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  1. Nagiging cheap ang branding ni Rabiya noong nag pictorial na siya sa FRONTROW! Ang organisation na napaTulfo na before! Kalokah

    • Yeah, I remember the Tulfo episode. Frontrow is using flashy cars in their alleged syndicated networking activities. Baka before Biya Mateo competes, the case of FrontRow luring poor ahentes and salespersons surface and affect her chances.

      • @ lianasdiego.ilo@gmail.com It was really, po, your intent to reveal what appears to be your e-mail address? 🙂

        I know another (regular) commentator’s e-mail address. I feel she/he was unaware it displayed in a comment…

        … Unless Admin did it on purpose.

  2. Tigilan mo ako Michelle, hindi ka ba kinikilabutan sa sinabi mong you are there to glorify God. When you were asked why you are still here and what’s ur purpose at sagot mo to glorify God.. Please gimme a break, huwag mo na gamitin ang Diyos, sa tingin mo yang halos naka bra at panty ka sa stage at sa pictorial eh matutuwa ang Diyos to Glorify him. Pati Diyos at Bible ginamit mo pa sa question n answer kaya ayun nakarma ka at hindi pumayag ang Diyos na ikaw manalo… If you want to glorify him you should have accepted defeat graciously, respect and accept God’s will na di ikaw pinanalo becoz if God wants u to win eh di ikaw sana nanalo You are creating a narrative pa na dinaya ka kc may narinig ka, nilitanya mo pa lahat ng pinaghirapan mo. For sure kung nanalo ka hindi ka uuwi agad, hindi ka tatalak na may cooking show.. So nung hindi mo nakuha yung bb pilipinas universe 2018, niluto ka? Nung hind ka man lang nakapasok sa top ten ng miss globe intl niluto din ba? Tapos ngayon talo ka ulit niluto ulit? Pero kung nanalo ka hindi niluto? You are complaining na toxic, eh sino ba nag create ng toxicity sa sarili mo hindi ba ikaw noong di mo matanggap pagkatalo mo tapos hanap ka ng scapegoat to validate yung experience mo..you reap what you sow.. Stop blaming other people sa na experience mo.. Toxic social media and pageantry.. Eh di ba part ka rin nyan and don’t tell me hindi mo alam yan eh beterana ka na sa pageantry at social media ? Toxic kc natalo ka pero kung ikaw nanalo hindi toxic?

    • In fairness to Michelle, wala naman kayong narinig na complain siya during Binibini And Miss Globe !

  3. I remember nayayabangan na ko sa kanya when she was still playing volleyball for DLSU…mas bet ko pa nga si Alyssa Valdez kasi napaka-humble kahit sobrang galing.

    • Mas mayabang si Fille Cainglet (now Cayetano) nung time niya. I despise her sa pageants, pero iba ang volleyball. Fan ako ni Michele sa volleyball, but not in pageants.

    • To add, actually she’s one of the girls who bullied Jane Oineza during PBB. Watch her The Buzz episode after she was evicted, pinagsabihan sila ni Tito Boy about sa pagbubully nila kay Jane.

  4. I had to re-watch again for the second time around (re-watch na, again pa, second time around pa. Lol) this video hoping to see something logical in her reasoning. This video further convinced many that this woman is indeed not worthy of any crown or placement at all.

    Whoever advised her to come up with this revealing video should burned at the stake.

    Dear Michelle,

    A simple “ I am sorry. The pressure got the better of me” statement would have sufficed. I tried counting the “I, me” in your video — however, I got tired and stopped when it reached 1,000. Lol.

    You know the saying “ it is better to stay quiet and make people suspect you are stupid, rather than open your mouth and remove all doubts?”. That is what this video is all about. I would have been kinder to you if you were a nubile, first timer beauty pageant contestant and commit all the diarrhea coming out of your mouth – – But you are a veteran. In fact, you’ve reached the maximum age already. It boils down to your arrogance – – and all that comes with it: sense of entitlement, brattiness, impatience, assuming that you will be the winner.

    > No need to tell us how you’ve worked for this for the past nine months. All the girls did that too.
    > No need to beat your chest and say the pressure, the anxiety, the exhaustion did you. All the girls experienced that too. Sabi nga, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of Baguio City, I mean the kitchen. Lol.
    > No need to caterwaul about your bleeding heart. It was your choice to join the pageant.

    If anything, the video is a litany of all your excuses dear. You say you will concentrate on your business? Good luck dear, if I were your client , I will be having second thoughts getting you since I am almost sure that if I start putting pressure on you, you will walk out on me.

    This is what you should hope for Dear: Pray that Sandra Lemonon will come up with her own video statement soon and hope that hers will be worse than this. So that our attention will shift to her. Luck may be on your side, that girl is not known for intelligence as well.

    World Peace.

    • I think maglalabas din ang Sandra. She kept on praising and commenting sa mga posts ni Michele. best supporting actress…maybe na-empower sya sa ginawa ni Michele pero kung ako sa kanya, I will think twice…grabe backlash kay Michele.

    • Hahahahaha…been reading this again and again..and again..and again..Geeezz…Gezzus,bless the Queens!!🤣🤣🤣

  5. Masakit talaga kapag natatalo ka ng…

    baguhan sa National Pageant (tapos ikaw eh beterana ka at nagkaroon pa ng korona)
    probinsyana (tapos ikaw eh taga Manila)
    halos walang social media presence (tapos ikaw eh sangkatutak)

    hahahaha… good job MUPh!

  6. Dear Michelle,

    I love the advocacy of “anti-cyber bullying”. But please leave that to the true queens who have been bashed so much but still remain dignified and not entitled.

    Catriona Gray, Pia Wurtzbach have been victims of cyber-bullying and bashing yet they never resorted to scandal just to get attention. Pia lost Bb. Pilipinas so many times yet she played the role of runner-up with dignity and grace. On the other hand, Catriona was ostracized for her weight, yet she maintained decorum. They knew when to speak and when to accept defeat graciously.

    In fact, Rabiya has a bigger right to speak against cyber-bullying and bashing. You and Sandra Lemonon, with your actions, took the joy of her victory because you both couldn’t accept a simple, provincial lass outshone you. Rabiya is your victim. You soured the start of her reign by leaving the event. Imagine if every runner up in the history of pageants left when they weren’t happy. It’s unsportsmanlike. No one does that…. haaaayyyy…..

    Much as I agree with the advocacy, sorry Michelle! A sour graping, self-entitled loser who can’t accept defeat graciously doesn’t deserve to have that platform.

    I suggest you stick to sports or go back to the Big Brother House to contemplate on your future.

  7. Why are the rest of Rabiya’s court silent? Kung may dayaan, naging applicable lang ba kay Michelle? Maliban sa cŕowning at guesting sa Wowowin, missing in action si Michelle, due to prior engagement daw. Again maniniwala kayo na totoo? Sa lahat ng natalo bakit sya lang ang entitled na mag-drama ng todo, na gumawa ng excuses, na magpaka special at demanding, na magpaka feeling victim?

    Sa lahat ng candidates, mas expected na sya ang mag lecture what sportsmanship MEANS! Sa lahat ng candidates, she’s ONE of the few whom we considered as MATURED being an ate, a leader and musr have gone through many things in life for 27 years. Pero bakit ganun?

    Sobrang taas ng expectation nya without considering kung ano ang kaya ng 40 plus other candidates. Physical, hindi naman talaga pang MU, communication skills, madami ang makuda at eloquent, mas madami din ang maganda sa kanya.

    What she missed? How to MANAGE her EGO.

  8. I wanted to listen one more time to the whole video to get bullet points, but I just couldn´t. It was just too much. It was all me, me, me.
    All the candidates suffered what she suffered, early morning make up, no makeup staff, late lunch, no lunch, late sleep, no sleep, crying, crying, stress…but all of them, except her stayed. They lost the finals, but they stayed. It was to honor the winner. It was a contest, they lost but they lost elegantly.
    She was the winner according to herself, she was the best, she was everybody’s favorite, she lost, and she just could not take it. She left!
    Sore loser she was, I hope she would not come out again from where she is hiding along with her bible app.

    • @ Goodbye Gumabao Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g Binibini last year na self-declared front-runner. El Tocuyo ang sinapit…. She was the one with the French-sounding surname. No less than our very own @ unorthodox said of her back then – “entitled/entitlement”. 🙂

  9. Ay naku Michelle tumigil-tigil ka na sa kadadrama mo. Kung sakaling nanalo ka sa MUP tapos pagdating ng MU ay ligwak ka, na kahit top 50 eh wala ka, anong gagawin mo? Magdadrama ka rin ba dun? Sige gawin mo at baka masampal ka ni Paula Shugart tapos masabunutan ka pa ni Lu Sierra. Kaya tama na kasi pana-panahon lang yan. 2018 was your year but not 2020!

  10. A sino pa’ng “pending” ng A&Q ang feeling entitled maging MUP? Atty. PM? Ahtisa? Hu, po?

    Sabihin na ngayon pa lang! Mamaya, matalo, ta’s ganito na naman…. 😦


    Haynako! Next year, #FreshFilipinaForTheWorld na lang. Lahat baguhan, wala’ng contesera.


    • Kahit naman sumabak si Atty. PM and Ahtisa hindi pa din naman natin sure kung mananalo sila be it MWP, MUP, MEP, or MP. Nakakasama din ang pag overhype sa isang kandidata. Advantage nila na naging mga winners na sila at nakalaban sa ibang bansa pero it doesnt mean na paglaban nila ulit ay siguradong panalo na sila.

  11. GHOOOORLLLLL! It is as simple as this: HINDI KA PANG MISS UNIVERSE MATERIAL! Get the f****of your high horse.

  12. I don’t think anything out of the ordinary was happening within the organization. I also don’t think she learned of anything dark. She’s probably just trying to get sympathy and attention.

    For one, she seemed fine (overly confident in fact) during the live show finals Q&A which meant she was still happy with the org and still believed she would win. Take note, the recorded show was just hours before the airing). She also seemed fine watching the show. It was only when she found out she lost that things changed.

    The very moment she found out she lost. She couldn’t accept it so it started a series of wrong moves for her.

    She couldn’t accept results so she wanted to leave.
    She demanded to fast-forward the show.
    She demanded to have the photo shoot sooner.
    She messaged Jonas, reassured him she’ll handle social media but expected the organizers to do a special announcement about her.
    She informed the org she was leaving by merely sending a text message and like any brat, expected things to fall into place for her.

    She is so selfish. Yes, she is a volleyball superstar, a pageant winner, a show biz personality and all that. But when she joined, she should have accepted the fact that it may not go her way.
    She also knew if she ended up as a runner-up, there were responsibilities involved she had to fulfill. Despite that, she still joined.

    Also, she has joined a pageant before. She knew the work it entailed. Yes she still joined. And now she complains…. haaaayyyy….

    In the end, she just magnified how ENTITLED she is…. She really thought it was hers. Someone she tell her to watch a replay of the show so she can personally see how lackluster her performance was.

    And it is real sad that she had to rain on the deserving winner’s parade. Rabiya does not deserve this.

    • That’s what you think. Shady org. Obvious. From the start, galawang demonyo na.

      • Not at all…

        With the exception of Gumabao, who was terrible in the gown (that hideous drapery) and swimsuit (no comment) during the preliminary competition hence did not deserve her Top 16 spot, there was clearly no foul play.

        If ever, the only dubious result was the placement in the Top 5 of Michelle Gumabao over Alaiza Malinao.

      • @throwbakla
        Just because you hate Jonas eh shady na… compared to the other events, ito na ata ang pinakamaayos na pageant… yes Alaiza over MG sa top 5 pero still walang magbabago in terms of top 2 placements… and yes blessing na din kay Alaiza na di sya nakapasok kasi magkakalat lang sya for sure sa Q and A.

  13. I actually agree w/ Sunny… KISSING ASS is key!
    Pleasing the all the sponsors.. including the MAJOR sponsor is part of the game… I don’t understansd why some of the girls still don’t get it… And best of all, imitation is the sincerest form of Flatery… if I’m joinning a beauty contest, why not use the national director as the ultimate rol model/PEG?!… I don’t think Vicky Rushton and Angelica Alita wouldn’t even be runner-ups if nobody mentioned that these two girls looked like Stella Marquez Araneta during her younger years… Rabiya emphasized all the things she had in common with the 4 former MUP reps who happens to be judges… from their walk to hair and make-up… even their advocacies… I knew she’d be a finalist for looking like Shamcey.. but when she described herself during the prelim interviews which highlighted her commonalities with the 4 judges.. I knew she’d be in the TOP 5… Intentional or purely coincidental… RABIYA is a motha fuckin GENIUS!!!!

    Take some notes girls!
    That is how you win a god damn pageant!!!!

    • What are you talking about… Did you not watch the show?

      The girl who shone the brightest that night won. It’s that simple…

      Rabiya performed consistently in swimsuit, gown and the final Q&A as we all witnessed and that’s why she won.

      It had nothing to do with whose ass she kissed or whose face she copied.

      • What DUMB BITCH you are! Yeah, I watched the show which is the final exam!!!… And MUP did a great job in making her look the best the whole time since I myself have picked my final TOP 5 after the prelim interview which I included RABIYA! But Minus the Q&A and interviews.. Alaiza was technicaly the best… And if you included the all the interviews & Q&A, Bella was technicaly the best. Hence they had to make sure that they made Alaiza look bad on the editing to justify her exclusion from the TOP 5… and do u really think Rabiya is the best in swimsuit compaired to Alaiza?! Puhlease… I’m no fan of Alaiza… but Im just telling u that the competition started since they sent that application to join… The coronation night is just for formality but the rankings of winners are already set on stone prior. BUSINESS IS BUSINESS BITCH AND EVEN IF YOU ARE THE PRETTIEST OR GIVE THE BEST PERFORMANCE, IF THE ORG AND SPONSORS DON’T LIKE YOU.. YOU ARE NOT GETTING NEAR THAT CROWN!!!! INTIENDES?! RABIYA WON BECAUSE SHE HAS THE CHARMING PERSONALITY AND BACKGROUND THAT WOULD REACH THE TOP 5 AND BRING GOOD BUSINESS TO BOTH MUPorg and MUorg!

    • Bwa ha ha…. you are such a moron… so idiotic….

      Baseless conspiracy theory…. Next thing you’ll spread is that the world is as flat as your ugly nose…

      What an idiot…. ‘Nuff said!

      • Wow, really Bitch?!

        Thats all you got?..

        You can’t even debunk my statements… 😂🤣🤣🤣

        We could discuss this up and down, left and right
        And not even your fugly face could prove me wrong
        dumbass! Hahhaha 😄😆😂🤣

    • @Closer2Fame
      Reading comprehension please… walang sinabi si @Closer2Shame na pinakamagaling si Rabiya… CONSISTENT ang sabi nya… Dios Mio kabobohan galore … Do you think hindi napansin ng ibang judges yung posture ni Alaiza during her speech na pwedeng rason na paghila ng scores nya pababa?

      • @Anony

        Hahaha… Please read again… ako pa sinabihan mo sa reading comprehension…. sabi ko nga MINUS the interviews and Q&A since the competion started, Alaiza was without a doubt better than Rabiya… but based on Alaiza’s history, even if she did well during her prelim interview, it would be impossible for her to penetrate the top 5… specialy if she could potentialy make the winner look less of a winner.😁

  14. Hanggat wala pang send-off na nangyayari, it’s still anybody’s ballgame unless Shamsey herself has a grudge over Michelle, that’s a different story! It’s like may pinapaboran ka talaga!

    Michelle gave her full time and dedication for the pageant and she take it seriously and hindi lahat ng candidate ganun ang ginawa! Yung iba nilaro-laro lang yung pageant! Obvious naman during the preliminary interview kung sino yung serioso at hindi! Kaya iba-iba din ang pag-take ng pagkatalo!

    Once you take something seriously and hindi mo na-achieve yung goal, of course, you will get disappointed and depressed! Yung mga taong walang direksyon ang buhay o kung saan na lang anurin ng tadhana ang magsasabi na hindi ka good sport!

    Nung si Catriona nga natalo sa Miss World, diba sabi ni Jojo Bragais, iyak ng iyak! Diba nung natalo si Jennifer Hammond sa Miss Intercontinental, iyak din ng iyak! Kasi serioso sila sa ginagawa nila and they dedicated their time! How about Katarina Rodriguez? Na parang 50/50 pa whether to take the title she received in Binibini?

    Sa oficina nga eh, pag alam mo na mas mataas ang productivity mo and nalaman mo na yung kasama mo eh mas mataas ang sueldo kesa sayo but doing less effort, you will feel “entitled” to be equal or even better in compensation! Otherwise, you will fuck the system!

    Rabiya joined Miss Iloilo and won! She joined MUP and won! She graduated Cum Laude! Walang paltos ang record ni girl! The problem with hindi ka pa nagpe-fail is you might fail big time! Everything was served to her in a silver platter! From the alleged glam team to sponsor for her braces to sponsor for her nose job! Napaka-suerte niya! Pero hilaw na hilaw pa talaga si girl! I saw her BTS pictorial for Frontrow, stiff pa siya in front of the camera! Yes, the camera love her because she is very photogenic and naaral naman yan by more exposure! Her opinions is still on a “play safe” side contrary to what Michelle said during the prelim interview “to take risk”.

    And kahit pa sabihin niyong “delusional” ako, I still believe Michelle still has a chance to wear the Philippine sash at MU!

    • Michelle did not deserve her top 5 placement. If she was not Michelle Gumabao, she would have not been visible. Soooo many girls deserve that placement more than her.

    • In my opinion, malabo po…kasi anjan pa si Bella at kung sakali na hindi naman tatanggapin ni Bella eh malabong siya ang piliin ng org. Anjan si Billie at Pauline to take over. Check mo din yung astrological chart ni MG… baka kahit na kahiblang chance may makita tayo…pero I doubt it.

      • Hindi po kasi ko naniniwala sa Astrology,

        Pero naniniwala po ako sa sinabi ni Steve Jobs which quote,

        “Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward, YOU CAN ONLY CONNECT THEM LOOKING BACKWARDS. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something…”

        Looking backward,

        Marilen Espino was supposed to compete at Miss World but because of chickenpox was replaced by Marina Benipayo,

        Janelle Bautista was supposed to compete for Miss Universe 1999 but was replaced by Miriam Quiambao, the org didn’t pick up the 1st RU or 2nd RU for the Miss International title but rather picked one of the semi-finalist which happen to be Georgina Sandico!

      • parang di naman applicable yung kay Steve Jobs sa analogy na sinabi mo po. Mas pwede pa ung astrology which states, ” We are products of our decisions, but there is still destiny” and it is written in the stars. I respect po your beliefs. 🙂

      • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Steve Jobs’ approach was to extrapolate, based on past data (trends)? 🙂

    • 2 words…. MOVE ON!

      Nakakaloka! Very Michelle Gumabao! Cannot accept defeat!

      What has the world come to…. If you can’t be sportsmanlike and accept defeat graciously, get out of this forum.

      Tapos na Ang Laban. Kaloka!

  15. My opinion, karapatan ni MG na i-express ang nararamdaman niya. Ibigay natin sa kanya yon. Pero pakiramdam ko hindi na mababago pa ng kahit na anong paliwanag ang unang naramdaman at naisip ng mga tao. Pinaghirapan mo ibuild yung image mo as a beauty queen pero ikaw din ang sumira nito. Sayang. tumatak na kasi sa isip ng mas maraming tao na isa kang beauty queen na hindi marunong tumanggap ng pagkatalo. Anything too much is dangerous. I still wish you well MG. Siguro ay hindi lang talaga nakatakda ang galaw ng mga bituin at planeta para sayo na maging Miss Universe Philippines. Ramdam ko na mabuti kang tao Michelle at nagbabasa ka ng bibliya. In God’s time magiging maayos din ang lahat.

  16. Ano po ba ang tinda ng Front Row? Relumins or Royale? Are they engage in networking? I hope hindi maging mowdel ng sindicato si Rabiya.

  17. My two-cents worth:

    A). On Michelle
    Michelle has been weighed and found wanting. In business, her bratty act can be classified as “moment of truth”. Her true nature emerged for everyone to see. And it is so ironic that for someone who espouses sportsmanship, she acted that way.

    1) Entitled. All other candidates experienced the same exhaustion, anxiety, pressure and bashings. All were gracious enough to at least finish or fulfill what were required from them.

    2) Bitter. She can not even say Rabiya’s name to congratulate her.

    3) She is not even “Ms Universe material”- Politically incorrect as it may sound, we just don’t want to call a spade a spade. Ang Lapad – lapad nya. My sister was saying she looked like Ruffa G. , face wise and body wise. But Ruffa is nearing 50 and Michele is 27. Her lips loooked like it was stung by a bee. Her brother is more facially beautiful than she. Sorry, someone just had to say it.

    4) Fake interview. Bible app? Yeah right. Bring it on!!!

    5) Just because you asked permission to leave and “you will handle everything in social media (which I must say, you have not done so successfully ) “ , doesn’t give you an excuse to leave during the final day.

    B. On Sandra L.

    Ghorl, make good with your promise. You are not only a loser if you will not do so. You will be branded as not credible at all. The girl who cried wolf. If you have the dirt, tell it. For all you know you are in the right. But to threaten and not make good of your promise, that’s another story. You are another person not Ms Universe material at all. You looked matured and you looked like a Ru Paul contestant during the finals.

    It is sad that the two girls are ending their pageant career in such a bad light.

    C. Rabiya.

    It seems majority are happy with her win. Good choice. But admittedly, this girl needs a lot of improvements. Her ismid smile is ugly. Her teeth need more fixing. The long, thick hair reminds me of spray net commercial. So dated. And her rehearsed Ms Universe replies are not refreshing at all.

    D. MUP organization . Kudos for even completing and staging this pageant during this trying and challenging times. But what a frustrating first year it is. Messy and leaves so much to be desired in terms of organization. The replies of Jonas (earthworm) to bashers just invite comparison with how classy Madame Stella ran the pageant over so many years.

    E. Alaiza in Top Five instead of Michelle or that Cavite Girl. Yeah, the Cavite girl was eloquent, tall and presentable. But that look has been done and tired already : Ms. Jamaica, Ms. Vietnam.

    F. Bohol and PAranaque, both beautiful and articulate can join again. Ms. World material.

    G. Classy swimsuit segment. However, tacky production numbers. With one male singer donning an annoying jacket with belts around it.

    H. While Ms. Manila, Ms. Gen San and Ms. Quezon Province were refreshing and natural in their answers (Especially the hilarious transformation of Ms. Quezon Province during her interview), they are not queen materials.

    World Peace.

    • Michelle has been weighed and found wanting. Wanting pa rin ba …… sa laki at bigat nyang yun? Ako naman po ay nagtatanong lang.

      • Dear , it’s a phrase from the BIBLE (which she loves quoting from). Tinimbang ka ngunit kulang. Figuratively speaking.

        Pero speaking of “figure “ yeah , sobra nga. Hehe.

        World Peace.

  18. Pag dika type ng FRONTROW hindi ka mananalo. It is simple as that. THEY are the organization, biruin mo 2 Judges from FRONTROW in the Finals, very Julia Morely ang Peg!

    If next year judge parin yun dalawa, girls na sasali maging dealer na kayo ng Frontrow now na!


    • What are you talking about… Did you not watch the show?

      The girl who shone the brightest that night won. It’s that simple…

      Rabiya performed consistently in swimsuit, gown and the final Q&A as we all witnessed and that’s why she won.

      You’d get the same result who ever was judging.

    • True. Kalokang org. Kadiri. Mga walang integridad. Palingkera pa ang mokong. Kadiri.

  19. I would like to add… My filthy mind resonates. 🙂

    I, for one, was shocked to know that Sandra ran as an Independent (aka, no longer formally with A&Q). She and Mitch were at BBP 2018, so were they considered retired camp vets? If so, I understand the seeming lack of warmth to camp noobs in the Final 5.

    ‘Pag Independent ka (na), sagot mo sarili mo. At, take note! Ayon kay @ unorthodox, sa kanila nag-break down si JG (presumably dahil hindi nasunod ang gusto niya, whatever that was?)… JG is no longer connected with A&Q in a strict sense; he served his severance in that time frame from 2018 to the present when talk came up that MUO was trying to leverage/argue with BPCI for a franchise upgrade following Cat’s win… Presumably, the 2018 batch would have been more or less his last “chummy bunch/tropa”. Kanino pa nga naman siya magtatapat nu’ng nagkakawindang-windang na sa BCC? At sino pa ang aasahan ni Mitch na mag-ste-statement tungkol sa pag-alis niya sa Press Presentation ng Top 5? But JG doesn’t utter a word, leaving Mitch in an awkward position… I imagine that she would have preferred to keep mum and expected JG, as an old friend in the original A&Q, to bail her out. Except, of course, he doesn’t…. Which begs the question – Mr. JG, what exactly went on “behind closed doors” that set off all this animosity in the first place, po?

    • @Flor Sandra ran as independent but Michele is still under Aces

      As to why JG never spoke a word about it, apparently the MUP org has a non-disclosure agreement for the candidates and for the members of the org. Mind you, sobrang bigat ng penalties pag nabreak yung NDA. Moreover, Jonas speaking up for Michele would shatter the “united” front that the MUP Org wants the world to see. If he speaks publicly in contrary to the rest of the org members, the MUP Org would surely crumble to pieces and we may be seeing a different set of people running the org by next year.

  20. Hoy mga Vekla, if the runners up really were grateful of their rankings then they should be posting about Rabiya congratulating her for the win. Check all their IGs, there is not direct post that congratulates Rabiya….

    Now, with Michele. the only thing that makes me cringe about her video is that she can’t even say Rabi’s name. It’s insecurity to the highest level. They are both Aces and Queens and this is the most divisive A&Q batch that I’ve seen. Usually, most of her sisters are behind to those who win but this is not the case. Pauline and Billie were certainly not very appreciative and supportive either. Maybe A&Q needs a new mother…

  21. @Scorg. As one of the country’s top athletes she was “trained to win”(… nagkulang? … Tinimbang ngunit…?) Michele’s personal brand is “invincibility”… naging vulnerable/ beatable?

  22. Bitter is bitter. No words can mask her behavior . Sore loser and entitled girl hiding behind the cover of her so called faith. She has proven in her attitude and actions that she is not queenly in any sense of the word. Rise above Rabiya !

  23. @Scorg. Being one of the country’s top athletes who was “trained to win”, Michel’s personal brand shouts “invincibility”…. nagkulang sa training (in all aspects) Tinimbang ngunit…?… naging vulnerable, beatable?

  24. I felt sad listening to the video of Michele. It was indeed cathartic. Considering that she has been a seasoned athlete, if there was one candidate who knows sportsmanship, it should have been her but through this video, she proved that she hasn’t learned it yet. I believe she got so much caught up in the competition that led her to be presumptuous, anxious and pressured. She became so focused only on winning. Yet there is so much more to be gained from the experience than winning the crown.
    Good sportsmanship may seem hard to define, but its hallmarks include being able to know that it’s anyone’s ball game, respecting the decision of the judges and org, and being able to lose gracefully.
    She was claiming that she didn’t regret joining but her entire video spelled REGRET especially the lines: “At that moment, I just realized that for nine months, I kept putting this journey first, I kept putting this organization first.” “It was my time to put myself first. And I did.” Weren’t it all about yourself the entire time that’s why it was difficult for you to accept defeat?
    Plus there was so much ENTITLEMENT. “I went to the production that it was too hard for me, that I can’t stay here. And I told them that I really want to leave. Can we please fast-forward the feed?”
    “They said they can’t, because we have to finish the feed and we’re filming. I said, ‘I can’t do this.’ Can we please just finish? And they told me they had to take the picture, and I said, ‘Can we just do it now?’ And they said they couldn’t. I said, ‘I’m sorry,’ I had to leave and I left.” They just cant adjust for you. I hope she realizes that the org did its best to come up with a good show despite the many challenges and limitations. I hope she realizes that this is the first edition of MUP so expect a lot of glitches and gaffes.
    Tbh, I was rooting for Michele to win but after watching this video, it changed…I felt it was not really meant for you. Had you won, it might have made you more entitled and conceited. This experience humbled you so learn from it. I also think that the joy and excitement won’t be the same had you been crowned as to the reception of Rabiya’s win. Rabiya is very relatable and humble and she has the GRIT.
    You already had the opportunity to represent our country internationally and I really appreciate that. Thank you! And you attempted for a second time but wasn’t as successful…It’s about time for you to rest your pageant heels, Michele. Good luck on your next endeavors.

    • That feeling of entitlement also cast doubt on the sense of propriety and probity of the judges. With due respect to Tito Norman, I silently disagreed with his final pick. But I had to respect his opinion. MUP is still a contest. If Michelle and the other candidates felt cheated, they should have come forward before the finals and just left the bubble if they sensed something was not right.But they stayed to the very end. Did they entertain thoughts that they will win despite what they perceived to be bias of the organization towards other candidates which I presume to be Rabiya? The lady won fair and square. She has proven her worth in her post-pageant interviews. An authentic person shines through amidst adversities and challenges. The same qualities other candidates of MUP do not possess sadly…

  25. Bella handled her first ru finish w more grace and class due to the fact that she is young ,she can try again so does Pauline pwede sila umulit Ng umulit.
    I understand Mitch sentiments . Nakakapagod ang pageant and she is not expecting a second ru finish. She might be thinking everyone knows it’s my last year. She performed well. Imagine wearing those high stilletos. Trying not to eat the food you love. Mitch also spend on her team ,her supporters so intindihin natin sya.wag nyo compare sports sa volleyball kasi di gumagastos si Mitch dun(I’m trying to be emphatic so people don’t judge her and bring the volleyball blah blah. Even im not Mitch supporter i get why masama loob nya . Dear you proved a lot already winning the bbp globe crown and being second ru is no feat. You can still open a sports clinic since you are a household name. Pwede ka pa sumali sa Ms usa since 28 29 ata ceiling nila.

  26. Sali ka girl sa Ms usa . Since she is American Bec of her dad.mas older Yun age requirement

  27. It’s alright Michelle. Haters gonna hate. The more you open up, the more they will close their mind. The more you seek for understanding and empathy, the more they will find fault. This is the society that we live in, it’s cruel and unforgiving. But it’s good that you’re not fighting them; there’s no point darkening an already dark room. Just learn to live with them and you will be wiser. I hope that you feel better now and that you move on to your next chapter. I wish you all the best dear.

  28. Michelle MOVE ON to ALV’s Miss World Philippines. You are still qualified age wise (28) and still eligible for a number of titles which include among others Miss Tourism Philippines and Miss Supranational Philippines. Don’t waste your time keep minding MUP, it’s already done. It’s TIME for MWP. Go, go, go…

  29. After reading your comments, guys, ayaw ko na panoorin ‘yun’g video. Wala rin pala’ng detalye…

    Like I said before, nag-expect ‘yun’g tao. My gosh! Ikaw ba naman maging star endorser ng lahat ng sponsors… Dating tuloy, ginamit lang ‘yun’g pagiging artista mo. 😦

    On to the future… Next year, I would like to see if other camps – KF, RL, JDV, etc. – ay magsusugal sa MUP. Given na, na may politics with AP’s, for leverage. SMALL industry, indeed!

    • Flor good morning. Nauna ka lang ng ilang minuto sa akin. Ako ito ang totoo mong university mate. How I can correspond with you privately because I have a a project (publication) proposal with you, Scorg and few others? Thanks. Musta naka manang uy?

      • @ paul Sunny-HOT weather has resumed in the NCR. “Rolly” was a disappointment; in my book, “Milenyo” is STILL THE perfect storm that Manila endured. It was that hurricane which prompted the change in billboard design, from fixed panels to “roll-able” type. Nonetheless, it was the lahar flows around Mayon Volcano in Albay that caught everyone off-guard. TRAGIC. 😦

        We are all here at the pleasure of Mr. Norman Tinio (it’s his blog) and service provider, wordpress. Whether or not our paths cross in real life will depend largely on them; they can bring us together if they wish… 🙂

        But for myself, the name I used previously is located well within a part of this blog which is not ever deleted (to the best of my knowledge). Find that, then go over to Tito Blogger’s Fb page to comb through the not-too-many accounts which use that name to comment regularly… Ta’s, PM is key!

  30. Michelle is the best Miss Universe we never had .
    Sophistication is ‘required ‘ of a MU . Only Michelle Bella Pauline Alaiza and Christelle have it .

    • You will eat your words chimp bitch!!!!!! Me uod lang naman purangday mo, so your opinion does not matter really. Your conscience and soul is as dark as your bulbuling armpits! Ambaho ng baklang chimpanzee na twoooh!!!!!!

    • Bitter na naman si Lola . Jus ko move on na shonda rhymes ! Class class la dyan… another old fashioned term that screams bigotry and ignorance .

    • Fabian….ang OA mo bakla….. bakit, si Michelle lang ba ang may potential na magdadala ng MU crown pabalik ng Pilipinas? Kaloka ka.

  31. My question is who really owns the franchise? Is there somebody running the show and pulling strings from the back ground for the appointed dummies to follow?

    MG has the right to vent out whatever frustrations , misgivings, disappointments she is harboring. Go ahead label her as bitter and a sore loser , but speaking out to correct an assumed wrong to help her heal and move on with her life and past the intrigues of pageantry is her basic human right.

  32. Kudos to Michelle for having the courage to speak up .
    Joining pageants is a a very huge deal investment . The least that we can do is hear them out !

  33. Here is my take regarding this issue
    1. There is no perfect organization. Especially in this time of pandemic more so that an organization is in its infancy stage, we should understand its flaws and imperfections. It is important that the organization learns from its mistakes.
    2. Everyone is not perfect. No matter how strong you are, you still get hurt. It is important that you handle it graciously
    3. If you are in a competetion, do not expect too much, because there maybe better candidate than you are
    4. It is important that you should be true to yourself. If you think that there is a mistake along the way, then speak up right away and call the attention of the person/organization involved no matter what will be the repercussion.
    5. Always remember, you cannot please everybody
    6. Eveybody commits mistakes and it is important that we learn to forgive. Though it takes time, forgiving is the only way to move on.

  34. May something fishy talaga sa MUPO based on this post. Nagparaya siya in not divulging it. Urgh. Fishy at shady talaga tong org na to. Kalooooka!



    • Amanda also claimed that she’s Miss Universe 2020. Lahat sila. Okay lang magclaim, pero wag kang umiyak kung hindi ka nanalo.

  36. Anyway, wala naman talaga siyang ginawang masama so wag na lang siya i bash. Si Lemonon ang dapat ininterview mo kuya Norm para masaya.

  37. Sana maayos na ang lahat. Lahat naman pwede kapag umupo at nag-usap na parang magkakapatid. Sample ang mga empleyado ng pedro n’ coi na nagpa-tulfo. Pero dahil pinairal ang puso ay naayos ang problema. Magpapasko na. Christmas gift na natin kay rabiya at sa muph ang pagkakasundo-sundo natin. Advence merry christmas mga kapatid.

  38. To future candidates: If you don’t get the crown you want, just smile and say you’re grateful for the crown you earned.

    The only thing guaranteed when you enter a pageant is that your reaction will be under a microscope no matter the outcome.

  39. Haba haba ng speech….to sum up what she should have said was, “IM SORRY..” after all, Humility and forgiveness are the essence of a phenomenal woman( Rabiya Mateo?). No need to explain for 25 minutes trying to correct a mistake.
    I feel bad for Michelle, she’s hurt, and not perfect. We should let these issue rest. No need to add fuel to the fire.
    Good luck Michelle, stay strong, and I’m sure God have better plans for you 🙏✌️

    • She has nothing to apologize for . If at all , the MUPO has some explaining to do!!!

      • hahaha ano ang iexplain nila, kung bakit di sya nanalo.. dios mio… ay sino ba sya? so dapat din pala mag explain ang org kung bat runner ups lang ang Paranaque, Bohol at Cavite and the rest of the top 10.. pati yung di pagkapasok ng lahat ng karamihan sa top 15… tonta…

  40. Tita Shawie este Tita MG

    sa the Miss Globe ganyan ka ba?
    feelingera ka kasi na ikaw mananalo
    kesehodang maraming aberya etc its not your destiny/fate
    kabog ka nga ni Alaiza sa SS and EG may narinig ka ba sa kanya

    tita ka na rin naman eh mag retire ka na
    buti dka nanalo sa MUP
    anu pag ikaw pinadala sa MU tas dka nanalo ganyan din ang eksena mo

  41. Kawawa naman si Michelle at si Rabiya. Naging biktima agad ng cyber bullying.
    Sa tingin ko, kung wala yung pa-Instagram story ni Sandra, di naman ganito kagulo.
    Yung magandang image ni Michelle, nasira sa huling sabak nya.
    Si Rabiya, nasubok agad ang katatagan.
    Si Sandra, matatanggap pa kaya sa pageant kung naisip nyang sumali ulit? Baka pwede sa Century Tuna.

  42. Napagod ba talaga sya because of preparation? What if sya ang nanalo, sasabihin pa rin kaya nya na pagod na sya at di nya kaya ang mga duties & responsibilities na isang MUP winner? Daming dahilan ni ate, sore loser talaga sya. Si Sandra ganon din. Paano kung si Sandra ang nanalo, meron pa rin kayang dayaan revelation chuchu syang sasabihin? Basta kung sinong declared winner, support na lang natin… love you Abi Mateo❤️🇵🇭

    • di nila matanggap na isang baguhan ang tatalo sa mga beterana… na isang probinsyana ang tatalo sa mga Manila Girls… masakit talaga yun lalo na kung binulaga sila na palaban pala ang isang probinsyana

  43. One important takeaway on this posting is to never trust nor pass judgment on posted pictures. For in most cases, with Filipino photoshopping ingenuity and creativity, posted pictures are far from reality.

    Without a doubt, Michele has undeniable stage-presence. She is quite telegenic and conversationalist to boot which could account for her being considered a major frontrunner. Michele did not lose because she faltered big time. Rather Michele lost because all the girls especially the last five step up and brought their A-game to the moment where it mattered most.

    If post-pageant press con appearance was not mandated nor stipulated on MUPO rules and regulations, so what difference would it make if Michele chose to forgo. The most important thing is Michele did not storm out of the stage.

  44. Hay nakuh mga baklush mapapamura ka Dito sa plastic na babae na ito, she just ended her career period. Grabeng bilib sa sarili akala nya sya na yung pinagpala na mananalo salamat sa pag voice out na Hindi ko alam Kung na ka drugs o talagang walang coherence yung pinagsasabi mo. Please
    Lang Kung wala kang respects sa sa sarili mo repetuhin mo naman yung nanalo na by far mas maganda pa sa iyo at deserving. Nakakahiya kang babae ka dapat pagbuluhin kayo ni lemonon na isa ring bitchesa.

      • “Animal, no conscience!”

        Says the person who sneers at & humiliates Rabiya for her disadvantaged socioeconomic background.

      • On the contrary lolang masyoho ang pukengkay na may uod pa, ikaw ang totoong animal kasi isa kang chimpanzee!!!!! Ikaw ang animal na nanghahablot ng pagkain sa zoo. Lola plsssssssss utang na buot!!!!!! Magpahinga kana sa puntod mo!!!!!

  45. summary, hindi siya masaya at hindi nya kaya i handle na hindi siya ang nanalo. i thank you

  46. I wanted to listen one more time to the whole video to get bullet points, but I just couldn´t. It was just too much.
    All the candidates suffered what she suffered, early morning make up, no makeup staff, late lunch, no lunch, late sleep, no sleep, crying, crying, stress…but all of them, except her stayed. They lost the finals, but they stayed. It was to honor the winner. It was a contest, they lost but they lost elegantly.
    She was the winner according to herself, she was the best, she was everybody’s favorite, she lost, and she just could not take it. She left!
    Sore loser she was, I hope she would not come out again from where she is hiding along with her bible app.

    • Tama! Lahat, equal footing! Mas maliit ba ang room nya to think ba disadvantaged sya? Sya lang ang ‘di nakatulog or nakakain? How privileged???

      • Siyempre, liliit ang room nya kasi nga…..malapad siya!

        But in fairness to Michelle, she can still join…… THE BIGGEST LOSER!

  47. i dont get any sense nor coherence sa disclosures nya, inconsequential mga pinagssabi nya, if there is any thing revelatory, it is the claim na meron daw sya narinig na hindi nya dapat marinig or narinig…nu kaya un..ayaw naman nya e elaborate..parang tea lang ni pasavogue gurl.

    • Paraphrasing MJ Lastimosa: The queen defines the crown, and not the other way around.

      Crown or no crown, one can still be a queen.

      However, in this case, I see no queen. Just a petty, self-important, entitled & graceless individual who trained to put on the makeup & gowns & heels to maximize her outer beauty, but somehow forgot to develop her inner beauty (to what purpose was all that Bible reading then—? 🤷🏽‍♂️)

      So, as we can see, she really did not deserve the crown.

  48. I had rooted for Michelle but to be honest, I didn’t get anything that would extol her from the negativity.
    She basically said:

    a. She was tired because of preparation for the pageant – everyone experienced exactly the same thing.
    b. She smiled even if she was feeling anxious – everyone experienced exactly the same thing.
    c. She felt bad when she found out that she didn’t won – everyone (except the eventual winner) felt exactly the same thing.
    d. She said she messaged Jonas Gaffud that she will leave early – Jonas warned her about the Social Media backlash but she did it anyway. Also, why would she expect MUPO to speak on her behalf when in fact, they are not her spokesperson nor they represent her. She left willingly after being warned that social media folks might get a wind of it. She even said she’ll handle it.
    e. Had she won the pageant – I’m sure she would stay. But she didn’t so she decided to leave because she’s so tired.

    Isn’t this a classic case of sore loser mentality? She prepared so hard – so does the other ladies. The only difference is that she was already a national winner and her ego was hurt.

    I hope she heals with this video and I wish her the best but to be honest, I’m not quite sure if this helped her case.

    • Same sentiments here!

      Talaga bang ipagpipilitan nyang nagpaalam sya? Yun ba ang major point? Or the fact that she couldn’t handle the loss? And that she wasn’t a gracious loser at all?! Asking permission doesn’t justify it, even after she was told of possible consequences. She still chose to.

      Nothing changed sa opinion ko about her!

    • I don’t see if being the sore loser mentality. Dealing with the leaked results while it was not over in Baguio was too hard to bear. Now, had there been no leaks and Michele walked out of venue and left, then I would say she’s being a sore loser.

      • 4M I got your point here but I bet she was the only one who left early and to think that she’s one of the ciircle of 5 just made it even worse. Did Billie ask permission to leave early? So did Bella and Pauline? So did all the other candidates who did exactly the same things as Michelle stated in that video? This video only proves that Michelle really believed that she was the rightful winner. I used to be a fan of hers during BBP but my adoration ended that night. She seems very conceited and prideful. I bet sports only train muscles not on the well being of an individual.
        This video did more harm than good. I’m actually sad for her. She left the pageant world with a tarnished image.

      • I also really liked MG before, but after these latest revelations – I’m starting to get convinced that she has entitlement issues and felt that she deserved more than the rest of the contestants, and that’s a big turn off. A lot of these other contestants had worked very hard and traveled far to get to the pageant too, but none (except her best friend from Taguig) are complaining. Also, none of the other 3 in the winning circle are crying foul…they stayed and celebrated with the eventual winner. Such a turn off! She should just resign and let other deserving ladies take her spot.

      • Kung si Miss Batanes nga, nag cargo ship pa para mag compete. The difficulty of someone from the provincial towns is far greater than someone who lives in Quezon City and has all access to designers, stylists, etc. Mas matatanggap ko pa mag walk out si Miss Batanes kesa kay Miss QC.

      • Justpassingby- i meantioned below. How can you assure that the other girls being silent about this means that they are OK with it? Some might be scare of the consequences of speaking up. Michele and Sandra have nothing to be afraid of anymore- they are established and they better off.

        Some of the girls like Pauline, Billie and Bella have promising pageant careers. Why would they risk that if they speak up and say something negative.

    • @Flipinla1078

      I TOTALLY AGREE WITH ALL YOUR POINTS!!! This is what I’m trying to comment sa IG niya, pero ayaw intindihin ng fans niya na mostly volleyball fans.

  49. I must say, the top photo, the hair, it is such a great MU look on Michelle …

    I’m still feeling so sad for her as it was the last chance but she already has Bb Pinas-Globe … and she explained her side, herself, what’s happened happened, what’s done is done … she’s safe and sound

  50. I want to hear MUPH’s side of this story. By the looks of it, Michele did not walk out. She asked for permission. I wish that they said something earlier to qualm the hearsays…

    • Do they really need to explain? I think we’re giving her way too much credit. Lest we forget, she’s just like any other contestant. I don’t think all the other candidates are asking for any type of defense. Also, I think she walked out. She just messaged them as she left. She even demanded to finish the viewing early to the production staff. Ano ba yun, hindi sya center of the universe for the whole production crew to change their schedule. Anyway, I was hoping for an apology or any semblance thereof pero mukhang she’s too prideful to even admit that she hated that she lost and made a terrible judgement to leave. As she said, she didn’t regret it, then so be it.

      • The problem was the winners were leaked even before the completion of the viewing. That’s part of the problm that the organization needs to address.

        If you learn about your fate earlier, then how would you react? Eh di ba ang laking sampal to require you to complete your duties knowing it was for naught? That was irresponsibility on the side of the organization.

        Also, there is text messages that were sent out so Jonas is aware of it. They kept their silence because they knew what was going on.

        This is not against Rabiya as I love her dearly but this is something the organization needs to address.

      • You’re absolutely right. It’s not about Rabiya but Michelle’s lack of sportsmanship. Whether the results leaked or not (given that it’s taped and amidst a crazy pandemic), she should have stayed, sucked it up and support the group of winners (and non-winners alike).

      • What she’s trying to say is that there’s something about the org’s handling of the results that did not sit well with her. I dont think there’s problem with questioning as to why there were leaks and why the Baguio broadcast was super late to the point that the leak was already been all over.

        I am giving her the benefit of the the doubt since what if the other girls were not aware of the leaks themselves?

        Also, maybe some girls were afraid to speak up about it. Just because the other girls did not speak up does not mean that they are OK. Silence does not mean that they accepted the results. Remember, we dont know the whole industry and I’m sure they are careful about navigating this very tricky scenario of challenging MUPH.

        Filipinos need to stop attributing speaking up as a sign of being a sore loser and keeping quiet as sportsmanship. This does not have to be this way..

      • @4m….respect ko opinion mo, but I don’t know what you’re missing sa actions nya. She walked out, whether she did so with permission or not, whether due to leaked results or otherwise. Or maybe I should say, she didn’t entirely fulfill her obligations as a winner (picture taking, post competition interview, etc.).

        Tama ka, maybe ganun din ang sentiments of the other girls, and they chose to keep silent. So it is now MG’s responsibility to answer the questions pertaining her walk out or sour graping because she took it upon herself to speak up and to not show up. Kagagawan nya ang lahat! We are not going to “bash” those who didn’t have any to say, whether or not they thought the same.

        She diminished other candidate’s efforts. Na parang sya lang ang nag try hard and that she’s the only one who deserved the title to feel despair after losing. Accdng to Raf, entitlement!

        Her speaking up wasn’t the reason for me attributing her being a sore loser; it was her non participation!

        I agree, the Organization needs to address any problems that happened. But to put blame because they tried their best to stage the pageant despite the restrictions is still commendable. It is their first year, so give them a break. And why ONLY her (and Sandra) out of the 50 contestants?

        Her explanation didn’t justify her actions! They were more immature, unprofessional excuses than anything else. To think that I liked her because I LOVE Marco 🙂

      • @ANONYMOUS, why only Michele and Sandra? That’s very simple. Those 2 have nothing else to lose for. Both are well established. The rest of them? Some have future motives to join again in the future so keeping it silent is the best course of action. Like I said, just becayse Pauline, Bella and Bille kept silent does not mean they took the results nicely. Check their IG posts. How many of them really congratulated Rabiya directly if there was no animosity.

      • @4M

        Alaiza kept silent and was happy for Rabiya. Sila ni Michele ang heavy fan favorites. Sandra was never considered as a front-runner despite her being a repeater. She just never stood-out at any point of the competition. So bakit si Alaiza, who deserves the Top 5 spot more than Michele, hindi nag-iinarte?

        Michele is very entitled and in a way she’s disregarding the other girls’s efforts for the pageant.

      • @abcde, i am talking about the runners up. check their IGs…. No mention of Rabiya at at all. And to think that 4/5 came from Aces and Queens speaks volumes of the rift between the candidates. I have not seen such divisiveness between A&Q girls in a while. Usually they are very supportive of one another. Kaya super supportive sila Ara, Shamcey, Janine and Pia….. kasit they were all A&Q sisters. Kahit nga si Pia eh supportive din of Sandra.

    • @ 4M

      Just don’t presume that the runners-up are not happy with the results based on their IG. Have you seen their Willie guesting? Bella, Pauline, and Billie sincerely congratulated Rabiya and they all said that Rabiya deserved to win based on her performance that night. There is even a picture of Pauline, Billie, and Rabiya with a celebratory cake in one IG post. The girls are fine. Sometimes the fans overreact and make issues.

  51. yes, no juicy details, and just like the supposed tea, it has gone stale..lol I guess the whole brouhaha is partly orchestrated..bppci does not have this mktg savvy. imagine, more than a week had passed, MUP/Rabiya pa rin laman ng balita..during bppci days, it was only the Monday following the coronation na pinag uusapan ang mga nanalo at talunan..but look here, kaiba din magpasabog ng pag uusapan ang bagong empire na ito, me pinagmanahan from IMG inaugural ediiton of Pia, from one cryptic post to another, hanggang sagutan ng post, hanggang me pa presscon at etc..hayy . .at the end of the day, sino ang biktima?

  52. I believe no matter what she says, she will always be remembered as a sore loser by many pageant fans which is kinda sad that she is bidding goodbye to pageantry this way. What people remember is that she left the venue hurriedly after learning that she was not the winner. The saddest part is that people know that she was not the best that night but she acted and has been acting like she was surely being cheated on. Sometimes in competition such as pageants, it’s better to be humble but at the same time do your very best to win but do not expect to be crowned. That was exactly what Rabiya did, the same reason why she was only noticed by pageant fans after the prelims.
    Michelle seems to be very confident in the wrong way that she didnt even bother to lose weight during the lockdown. To win a pageant requires a lot of hardwork physically and emotionally.

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