35 comments on “normannorman.com’s Top 10 Selection for Miss USA 2020

  1. Well, Idaho sa able to bail herself out in this round.
    Mississippi, Idaho and Alabama in this round..
    And probably the winner will be from these 3

  2. OMG! Top 5 si Idaho👍😃
    She’s looks so beautiful with that blue gown!
    Mississippi, Oklahoma, Indiana and I forgot the other one😄

  3. Yes! Pasok sa banga si Idaho top 10…looks
    Like Chat Silayan😊
    They’re (emcees) just talking about Idaho might be best in gown in blue 🤞

    • @ G Ang kukulit ng mga Pilipino’ng nag-co-comment sa “Teacher Rayl” canale. Subscribe, OK?

      Ilaban daw ulit si Alexandra Abdon, MUP-Manila (who famously asked the air conditioning in Baguio City be switched off during the Preliminary Interview).


      • @flor, ang Ganda nga talaga ng Blue gown ni Idaho, shet!
        Those emcees were right rooting for her in that blue gown!
        Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Idaho para sa akin sa too 5
        Hawaii is okay but very polarizing yung statement nya about politics.

  4. Idaho is in the top 15👍
    Idaho was soo proud of her Filipino heritage😊
    She even said “magandang umaga “ to her fans in the Philippines 👍
    I hope she advances to top 10..🤞🤗

  5. NH
    North Dakota
    South Dakota

  6. I am not sure if NY is a lock to win… I do not believe that. Yes this is an ambassadorship job but it is still a beauty competition. The more unpredictable it is, the more exciting it is. That is much better.

    The last one I had in the bag was 2015, Oklahoma, who was a runaway favorite that year.
    But I did not have any favorites in 2016 – 2019 except in 2018 I wished that South Dakota won but Nebraska really pulled it off on finals night. But Nebraska was in my radar all along.

  7. It’s a fight between New York, North Carolina and Idaho
    I just love Idaho but I think it would be best for her to represent the Philippines someday.

  8. after ng mga negra

    puro half pinay naman this time
    miss teen usa
    miss usa
    miss universe

    coz y not

  9. Half pinay pala si Miss Teen. Sinabi nya sa interview na nakita ko sa instagram

  10. Mr. Tito, remind again the new owner MYI to negotiate with MTUSAO to send America’s rep to the brand re-launch…. next year, po? Will the feng-shui be favorable? 20 March Sat, Spring Equinox.

  11. OMG.. I saw Idaho’s IG: @kimlayne_
    Her face is like Pia Wurtzbach, Megan Young and Janine Tugonon had a hybrid test-tube baby….. And her skin is so colored evenly… I love her exotic lean frame… Shes like one of those sexy fetish maseuse w/ a whip who would step on you and give karate chops like a pro…

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