15 comments on “The Bb. Pilipinas 2020 National Costumes: Slow Reveal

  1. Mendoza’s NatCos looks masculine, for Filipinas male pageantry (“Maskarra”, “Ati-Atihan”, Ibaloi).

    If they wanted an Amazon vibe, then Lemonon’s back in 2018 should have been studied…

    Tiques(2x)’ has too much going on (busy). The skirt has gone totally awry.

    Buti na lang, both are more or less monochromatic.

    As for Panlilio’s, AGAIN the LITERAL Philippines flag! (sigh) 😦

    • Way better pa rin kaysa sa MUP chiz. Taob ang Mabuhay effect. Hahahahaha.Iba pa rin talaga ang BBP mga bekle.

      • @ THROWBAKLA You remind me of (past) commentator, @ Baklah. 🙂

        Oo, nemen. In fact, the only NatCos I recall from MUP 2020 was TMPerez’s (Cebu City) “farfalle”. If you’ve seen photos of monarch butterflies roosting en masse in the highland pine forests of Mexico (after migrating from North America to escape the Winter chill), you’ll understand.

        I wonder now if Ericka Evangelista would be open to the idea of collaborating with MUP (through Albert Andrada, of course) for wardrobe requirements in future editions of the pageant…

  2. I also love love love Samantha Panlilio’s gown.. That is an absolute masterpiece… I just have a few problems with some minor details…. I wish the designer used only 2 colors- blue and red for the the belt which I know is inspired by our flag… BUT the white band in between made it look more like the flag of Paraguay, France, Thailand, etc…. I just wish he sticked w/ a slimmer gliterry blue and red band without the white… I also wish the shape of the feathery sleeves were slightly more sculptured to have mildly subtle butterfly sleeve edge just to give a bit of a nod to it’s Filipiniana inspiration… Plus, I prefer that each idealy 8 turrets of her crown was the shape of the rays of our sun in our flag.. On top of that, a tight shimery-nude illusion sleeve on her arms would have created a more godess effect…. That’s all… But I would still rate this 8.7 stars out of 10. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!

    • @ Closer2Fame You should see up close(r) the gold embroidery on the hem of the WHITE skirt. Looks “not expensive”. It looks amateurish.

      YES! That skirt is white. It’s red in the photo because of lighting.

      Gold is a visually powerful color and white simply cannot “tame” it. But look at how Chanel achieved a truce in the Fall-Winter 2019 – 2020 Ready-to-Wear…

      • @flor

        Why white?! He should have used a sheer nude illusion colored fabric for that… I still love the ambitious concept… Maybe after a few more prototypes, the designer would be able to master his execution. At least he is on the right track.

  3. Wow … that singkaban costume is absolutely beautiful and meaningful at the same time…. I highly aprove!… The designer who came up with this is so creative. I just wish she had her own set of face lights powered by a powerbank within that cage frame to highlight her face…. Well hidden wirings of fairy lights inside and outside the frame would have also made a much bigger impact. I would still rate this 9 out 10 stars.

  4. I like the natcos of Mendoza and Tiquestiques. With Rabiya’s victory, eyes are now focused on Mendoza. I believe she will not disappoint.

  5. These costumes are amazing.

    However, our candidates’ national costumes are always a massive downgrade when they compete overseas.

    Honestly, it seems like our designers go to the same 2-3 inspirations parati when designing for our delegates overseas–Maranao princess, Pintados & especially sarimanok paulit-ulit forever & ever.

  6. Kung ganito ba naman kagaganda ang mga National Costume natin, for sure taon-taon mananalo tayo.

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