6 comments on “Binibini 3 and her National Costume for Bb. Pilipinas 2020

  1. Is she a replacement? I remember, binibini 3 was sent by KF to Miss Globe right?
    Or my memory is failing me?

  2. It gives 70’s hotel luncheon fashion show vibe….Jose Moreno, Aureo Alonzo, Behn Farrales, etc.

    @ Closer2Fame Your fishtail hem is so that-decade-appropriate. 🙂

    I agree to letting one color shimmer against a “flat color” background. Very Chanel Cruise 2018/19!

  3. looks good… I think this would have looked better with a modern twist.. like a fishtail bottom, a slight but sharp puff on the sleeve, an exagerated version of their traditional headress and the use of a shimering thread for one of the woven color stripes like imagine all the blue stripes was shimery.. but overall.. great inspiration.. I’d give this a generous 8 stars..

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