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  1. With big hairstyle, para siyang malaking ulo na nag lalakad na yung body ay parang stick same nung mga drawing.

    • @ Fabian Reyes So, she’s a petite Karen Laurrie Mendoza? Who’s also accused of megacephaly compounded by insufficient weight. What’s with these M(Ilo)2x bets, kaya? 😦

      • Ang galing naman na gumawa ng ilong niya, anyone knows? Kasi yung kay Emma Tiglao , Shane Tormes na chop chop, yung sa kanya hindi halata until you compare it on her old photographs.

    • While you… a walking skunky chimpanzee na kulubot ang pudengday na may kuto. Mag lice alis ka na kasi sabay buhusan ng kerosene para maubos na yan at malapnos ang kulubot skin mo na ginamitan mo ng skin white for decades pero maitim pa rin.

    • My gad manang fabiana, kailangan ba ng bongang hairstyle,bakit manang lalaban nba?jusko pomanang fabian pakialaman mo yong dagway mong lapad at kunoton dahil sobrang gurangit mo na…

  2. Ang liit niya tingnan. Ang nipis din tingnan nung shoulders. Mukhang nasa puberty pa Lang.

    • Ok lang na sa puberty stage pa lang sya. Di katulad mo na kulubot pa kay Wang Od. Siya national artist. Ikaw ano ka? isang hukluban at hamak na skunk na nanlilimahid ang pengpeng! tsupiii! baho mu!

    • Kung manipis.. ayaw kung malapad.. ayaw din. Kapag nanalo na sa Miss U…proud to be PiNOY! crab mentality talaga!

  3. I hope she finds herself soon because those cosmetic procedures will ruin her . She’s only 23
    Ashley Judd, hello?

    • kawawa naman ang. walang nag la like sa pangungutya nya. lola chimp na may burak ang pekengkay, whatever she wants to do with her body it is hers. wala kang paki dun. just like if ipa shit mo ang maitim mong kilikili na me bulbol nobody will care. chimpanzee ka lang naman eh. unless u metamorphosis into a skunk. which is also not bad considering sa maamoy mong purangday.

    • HOMYGAWD Fabbie, what’s with all these negativities against our Queen Rabbie????

      MOVE ON Veks!!!! hihihihi

      • 4m , not negativity . Just pieces of advice for Rabiya . I know a lot of women who started out with a nose lift then went on to have tons of it

    • @Fabian

      Don’t u worry too much… I believe she’s in “good hands”…. Look at Janjep Carlos, dude is like 40 somethin and yet he’s lookin like he’s in his early 20’s under these same “good hands”. I would love to have a visit with them in the future when the time comes.

    • what message? a message of hope na hindi ka nila makasalubong sa daan. baka mag faint sila dahil sa mashoho mong purangkikay. kawawa naman sila.

  4. So pls do not be surprised if Michael Jackson Comes back to life in a few years ?

    • niyayaya ka na ni michael jackson. go ghourl!!!!! spread your wings and fly. pati na rin legs mo, spread it like an eagle. para mapasukan ng magandang kalooban ang budhi mo while airborne ka.

  5. Rabiya was one of the most diligent student of the beautiful transformation program of MUP during the lockdown-extended lull before the crowning event. Her beautiful transformation from a simple probinsyana lass to an urban sophisticate was amazing. I am positive that the short lead time to the MU contest will not be much of a setback given her capacity for a steep learning curve.

    • @ scorg She wasn’t so provincial coming into MUP. Her work as a lecturer allowed her to span the length of Luzon, from the Ilocos to Bicol. Even moderate travel makes sophistication inevitable. 🙂

      • Super luv this! Soo true!! Sophistication and character could be learned by someone with the calibre of Rabiya..but not with Fabian!!

  6. Gorgeous! It’s exciting to see her blossom as she fulfils her duties as MUP and in preparation for the Miss Universe pageant next year.

  7. A total dark horse.
    She blossomed throughout her Ms. Universe Philippines journey.
    Best of luck to her sa Ms. Universe pageant.
    Sana sa June of next year na lang ang MU para summer sa U.S.
    Call it 69th Miss Universe pageant instead of Ms. Universe “2020.”

  8. How come nobody is complaining about her using contact lenses?
    Be proud of who you are . Isn’t that her favorite hashtag?

    • Because that’s who she is, she likes wearing contacts, so who are we to complain?

    • has anybody complained when your clit was repaired? has anyone made a howl when u bitch chimp underwent vaginoplasty? has anybody protested when your unwashed kiki reeked? So why bother about other’s choices and decisions? better yet buhusan mo ng muriatic acid ang prangkikay mo para may magpakain ng saging sa yo!

    • iba pagkakaintindi mo Fabian. being natural and who you are is different fabian. the who you are or being your true self not totally speaking of your natural body parts. who you are means what you are as person? what kind of person you are? ex. i am a person/man/woman who loves…. etc etc. if someone asks you what kind of person you are? what will you answer? if she is wearing a contact lenses then that is who she is. she is being herself. she loves wearing contact lenses and that made her who she is.

  9. Shr needs to start pounding in the gym na…i mean..TIME is not on her side…1st Quarter ng 2021 na malamang ang MU!!.. Bulk up and Toning na dapat!!

  10. really looks good here … keep up the good work, and the strong leading candidates in the Americas will start panicking

    always remember, grace& beauty& elegance under pressure … total package … ambassador to the universe !

  11. Woooohhhh… ganda talaga ni Abi Mateo. Sana magkaroon pa rin ng MU coronation na gaya ng dati at di virtual lang. Go Abi, go Phils.🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  12. Yup, she looks a bit TOO thin, frail and delicate like when Shamcey just won BBP lookin like Olive Oyl w/ thin gangly arms… She needs to achieve that healthy lean Swimsuit body with a tight core, toned legs and buns of steel… She also needs to strengthen her lats to pull down her shoulders and showcase a perpendicular clavicle while emphasizing a more hourglass figure and longer neck… The leg toning would hopefuly give her a more powerful walk like Kylie, Alaiza and Megan… And maybe she should eat tons of yams and soy products to give her lady lumps and tighs a natural boost by making her gain fat at the right places… She also needs to get herself a foot make-over. I don’t want to see those foot veins popping out on stage.. That’s all.

    • She had the same body scenario when Shamcey won in the nationals.
      ..and she is in good hands with Shamcey as Our MUP National Director!The MUP group knows what’s best for Rabiya.

      • I agree, only difference is that Shamcey had almost 6 months to prepare ger body after winning. Not to mention, the fittings for Rabiya’s dresses, gowns and costumes… We expect her ensembles to be at least on the same level as Catriona who had more than 10 months to prepare. Rabiya only has around a quarter of that time to do so. 😅

      • @bonsai

        I think her case is purely genetic…
        That is Aya Abesamis’ natural bone structure…

  13. Very beautiful and smart! She needs to start hitting the gym big time for her to become more toned and competitive!

  14. Raw and delicate yet refreshingly beautiful.
    Young and unperturbed yet unmistakably smart.
    Unconditioned and novice yet strongly determined.
    Good choice, Miss Universe Philippines!

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