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  1. Ang ganda ni Biya Mateo. But I hope hindi siya pag tindahin ng mga capsula ng Front Row. Go Biya!

  2. I saw her guesting at Eat Bulaga,

    She looks like a living doll,

    She has resemblance to Kelsey Merritt,

    She owns the stage doing her pasarela!

    Pero anliit niya talaga tingnan sa stage!

    Let us not also forget the lesson from the past,

    Gazini didn’t trip nor slide on stage during the preliminary of MU,

    She blossomed 500x when she reached Atlanta!

    All her wardrobe is on point!

    All her styling is on point!

    But you all know what happen!

    • Gazini: Personality attitude And comm skills were wanting … her sedate and regal performance did not help army all
      Rabiya has to undergo physical test first before the interview. I think she’ll do better l than Gazini . But I’m not sure they will let her win . She lacks sophistication. She’s too raw.

      Also, Rabiya needs to watch herself in the mirror when she talks . The wide-eyed gaze is not very pleasant . Often times , u can see the white of her eye above the eye ball .

  3. If it was true that MJ and the other queens were cheering for Rabiya during the pageant , then they deserved a clit pinch . They should have never done that especially in That setting where they were the only audience . Of course , it did influence the judges . I’m not saying Rabiya did not deserve the crown … but MJ and the gang should haVe done that!

    • What I understand about what Rabiya said during the interview is that MJ and the rest of the previous winners were cheering for all candidates during the Q and A, not only for Rabiya, to encourage them to speak up and loosen their nerves. At first I thought she was talking only about MJ but if you follow further The Conversation between Norman and Rabiya, the previous winners were actually cheering for all the candidates.

      • True Serge. This bitch chimp is fond of throwing shade at Rabiya and all other queens before her. Just a proof how envy overflows her heart. Kawawa talaga… but then she is irrelevant anyway.

  4. Ang ganda talaga ni Abi Mateo, nood ako Eat Bulaga kasi sya yung guest sa Bawal Judgemental today, Nov. 02. Ganda nya parang latina ang datingan… love you Abi.

  5. Rabiya is very smart . She graduated cumlaude . That’s very hard to pull off

  6. lately, a great way for me to spend pandemic leisure is to watch old MUs ; I hope Rabiya also includes in her training the study of old MU competitions, why the winner won, what were the things that tip to her favor … one of my most favorite years in 1983. I just wonder what happened to Rosita Capuyon? She was a strong candidate back then, you can see in the parade of nations and in the prelim swimsuit… if my hunch is right, she might have been the 13th spot, just missed the 12 semi finalists … I did not like Norway and Spain that year, not deserving… I would have Pinas and Denmark instead… I just hope one of these days, Rosita Capuyon becomes a judge in either MUPhil or in Bb. Pilipinas …

  7. para lang preacher si ate pag sumasagot. pnaka highest placement nyan top 16 kaya ready na tayo sa pag votes mga kababayan

  8. I was hoping for a more personal less pageant-y set of questions so I could learn more about Rabiya
    Certainly , Rabiya has the potential to do better than her predecessor .. but she has a lot to work on in terms of styling and overall presentation .
    It’s good that she is planning to go to medical school. She has the kind of personality that does really well in medicine .

  9. A feel-good interview in a very stormy afternoon! Rabiya’s sunshiny personality and her candid yet intelligent views on issues is enough to brighten any viewer’s day. Congratulations for garnering an unprecedented 110k views! There indeed is a Rabiya fever going on, a positive phenomenon in a pandemic battered country where people are hungry for harbingers of hope, rallying points and role models.

  10. Ang landi ni Sir Norman sa interview na ito.
    Thank you for the wonderful interview.
    Lagi talaga ako naluluha sa mga sinasabi ni Rabiya. Halos yata lahat ng interviews nya napanood ko na.
    Masaya din ako na yung candidate na gustung-gusto ko, unang kita ko pa lang, ang nanalo as Miss Universe Philippines.

    I realized din na pag pala nandun ka sa position nya, sobrang daming gustong mgbigay ng advices sa kanya. I hope mabalanse nya lahat.

  11. Thank you Norman for relaying my questions to Rabiya. It is indeed an honor. Regarding the online and modular schemes, I love that she was taking a definite stand When she answered that she wanted an academic freeze. Very good answer. As to my second question with regards Sen Miriam Santiago, I do not know if it dawned on her that it was Pres Duterte who asked her the question or perhaps she was just consistent with her answer regardless of whoever asks her that question. Because of that, another high mark for Rabiya. She is very endearing. I also love her determination. Win or lose come Miss Universe 2020, I know she will represent us well in the international arena. I salute you Norman for having the grace under pressure . I felt your fear of not to be able to make this interview possible due to very bad weather. Congratulations for succeeding despite the odds. Congratulations also for garnering Record-breaking 110k live viewers. You are indeed cementing your space in the society that you have chosen to take up. Cheers!!

      • @ Norman Tito Boss, I am looking at the November calendar. Season 2 ends 15th, take break a on 22, then resume 29, which also happens to be the ME 2020 fully-virtual Finals!

        Will you again get first blood on the Eco-Angels? I want Argentina, Polska, Jamaica, y Canada for the Elemental Court, with Australia as spoiler and Filipinas as dark horse.

        I am right, aren’t I? 29 ang Finals nila, po? 🙂

      • It might be trickier this time around, since there is still no announcement as to what part of the day the finals will air on Fox on Nov 29

  12. Rabiya is humble and relatable .for me the body needs toning and more queenly styling. Let her shine by the way she is. Mahirap Yun pigilan ang true self . Ex si gazini kabog nung bbp finals. Pero sa mu parang na supress ang aura nya

  13. hi Tito Norms! I really enjoyed your phenomenal interview with Rabiya! I was smiling the entire time. She’s very spontaneous, sincere and humble. I’m sure she’s will go far 🙂

    • Very Charming… I have a good feeling the Philippines would be in the Top 5 again at Miss Universe this year… Rabiya already has all the qualities we require for someone who could represent us well… I just hope that her glam team specialy her designers and stylists would concoct the best line-up of high fashion ensembles that could make her standout among international glamazons…

      PS… MUPorg should also get a telecom sponsor… Me saying she needs a better internet signal is a total understatement…

  14. Tita nag cute ng bibig mo sa Pageantry Norms. Ang landi landi mo in a good way. Love it.

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