18 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines and Frontrow for the Typhoon Rolly Victims

  1. Nahimasmasan na yung isa.
    Nice that she’s moving on and is doing her part in helping victims of the typhoon, ending a negative issue she and her cohorts started, with something positive.

    • yes! I think she just needed some time to process her loss and realized that there’s no point in her sour grapping. This activity became a good venue for her to show us that she’s now ok and willing to work for MUP. All’s well that ends well

  2. Dapat talaga nakatingkayad si RS Francisco? Hindi niya yata kasama si Greta sa relief operation? Madalas magkasama dalawang yan sa mga gimmick or si Mimi Que ng Mercury Drug!

    But of course, I admire RS success story! One of the few elite badidang along with Joel Cruz! Imagine exposing your behind on stage for the “M Butterfly” stage play to a successful entrepreneur! Malayo-layo na rin talaga narating niya!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Mareh, napanood ko ‘yun! The 1990 production at Bulwagan’g Palma. 🙂

      Back then, it was Behn Cervantes to whom RS reveals his “pututoy”. We, the audience, saw ass.

      It was a Saturday night. I remember the line, “there is no homosexuality in China”!, a lesbian comrade admonishes Song Li Ling.

  3. In this critical time of a pandemic, battered further by a disastrous typhoon, it is nice to see our holistic beauty queens in action, showing to a devastated nation the spirit of a #Phenomenal Woman. It is heartwarming to see them accompanied by two outstanding MUP candidates who come from the nursing profession– Paula Ortega and Isabela Galeria.

  4. I honestly think that the top 6 ( I am including Alaiza on 6th spot , not Miss Albay who I will place as 12th ) was a great group this year and also to be honest, I thought that Pauline did such a fantastic outstanding job in the final interview , better than Bella absolutely. I hope the 4 eligible remaining in the top 6 will join again next year.

    Rabiya is truly beautiful without question. She reminds me of Miss U India 2014.

  5. Maganda naman talaga si MG,
    She looks happy and contented….
    Pero Yung bading sa kanan,
    Todong Tip-toe sya ha!
    Para mahabol height kay MG😉✌️

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