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  1. Yes, that is indeed true w/ Pia Wurtzbach, Megan Young & Catriona Grey.. W/ Pia being descended from Don Gregorio Alonzo, leader of the Mestizo de Sangleys of Manila, Megan being descended from former Governador-general Martín de Ursúa y Arizmendi and/or Eugenio Ursua(who had mostly Japanese ancestors), and Catriona Grey who’s possibly descended from Don Bartolome Maghayon(Yes Cat is Magnayon which may have been a typo during the Claveria decree registration).

  2. I think she’s more fit for Miss World…she has the talent as a ballerina, good communication skills, her advocacy on mental health, physically fit and her regal and elegant bearing…and of course that beautiful face so she is competent in the fast track challenges. hopefully, she’ll be given the chance to represent our country in an international pageant.

    • What fast-track do you think she could win aside from talent? I only see multi-media and Beauty w/ purpose which she needs to work extra hard on ASAP…

      • @Closer2Fame I think she can win any even top model even if she’s not that tall, she has the posture, the walk, the bearing…in terms of BWAP, yeah, I agree that she really has to work hard on it considering the projects of the past winners which usually comes from Nepal or Indonesia. Miss World wants a BWAP where they can give tangible support through fundraising and visits. The last MWP to win this was Laura Lehman’s Milk Bank at the Jose Reyes Medical Center. She had a 5 year plan for it and MW supported it. As for multi media, among the five winners in MUP, she has the lowest number of IG followers so she also has to make her presence more felt on social media by posting daily updates and tap her Bellarinas for support to manage her pages/accounts. She can also participate in sports as she is athletic and of course, with talent, I know she will do well…..I’m even imagining her doing a solo ballet performance during the Dances of the World segment ala Megan Young. 😀

  3. I like Bella. She’s only going to come back *stronger*! If the prep for her first national pageant already surpasses that of most veterans, we can only imagine what her plan of attack will be in 2022 or 2023. My gut tells me she’ll join again in 2023, while her sister-queen Pauline will do so in 2022. Next year, based on the whispers in the streets, we are likely to see a showdown between Patch Magtanong and Steffi Aberasturi, both of whom are said to be already preparing for 2021. Will they be like Michele vs Alaiza, the expected Top 2 that failed to materialise this year? Will there be another (relative) unknown (like Bella or Rabiya) that will steal the spotlight? Or will they both be able to carry the status of a front runner all the way ’til the end? 2021 is already looking interesting.

    • Well Steffi Aberasturi is more fit for Miss International, I doubt if she could beat Patricia Magtanong for the top spot.

    • @ Madame X YA-AASSS!!!

      “Bataan” AP will be enlisted…. Steffi, which one, po? “Cebu Province”, “Cebu City”, “Mandaue City”, or yet another Cebu sash?

      So, hindi na sa MWP si Steffi? She isn’t fresh enough for ALV?…. TAAS ng standards, no?

      Kumusta na si koya Josh (Cordovez)?


      • Flor, that’s why I heard from acquaintances in Cebu. I can’t guarantee 100% accuracy haha. I think since she’s nearing the end of the age limit (27 years of age next year), it’s all (Universe) or nothing for her.

        Gwapo si Koya Josh. That’s all.

  4. Bella mom is related to zobel and Bella’s dad is the one cousins w Margie and mar roxas

    • The Zobel de Ayala y Roxas clan’s prime matriarch, Maria Margarita Roxas de Ayala (Yes, that is her real name) and former President Manuel Roxas are both descended from Dr. Mariano Máximo de Baez Romero Rojas and Ana Maria de Ureta… Making Bella related to aunt Margie through both her parents in at least 2 sides/degrees hence the uncanny ressemblance….


      Which makes Bella somewhat inbred in multiple degrees… luckily she also has multiple close foreign ancestors to balance and dominate over her recessive genes. 😁

    • The Zobel clan’s prime matriarch, Maria Margarita Roxas de Ayala (Yes, that is her real name) and former President Manuel Roxas are both descended from Dr. Mariano Máximo de Baez Romero Rojas and Ana Maria de Ureta… Making Bella related to aunt Margie on both sides in possibly multiple degrees hence the uncanny ressemblance…. https://www.geni.com/people/Mariano-Maximo-Romero-Rojas/6000000010650469599

      Which makes Bella somewhat inbred… luckily she has more than enough close foreign ancestors to dominate over her recessive genes…

    • @Kimi95

      Is that you Bella? Surprise! 😁

      The Zobel clan’s prime matriarch, Maria Margarita Ubaldo Roxas de Ayala (Yes, that is her real name) and former President Manuel Roxas are both descended from Dr. Mariano Máximo de Baez Romero Rojas and Ana Maria de Ureta( I kept posting a link for the genealogy but it keeps getting deleted)… Making Bella related to aunt Margie on both sides of her family in possibly even in multiple degrees hence the uncanny ressemblance.

      Tito Norman, are you the one deleting my reply?

    • @closer Im not Bella . I just know that her father’s family came from manila top400 family during the 80s. I find her beautiful and the posture is well ..admirable
      I hope she can join bbp and Bec bbp international . Being related to the zobel group and a late presidents grandaughter can perhaps gain more sponsor for any charity project she will volunteer on

  5. Bella can join Ms world pH but burning question is can she join bbp being the niece of mar araneta roxas ? Can someone enlighten me re consanguinity clause? She will do well in Ms international given she can join bbp
    Mar and Margie are first cousins but that time di pa mahigpit sa consaguinity ??? 1973

    • @ bonsaihater I doubt Mar Roxas was already actively involved with BPCI back then.

      Pero, pansin mo, the “well-off”/”buena familia” candidates like Alice Dixson, Marina Abad Santos Benipayo, and Geraldine Asis? 🙂

      Blogger King, maaasahan ba namin sa future episodes ng PN’s sina Joshua Benipayo de Sequera at Ashley Subijano Montenegro, po?

    • Well, Charlene Gonzalez, Kate/Bianca/Nichole Manalo, Mafae Yunon, Maxine Medina, Aya Abesamis, Kylie Versoza, etc.. are all Binibini legacies and yet they won… Mariel De Leon is a distant relative through Mar Roxas paternal-grandma Trinidad De Leon… and yet she won BBP international… Best of all, Margie Moran is technicaly Mar Roxas’ 1st-cousin.. and yet she won BbpU & MU… hence, I don’t see any problem there…

  6. 3 generations of gorgeous individuals. Bella has beautiful set of genes which she inherited from both paternal and maternal ascendants

  7. The lady in black , is that Bella’s mom ?
    Bella will be our next MU. It’s a good thing she joined this yr . She found the hard way that she had to hone her Q& A skills ( though I felt like she was the best from the start to finish of the competition.)
    Her choice of words is something that only Cat and Laura Lehman can equal .. She just needs more training on how to give a more concise and impactful answer.

    • I believe her muslim last name w/ Lebanese ancestry would not be favored by MUorg particularly the owners of IMG who are mostly Jewish…. Only reason why Gazini who’s half Palestinian made the 1st cut is because she has a Spanish lastname and the support of the Filipino fanbase… the other last front-runner at MU who had a middle-Eastern ancestor got the “El Tocuyo award”… Yes, it’s Mariam Habbach who has a Syrian father…

      Bella is totaly suited for Miss International… which may explain why she keeps on saying that her aunt Margie is “distantly” related to her father not her mother who’s from the Roxas clan…. I guess to debunk future allegations of Nepotism if ever she joins BBP….

    • Agree veks and Pauline. I think either could be bound to Miss International if they choose BBP in the future too. Or Miss World with Bella the Ballerina killing it in the talent round.

      I think Bella can do MWP or MU. However, A&Q still has strongholds in both pageants and they have been prepping Patch for MUP. I say she go MWP route and break the A&Q streak!!!

      • Hmmm… She could easily win Miss World Philippines but Julia Morley is well aware of A&Q founders’ involvement with Miss Universe org and her connections w/ her aunt, MUPorg, BBP, “The Camp”, Lebanon, etc. may not increase her chances in getting a higher placement at MW….

  8. Effortlessly sosyal & expensive looking talaga tingnan si Bella.
    Regal and queenly.
    Beautiful even without or with minimal makeup.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes Ms PH Universe, World or International in the near future if she decided to try the pageant scene again.

  9. Ang guapo seguro ng tataty nito nung bata pa!

    Sa anim na Lebanese na nakaulayaw ko, lahat sila daks!

    Crowning moment talaga ko!

    • Her grandpa is Lebanese…. Her Dad is technicaly mixed- Filipino, Lebanese, English-American, Spanish, etc.

      • @Sophia

        Well, most Filipinos are technicaly mixed-race…
        …. unless you are a negrito… or a direct descendant of the Tabon man or Calao man…

        On the other hand, being Filipino is a nationality, not a race therefore Michele is the most Filipino in the TOP 5 since all her great-grandparents or (at least majority of them) are Filipino citizens..

    • Aling Johna natangay po siya ng bagyong Rolly. Gwapo po kasi si Rolly, matipuno at mataba na mahaba ang kanyang… torso. Natipuhan po nya si Rolly, kaya ayon kumarinking ang gagagita. Hay salamat magkakaroon ng rin ng katahimikan ang blog na to. Sana hindi na sya mag reincarnate sa ibang pangalan at katauhan at dun siya tinangay sa Marianas Trench na never na siya makita pa ni Dory.

  10. Grandma and Dad look very Hispanic. Mom is the Roxas, looks Chine… Kung sa bagay, si Judy Roxas Araneta… @ Closer2Fame, who brings the Lebanese extraction, paternal or maternal, po?

    I like what that artist did to the portraits (on the wall). As if statues, become grimy over time. Dramatic.

    I sense that Bella would have made a strong pre-Trump MUP. A petite Michelle Mclean, no? Or is she more Charlize Theron? 🙂

    The Camp chanced upon a diamond. She will be their flagship ward forever!

    “If I have chosen the diamond, it is because it represents in its density the greatest value in the smallest volume… I want jewels that slip between the fingers of a woman like a ribbon… Are not beautiful things meant to circulate?…”. (Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel).

    • The Caucasian features of her Dad are mostly from his Lebanese side than his Spanish side…

      • @Etchosera

        It’s all on google… For example, Marita Zobel’s father, Joseph B. Blanch, I believe is a white American of possibly English ancestry…

    • Meanwhile the “Judy Araneta-Roxas” is only a Roxas by marriage.. Margie’s mestiza features are mostly from her father who has both Spanish and American-Mullato grand-parents.

  11. Why do Bella keep on saying whenever she’s asked that she is related to her aunt Margie only “DISTANTLY”… Margie is blood-related to both her mother’s and father’s side… How is that “distant”?!

    • She probably do not want to be accused of using Margie for publicity, she’s just being polite.

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