5 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 2 Episode 9

  1. I’m really loving your candidness and spontaneity, Tito Norms! Among the girls, I like the beauty and personality of Anie Uson. I hope she truly pursue joining Miss World Ph but she should work on her communication skills. Then for they boys, I like Kevin Ty physically but he seems shy. Nahirapan ka Tito Norms to draw out his personality. hahaha! If he is into cross-fit, maybe he can join Century Tuna Super bods. But for the interview, I like Justin Yap. He seems very humble and kind.

  2. They all have engaging personalities. The 3 male winners as well as Camille should try national pageants. Cassandra and Anie should crossover.

    • @ serge There might be misconception the beaucon is restricted to the beautiful youth of Manila Chinatown. On the contrary, and in fact male winner Yap hails calls Tacloban City home, adept in Waray (language). These kids come from all over the Archipelago, making MMCP a Nationals in its own right! Binondo is their organizational epicenter perhaps, as The Chamber of Commerce of Chinese-Filipinos “own” the pageant, really a marketing vehicle….

      Anie’s only other pageantry stint was at Miss Midori Clark, which isn’t really a Nationals in the strict sense more like CTS. But that batch crowned Jasmine Omay (1st Runner-up at the recent Aliwan Fiesta) and had Emma Mary Tiglao (herself then 1st Runner-up to Jasmine) whom Anie referred to as “ate Emma” owing to their facial resemblance. SPUNKY lass! She didn’t tell her parents she joined. THIS is the girl na dapat jinojowa. PALABAN. 🙂

      Boss Norman, pleasant Monday morning and thank you! THIS is PERFECT antidote to all the MU madness. Bukas (morning in Manila), MUSA will be known. And on the 16th, MUC… The drama that stretched out at MUP following speculations of rigging didn’t help (wrong type of publicity).

      It was not love at first sight for me as far as MMCP is concerned. I was turned off by the eloquent Profiles in the earlier editions, which for me made the candidates appear stuffy and smug. Lo and behold, going on-line was EXACTLY what the brand needed! It brought the contest literally and figuratively down to earth in a very fresh way. F-U-N became the order of the day.

      I really hope the pandemic eases off considerably by the Chinese New Year so that this “Covid19 Court” can fully enjoy the perks of pageant victory with the out-of-town/municipal pageant judging stints, “Santacruzan/Flores de Mayo” desfiles, orphanage/hospital visits, guest hosting (like what Hakkenson and Amelinckx recently did on canale 7), and even vlogging/documentaries.

    • @ serge I stand corrected. Anie also has MMP in her bag. You’re right. She is a cross-over. It is Camille who is the noob.

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