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  1. To shorten and end this brouhaha….Nakapag- “Move- on” na sina JG at MG…mga bashers nalang ang dapat mag- move-on!.. Mga bakla,…Bb.Pilipinas na at MWP!!..Disyembre na! MOVE ON NA!!!

  2. At a first glance, I thought that’s the photo of Ai-ai delas Alas and Mhel Martinez.

    No offense to Ai-ai and Mhel.

    World Peace.

  3. Did you have a nose lift ? Yes or no
    Did you have a glam team on finals night ? Yes or no
    Many praise her for wit and being direct to the point
    But she can’t /won’t answer those simple yes or no questions ???

    • To shorten and end this brouhaha….Nakapag- “Move- on” na sina JG at MG…mga bashers nalang ang dapat mag- move-on!.. Mga bakla,…Bb.Pilipinas na at MWP!!..Disyembre na! MOVE ON NA!!!

    • Are you a chimpanzee? Yes or no. Is your prangkay mashoho? Yes or no. Do you have kuto in your mons pubis? Yes or no. Are your black armpits reek of smegma? Yes or no. If majority of your answers are yes, go to hell and face your creator- Satan himself!!!!!

  4. naisip ko na anu narinig nya na di nya dapat narinig…narinig daw nya accidentally said na di sya ang winner!! lols at narinig din nya na pasalamat nga sya naisali pa sya sa tough5, taking the place of inday.

  5. “People will say what they want but this girl will forever be my love”. Jonas’ simple caption on the picture with Michele says a lot about the core values of both.. In the light of the recent gossip-ignited controversy, they seem to tell us that it’s futile to waste words on people who deserve their silence. Indeed, sometimes the most powerful thing to say is nothing at all. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

    • Scorg, Michelle should move on (now) to ALV’s MWP and leave behind JG’s MUP. She is, after all, still qualified at 28 and also eligible for titles such as Miss Tourism Philippines and Miss Supranational Philippines. There is no point on keep on talking about the past specially if it is UNPRODUCTIVE. No matter how good you are at it, people still have so many bad/negative to say. As what I have already said, it’s NOT YET the end of the road for her in pageantry. JUST ONE LAST TRY. Michelle Gumabao for MWP. He, he, he…

      How is South Africa now my university mate (& kapwa Michellen)?

  6. Ok naman talaga sila diba?

    Si Shamsey lang naman ang may shady remark sa mga post niya eh! So unbecoming for a National Director! Dapat neutral siya for everything dahil pare-parejo selection nila yan!

    • So unbecoming of a National Director to defend the integrity of her organization against the sourgraping of a candidate who lost because she just wasn’t the best that night & di kinaya ng ego.

      • Anong opinion Aling Fabian? Eh TALO nga sya!hahha. Sobrang illogical ka na sa mga pinagsasasabi mo dear. Kaw ba ang lola ni Michelle? Gumagawa pa rin ng intriga, naka-move on na nga yong kandidata. Huwag magpaka-TANGA.hihihi

  7. If there’s a real “favorite”, si Michele naman talaga yun simula pa lang. Buti na lang fair mag-score ang judges.

  8. Respecting each other’s differences, beliefs, and opinions is the start of healing process.

      • @ serge Who exactly, po, to forgive? Nagsisi na ba? At, humihingi ng kapatawaran?

        Said former President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino…

        “… Nothing happens without the blessings of Malacanang… Mahirap patawarin ang hindi naman humihingi nito…”.

      • If you analyze the series of events and connect it with Michelle’s statement and Costophrenic f indeed the rumors are true, hink both parties( Michelle and MUP) should apologize to each other. I do not think uttering the words “ I am sorry” is prerequisite to forgiving someone, simple gestures of endearment will suffice.

      • @ serge “Costophrenic” – pertaining to lungs and diaphragm. Thanks! New word for me. 🙂

        So, sa madali’ng salita, they were two friends who let their feelings at that moment get the better of themselves… Cool.

        STILL, nothing tangible nor substantive on that “heard which should not have been heard’. Unless that sees the light of day, all this loose drama will amount to little more than cheap rhetoric.

  9. One thing came to (my) mind….

    The Dolce and Gabbana three-day “alta moda” event in Firenze last September.

    The staff/crew/servants/bit actors were in masks. The models and VIP’s weren’t.

    You get the picture.


  10. I hope Michelle will heal in time. Ty Jonas for training the 2010-2016 bbp mup

  11. The pictures of Michele and JG together speak eloquently about this nuggets of widom from one Dr. Anil Kr Sinha: “When you accept yourself with your worthiness and weakness, you are invincible.” Michele’s recent video statement came across as a statement that she does not allow others to define her, she has to appear strong and able to define herself because acceptance of one’s self-worth and weakness is a sign of invincibility. I think JG knows this very well of Michele. After all. they are in an industry that celebrates beauty, not gossip-ignited enmity, not ugliness.

  12. Damage control sila. Baka i-splook ni Michelle katarantaduhan ng shady and integrity-less MUP Org. Hahaha. Yucck!

    • Ahm ay wag kang mag alala mas maraming kababuyan sa kabilang kobol mula pera hanggang sa bugawan at dayaan… baka di mo alam na may suguran ng legal wife vs isang title holder dun…

      • Hahahaha. Kaloka. Gawa gawa ng story. Mga bekle talaga, walang pahalaga sa honor and integrity. Pakitaan lang ng konting glam, bibigay na. LOL.

      • @Flor…

        Diba pag ang lalaki ay Muslim pwede magkaroon ng 4 na legal wife as long as he can afford to do so… while there is no moral implication for a muslim woman to become a 2nd wife, right?

      • @ Closer2Fame I’m not very aware of Islamic tradition in that regard. But it seems polygamy applies to men but not to the women. One-sided?… I mean no disrespect to Moslems.

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