20 comments on “Watch: The Miss USA 2020 Preliminary Competition

  1. Mr. Norman, don’t you think “The Power of Positivity” is like a florid-if-truncated rendition of “The Power of Authenticity”? Pretty up close, but from a distance might not be remarkable… Your thoughts, po?

    The strength of “The Canary” was that BIG yellow stone at its apex. What is the single strongest element of “Filipina”?…

    … Because whatever it is, THAT MUST BE EMPHASIZED in future renditions. Go tell Villarica, po!

  2. Is there a new guidelines sa swimsuit competition? Yung tipong tago ang mga pwet? Paki paliwanang nga mga kabaks .

  3. Almost all of them are amazing.Standout for me is New York. I love her body and her pasarela.

  4. this group is , beauty-wise , a very good group in the last 4 years… we can have a lot of surprises on Monday, exciting !

    My top contenders are California (smoldering look) , North Carolina (american pie) , New York (diversity queen), North Dakota (classic musa look), Georgia (strong projection), Oklahoma (hollywood type), New Hampshire (unique look), Massachusetts (trendy look), Idaho (half-Pinay beauty), Montana (surprise zoom). Then I have another strong 10 who can all be alternates and can snatch a position.

    The venue is a dry-run for MU. If all goes well on Monday, I just bet that MU will be held there. The staging is not the usual glamour but it is not bad. Another thing, the state of Tennessee is not ravaged by COVID infections that much compared to other states, so relatively safe location. Memphis, the host city is definitely not a small town. It is a sizeable city with lots of tourist attractions and touristy spots.

    • my alternates are Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, Oregon, Hawaii, Texas, Virginia, Wyoming, Iowa, Kentucky

    • @ jaretwrightlover We agree on California, North Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Massachusetts (my personal fave), Montana, Indiana, Hawaii, and New Jersey. I selected purely on impression; I knew nothing about who had Philippines blood. 🙂

  5. Mga baklah baka i bash nyo na naman si Miss South Carolina pag sumali sya sa MUP at BB. Pilipinas lalo na ang mashoho ang pengpeng. Half Pinay sya mga ineng at lolabels

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