at the start and the so-so ending may have cost her the crown. But this ‘infraction’ if you can call it that is so negligible that they could have really given it to Idaho and would have generated the kind of buzz that only Filipino fans can generate.

    And before you say, mga Pinoy na naman, the buzz isn’t really one-sided; you have Filipinos on one side doing what they do best, and other countries on the other side trying to counter it. IMG lost the opportunity to shake up a tepid year for pageantry filled with unsatisfying virtual pageants and ugly costumes (yes Miss USA, you got those swimsuit capes in that hideous flower print at the bulk discount bin).

    Predictably, they choose another black woman and the best compliment people could give her is that she looks like Chelsi Smith- have you seen the top 6 in the 1995 staging of Miss Universe which Chelsi won? There wasn’t much to pick from #JustSaying.

    • Mississippi is not forgettable during prelims, she gave a good performance on both swimsuit and evening gown segment. A performance worthy for a position for the top 16. On her performance o. The finals she elevate her performance. May not be as ravishing with the other candidates but is classy and elegant. Her performance was sealed by her Q&A and final statement which are clear, complete and concise.

      During prelim she got my attention and research about her and I learned that she was a former miss america candidate which made me decide to include her on my final 2 with Idaho. You may refer to bloggers post on miss usa 2020 preliminary.

  4. If the choice for Miss USA 2020 is any indication of what’s to come at MU, I think Rabiya has a good fighting chance.

    • very true….when we know that we have crowned a girl who is intelligent and is an eloquent speaker, we heave a sigh of relief, confident that she will do well on the Q and A and final statement portion.

      • @ Kim Jae-Kyu The Final Statement is much like ME’s #hashtag, but potentially polarizing therefore tricky to navigate. Judges will not settle for a diplomatic answer, a’ la Miriam Quiambao’s “be-true-to-yourself” (on whether or not MU should be asked to abdicate if she becomes pregnant)… Or Monika Radulovich’s “needs-more-discussion” (on marijuana legalization in Australia).

        The ONLY way to adequately slay this is the hope that you pick/get an issue close to your heart or one which you know much about.

        Rabiya is eloquent, no doubt. But can she speak CONCISELY of topics not related to her advocacy which is education (for the youth)? How will she handle an uncomfortable subject knowing the Judges want to get your stance on the matter while at the same time disparage neither organization nor fans? It’s impossible to know everything! She should see again how Cordovez…. 🙂

  5. All the finalist talented and I believe the political climate in America give her the reason to win the crown. She is beautiful and tall 5′ 5″. I hope Miss USA and Miss Philippines another tall lady 5′ 6″ will bring the crown home. Let me cross my fingers ladies.

    • mabigat ba ang crown at dalawa talaga ang mag-uuwi noon? Nagtatanong lang po.

  6. South Africa will do well. But the last two standing will be USA and an Asian country with USA winning the crown. Philippines chance to be that Asian country is getting slimmer it seems.

  7. Lynette Cole wore the crown 20 years ago … her looks today are almost unrecognizable from what she looked like then ; incredible power of self-improvement , you do you !

  8. Congratulations! She has a very Hollywood face. In terms of who she looks like, I would say 70% Ashanti and 30% Bring It On-era Gabrielle Union.

    I think she can bring back the US to the Top 5 of Miss Universe.

  9. She looks like Chelsi Smith!

    Bet ko manalo si Andreia!

    But as you can see, bale wala ang galing sa rampahan!

    Talagang QnA ang labanan ngayon!

    Imagine Rabiya standing beside Asya in the Final 5, who will dominate?

    • @ClaiRe Ibbe Tson. I agree. She looks like Chelsi Smith. She is pretty but Rabia is facially prettier than her.

    • @ Claire. I agree, she looks like Chelsi Smith(RIP). She is pretty but Rabiya is facially prettier than her

  10. What a surprise winner. Even Sir Norman did not include her in his Top 10.

    Bet ko si Indiana, tumawa na lang after nagkalat sa Final Statement

    Oklahoma was so beautiful pero naligwak kasi sumobra sa Timer

    Maghanda na si Miss Philippines for more kuda practice


  11. New York isn’t all that. During the Miss Earth 2017 where she represented the United States, she was beaten by the tantalizingly beautiful Karen Ibasco

    • @ Cool Brew Good afternoon! How are you? When is Pauline expected home (there in Bohol)?

      By contrast, Polfah Punika Kunsorntornrut fared more convincingly, no? As far as “contesera’s” go…

      Karen, when she was featured in Queentuhan, said she was initially set to join Chinatown… 🙂

    • I saw a lot of Philippine Beauty Queens and I must say…I was in awe each and everytime. Lagi at the back of my mind…”Kaya pala nanalo…ganda, Diosa, etc..” I saw Karen Ibasco in person….😒

  12. From being a Miss America 2017 also ran to Miss USA 2020. Wow. On the other hand, my heart goes to New York who was the heavy fave but got cut in top ten.

    I think Oklahoma was the leader going to the final round coz even if she messed up the Q&A, she still placed as high as she did.

    Which reminds me of Irene Esser who managed still managed to get third place despite butchering her final Q&A.

    • @ Cool Brew No one butchered the Question Round more than Taliana Vargas and STILL finished as strong as she did. 🙂

  13. Wow… Congrats Miss Idaho…. that was a great finish…

    With a strong black girl winning Miss USA… and a fair skinned Latina for Miss Puerto Rico..There’s a great chance there would indeed be 2 Asians in the TOP 5 of Miss Universe… and possibly a token exotic looking Latina, a European or another black girl…

    • @ Closer2Fame I sense Asia will be the token one this time. Refer to @ Fabian’s comment.

      Do you think India (Adline Castelino) will care for a Top 5 finish atm, given their preoccupation with SARS-Cov2? Do Indian-Americans align with the #blacklivesmatter social movement? Just asking.

      I honestly think Rabiya will fare no better than Fred Cull.

      Amanda, nothing! Clearly inferior to Paweensuda… 😦

      “Another black girl” is MUC(anada), who traces roots to (South) Sudan(?). Seems sweet… 🙂

      • Miss India can barely walk… and with their Issue in the South China Sea, it would be a miracle for her to reach the TOP 15.

        But a Filipina-Indian would have a different fate.. Carrying our sash factor and rallying the 2 nationalities who are most active on social media… that’s at least a Billion fans combined..

    • yeah I also thought so…she was very strong during the EG and Q and A…then during the final statement, I think she picked the easiest topic..it’s a Miss Earthish answer and then she lost focus, laughed and said something like as Miss Indiana and Miss USA…sayang talaga.

    • I agree… She wasn’t breathing each time while she’s waiting for her name to be called…. If she also used the rule of 3’s and ended her question with a bang, she could have won unanimously.

      • Ang o-OA nyo mga bakla…may mga looked tense looked tense kayong nalalaman…. wala naman yan sa nerve..nasa substance yan ng sagot. She answered substantially and so with Mississipi…at the end of the day, iisa pa rin ang mananalo.

    • I agree especially before answering her Q and A about police reform. She really looked tensed. But I was rooting heavily on her, she did well in the Evening gown portion. Her beauty reminds me of +Chat Silayan (RIP)

  14. How did Idaho not win?????
    Obviously , America is just b/w black and white . Asians are always relegated to the background .

    • @ Fabian Reyes Does it suddenly feel like a liability claiming Asian extraction?

      But looking at either Kamala Harris or MUSA-California, you’d never know…

      Anyway, “we” got MTUSA (Hawaii). I also liked Kayleigh Garris. Do you like them, too, po? 🙂

    • I imagine three possibilities at MU 2020.

      1) USA hasn’t won in a while. And with a new President, they could use one!
      2) South Africa will get a back-to-back. It won’t get more womanly than Shudufadzo Musida!
      3) A candidate of any other country who openly supports the #blacklivesmatter social movement.

      All the gowns had nothing on Alaiza’s gold Prelims number! MUP’s Furne Amato Swim was better!

    • … Oh, I’m sorry. Who was it again who got the question regarding gun ownership?

  15. Blogger’s top ten choices (just copy pasted from his previous blog) where Mississippi isn’t one of them.

    “Here is my Top 10 Selection for the crown:

    #NewYork Andreia Gibau
    #Idaho Kim Layne
    #NewHampshire Alyssa Fernandes
    #California Allyshia Gupta
    #Georgia Alyssa Beasley
    #NorthCarolina Jane Axhoj
    #NorthDakota Macy Christianson
    #NewJersey Gina Mellish
    #Indiana Alexis Lete
    #Tennessee Justice Enlow”

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